Friday, August 20, 2010

Room 304, Final Chapter

Chapter 4

Over the next two hours Eric turned me in to a dog in heat. I was delirious. Over and over he brought me to the edge and each time he knew exactly when to stop. He rotated between nipple work,( first fingers, then his mouth, then suction, then clamps), ball torture (slapping, stretching, using a riding crop mercilessly), and polishing, sucking, masturbating, and slapping my cock. Every once in a while he grabbed the cane and tapped the soles of my feet, just to remind me of the pain that was possible there. Through the thick hood I could sometimes hear a bit of laughter, evil chuckles. At least I thought I could hear them. Or maybe I truly was going insane.

While I was on probably the 30th ride to the edge (I'd lost count an hour ago) I could hear the insistent beeping of the alarm clock. Incredibly I'd lasted the three hours. I felt Eric get off the bed and moments later the beeping stopped. I said a small prayer that my ordeal was over.

I felt more than heard the locks being removed from the isolation hood. Laces were undone and the hood was lifted from my head. I blinked trying to adjust my eyes to the light. Eric was cradling my head wiping away some of the sweat and tears that had built up inside the hood. "Tough man lasted the full three hours. I'm impressed. So I suppose he's still going to hold out on me. As I told you, it's going to be my pleasure to break you, and we still have many hours for me to do so."

"I really don't know what you want of me. I give up. I surrender. But I don't know what plans you mean. Honestly."

Eric undid the ropes holding my hands to the headboard and locked the wrist restraints in front of me. I had no struggle left. He pushed me to a sitting position and used a rope to pull my hands way out in front of me, holding me in this position. From the nightstand he pulled a thin latex hood and tugged it over my head. There were no eye openings, tiny holes at the nose for breathing and a large hole at my mouth. When the hood was in place he took a large open-mouthed gag and shoved it in place, buckling it behind my head. My mouth was wide open, the gag being very large and cruel in design. I felt drool already running down my chest and puddling in my groin.

"It's my turn for a little fun, Robert." I felt first one, then two fingers through the opening of the gag. He reached deeply into my mouth exploring the cavity. The fingers were removed and I heard the zip of his pants. In seconds his cock slid though the wide opening of the gag and rested upon my tongue. Slowly at first, then with greater intensity he face-fucked me. His hands held the back of my head and I felt his hips thrusting, his cock getting harder with each thrust. Some sort of switch flipped inside of me. My thoughts began to consist of wanting that cock in my mouth I never wanted to be set free. I wanted him to go deeper, to shove it all the way down to my bowels. I had a hunger for cock. His cock. All thoughts of escape left me. I wanted nothing but to be his bitch-slave, his cock-whore. I would do anything for this man as long his cock filled me.

I knew he was close to cumming. I heard his ragged breathing over my head. His hands held on to my head with greater and greater intensity. But he pulled out before I could taste his cum, before I could swallow his load. He slapped me lightly on the cheek. "Good little cocksucker. You are a fine little cocksucker, Robert! I believe that deserves a reward."

With his own libido in high gear Eric very quickly changed the bondage position. My hands were still locked together but pulled very high over my head. One by one he released my feet then lifted them high over my head, also tying them to the headboard. I could feel my butthole totally exposed. I knew he was going to fuck me and I wanted it. I wanted it more than anything I'd ever wanted. I felt lube drizzled in my crack. A finger entered me. More lube. More fingers. I ground my hips and pinched the muscles of my butthole. And groaned so deeply, like an animal.

The fingers were removed and I felt his rounded knob at the doorway to my bowels. It felt cold, odd. In an instant I knew this was not his penis. He was pushing the electric buttplug I'd brought deeply into me! It took little to get it home. And in an instant I felt the pulsing of the electro begin to fill me. Eric let my legs down and once again straddled me. He was naked now and I felt his hairy legs alongside my torso. I bucked my hips as Eric turned the electro even higher. From experience I knew it would only be moments before I shot whether he touched me or not.

Eric seemed to know this and lowered the electro to a very tiny pulsing action. I felt a condom then lube being spread over my cock and, while the entire ordeal had been filled with amazing moments, the most amazing happened in the next instant. Eric lowered himself on to my penis and slowly began to ride me. And deep inside me I felt the electro powering up again, pulsing faster and faster. This motherfucker would not be able to hold me back this time. I felt Eric pumping his cock as he raised and lowered himself on my cock. We both gasped for air. And I felt a rope of hot cum shoot across my chest and neck, a good-sized glob come through the opening of the gag. And I heard Eric release a gutteral growl. And at the same time I heard another scream. My own. I exploded in Eric's ass. Wave after wave of pleasure filled me. The electro continued to pulse and with a smaller scream, the last drop of my cum was released.

Eric collapsed on top of me. The electro was turned off. And we both floated off to some wonderful, warm, mental Eden to begin our recoveries.

Minutes later?, Hours later?, I felt Eric stir and lift off my chest. Slowly and kindly he removed the gag from me. The buttplug was removed. He untied my hands, unlocked and removed the wrist and ankle cuffs, and finally lifted the latex hood off of me. I looked deeply into his smiling eyes and felt my own face crinkle up with a grin. I curled to my side and Eric climbed beside me spooning me. I fell immediately into a deep sleep feeling the warmth of this man behind me, his arm cradling my chest.

The next thing I heard was a loud knock at the door in the next room. I heard the door opened, a few words spoken, and then the door was closed again. A few seconds later Eric opened the bedroom door. "C'mon sleepy-head. Breakfast is here and then we have to hit the road."

I stumbled to the bathroom and peed, splashed some cold water on my face, grabbed a complimentary robe, and made my way to the main room of the suite. Eric was standing there in his own robe, arms wide open. I walked into his arms and we hugged deeply my face nuzzled in to the crook of his neck.

He whispered in to my ear, "You are the most amazing man in the universe. No man has a better husband than me."

I could feel myself blush with all this praise. "I hold every one of those feelings for you, my very hot man! And you! What was all this shit about 'the plans?' I don't remember including THAT as part of the weekend scenario! I had NO clue what you were trying to get out of me."

Eric chuckled, "I just wanted to know what you might have cooked up for next weekend!"

I dug myself back in to his embrace. "What do you think of truck drivers? Meeting in some little shitty diner out on the interstate? Maybe a little kidnapping out to some deserted cabin in the woods?" I could feel his cock stirring under his robe and I smiled.

I hope you all have a terrific weekend, and hopefully this story will serve as just a wee bit of a boost to those horny men who read it! I had a blast writing this one. But I also promise that SirTom is still in the works. Look for new chapters of that saga next week Until then, seize your opportunities, and remember, "NO DEAD FISH!"

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