Thursday, August 19, 2010

Room 304

Chapter Two

I had no idea how much later it was when I started to come around. Robert was there, looking at me, a large grin on his face. I was sitting in one of the dining room chairs and started to stand but found I couldn't. I tried to form an idea, to put it into words, but when I went to open my mouth to speak I realized I had been gagged, with what I had no clue. Quickly I was waking up now, realizing my failure to be able to stand was due to a series of restraints holding me in place. Heavy locking leather cuffs had been placed on my ankles and wrists. My arms were locked behind the chair, but even in my groggy state I could feel some play there and thought I might be able to undo whatever held the two cuffs locked together. The ankle cuffs had ropes attached and my legs were pulled back and tied to the back legs of the chair. I was still completely clothed. I struggled a bit and realized large belts had been put across my chest and waist holding me tightly against the back of the chair.

Eric held one more piece of rope in his hands and dangled it in front me. "You're timing is excellent. Just one more piece of rope and then we'll get on with much more enjoyable things. You did, after all, offer me some good Atlanta hospitality." He moved behind me and I felt my elbows being cinched very tightly, taking away that glimmer of hope I had felt earlier. I tried moving my arms. They did not budge an inch.

Eric came around to the front of me and straddled my legs putting his face right in front of mine. "Now all you have to do is answer a few questions to my satisfaction and I'll be happy to untie you and let you go. Just a few simple answers and you'll be free."

Questions? What questions, I wondered. I assumed this was like role-play interrogation, but Eric seemed quite sincere.

Still straddling me, he reached behind me and unbuckled several buckles that had held an elaborate leather muzzle on my head. I had a similar one, but this one clearly was a top-of-the-line model. Eric was obviously a wealthy man. From suit and tie, to hotel room, to the quality of his gear there was nothing that wasn't first-rate.

Eric tossed the muzzle aside and removed a red silk handkerchief that had been stuffed in my mouth. He gave my face a little slap and asked, "Where are the plans?" The grin and twinkle were gone. This man turned dark, rugged and angry in an instant.

"I have no idea what you're talking about!" I practically shouted. In an instant the handkerchief was shoved back in my mouth and held there with his beefy hand. "HUSH! You'll answer softly or this will stay in your mouth until you're ready to comply! Do you understand?"

I nodded and the handkerchief was once again removed. "Now, where are the plans?" I struggled a bit in the chair, but the restraints and the weight of Eric gave absolutely no wriggle room. I whispered harshly, "I have no idea what fucking plans you're talking about. I just came over to hook up with another guy, to have a drink and maybe get a blowjob."

His hands caressed my head and neck and then worked their way down to my chest. His fingertips lightly caressed my nipples through the starched shirt. Then with thumb and index finger he began to pinch, first lightly then much harder. I moaned. "The plans, Robert. Just give me the plans and you'll be free to go." My moans were getting louder. "No plans. I have no plans. Please!" I was gasping, so turned on by the nipple work. The fear I felt was just feeding my endorphins. I felt like I was levitating.

"Maybe they're in your briefcase, Robert. Tell me the combination to the locks and I'll get the plans out, and you'll be on your way." He stood up and walked over to my case. I shook my head violently. I couldn't let him see all the gear I'd packed hoping to use on him. "No. No plans in there. Really. Just stuff for work." He carried the case back and set it next to him and again straddled my legs. His hands were back on my nipples and using fingernails he pinched the very tips. I screamed and once again the silk square was shoved back in my mouth. "Just three little numbers you have to give me, and the pain will stop. So easy a trade. Three little numbers and I stop pinching. And once I get those plans, you'll have your freedom." He pinched harder. "Ready to trade?" I shook my head. I couldn't let him get in the case. He increased the pressure. I thought I would pass out again. And strangely I could feel my cock stirring, trapped inside my wool trousers. He felt it too as I could see that grin on his face again. "You're enjoying this too much, Robert." And not thinking it possible he pinched even harder. I could feel my eyes roll back in my head and my dick got even harder. "Three little numbers. Just three little numbers." I nodded my head. I had to stop this pain. The pressure was released and the handkerchief removed. I gasped for air.


"Thank you, Robert." He lifted off of me and placed the case on top of the dining table. He dialed the numbers and opened the case. "Well, well, well. How interesting! I don't seem to see any plans in here, but there certainly are some tools I can use to get that information out of you. It looks like you had plans to do some very bad things to me, Robert! It certainly is a good thing I took the upper hand!" He turned around, a thick leather locking posture collar in one hand, an inflatable gag in the other.

I squirmed as best I could in the chair. "It's not what you think! I would have only used those things if you'd wanted! Your e-mail said "suit&tied" so I assumed you would enjoy some bondage! You also said you wanted more than just a vanilla hookup!" He just chuckled and walked over placing the posture collar on me, pulled a small lock from his vest pocket and locked it on tightly. Roughly he shoved the uninflated gag in my mouth, and pulled another small lock from his vest pocket and effectively locked it on me as well.

The posture collar was intense, holding my head and chin very tightly. He'd barely been able to squeeze the inflatable gag in my mouth. and there was little room left to move any part of my head. Still, he attached the pump and rubber hose to the gag and slowly began to inflate it. I felt the cool rubber begin to fill my mouth cavity. When he was satisfied that my mouth was completely filled he pulled another item from his vest pocket. It was the little vial of muscle relaxant I'd planned to use on him. My eyes grew wide. "So you were only going to use these things if I'd wanted, eh? Do I look stupid, Robert?" He laughed and threw the vial in the briefcase. He pulled a leather blindfold from my case and placed it over my eyes. I was plunged into darkness. Once again he straddled me, played lightly with my nipples, and brought his mouth close to my ear and whispered, "I know you're going to be a tough one to break, Robert. But I'm going to have so much fun doing it. I hope you didn't have any plans for the rest of tonight or tomorrow. My plane doesn't leave until Monday morning and I promise to let you go by then."

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