Sunday, May 22, 2011

Very Gratifying

I just checked out Eckie's site this morning after a little hiatus and was incredibly pleased to see that my four-part story "Discoveries" has been read over 2000 times since late March when I posted it.  2000 times!  Wow!  And the feedback and e-mails I've received have been so genuinely warm and encouraging, I really can't thank those readers enough for all the positive support.  (And to date, "Discoveries, Part I" is the 2nd most read story of 2011.)

I've posted 3 different stories there (all previously posted here) and am impressed at how all the numbers are strong, comments positive, and, LOL, in the multi-part stories there's always a curious upswing from the penultimate chapter to the final chapter.  Everybody's looking for that big cum shot, I guess!

The complete numbers as of this morning:

Discoveries:  2001
More Discoveries:  1232
Further Discoveries:  1059
Still Further Discoveries:  947
Final Discoveries:  1043

Room 304, I:  1253
Room 304, II: 969
Room 304, III:  856
Room 304, IV:  879

The Selection:  1644

If you haven't joined Eckie's site you should!  It's free and filled with tons of photos (searchable and a great slide show function) and several years' worth of great bondage stories.

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