Sunday, October 31, 2010

Web Building at the Eagle

I had the wonderful opportunity to build a rope web at the Eagle last night. Hubby and I and a couple of good friends headed over at about 9:00 to get the process going. The pup was already there looking quite nice in his homemade spiderman spandex outfit (woof!!). Hubby was also quite hot in rubber and a nice rope harness. (yes, I pinch myself frequently, having two such incredible men in my life.......).

The web is a bitch to put together at first as your dragging a hundred feet of rope through a series of knots, but as you've tied about 50 of these knots you get down to the last fifty feet of rope and things progress a little better.

I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Sturdy enough to climb on, yet just enough give that the victims could get a good ride. And there was no problem finding willing victims! I only wish I'd assigned photography duties to someone else, cuz, as you know, I suck at that. I'm hoping some of the guys who were busy clicking away will send me some of the better shots that they took over the course of the evening.

And alas, didn't get pics of all the men who went for a ride. Superman and SoreNuts---my apologies! The other apology? To hubby and pup for not being able to just focus 100% on you two, tying you up for the entire evening. This was fun, mind you, but I'd rather have spent the night, at home, just adding rope after rope after rope on the two of you.

Over the past couple of years my own learning curve has been steep in every element of life. It has excited me to no end. I've progressed as a person in so many ways, learning what's really important in life; I've got a 25 year relationship that has always been great but has truly soared in the last two years; I've taken on a pup that has awakened so many good elements in me; I've explored so much deeper into all the elements of BDSM, recognizing just how many thousands of subcategories there really are in our lifestyle; I've developed skills that I'm not afraid to take some pride in; I've opened my eyes to the possibilities of life, the wonderful varieties of men, and the wide variety of activities that excite me.

The other thing I've learned to recognize is the true look of a bondophile. LOTS of guys like bondage, but for many it's just a means to get on to the other activities. But there are those guys who just need the bondage, who just need to wallow in the slow progression of losing their freedom. I saw two of them last night and the response was almost identical. They were as different as could be in many ways, two ends of the spectrum in age, different body types, different personalities, but both exhibited the classic signs of bondage love:

*A quickening of the heartbeat as they stepped up to the web for their turn to "ride"
*A nervousness, but that "good" kind.
*A sense of reassuring themselves that this is what they really wanted to do
*A recognition that they knew they were taking a risk, but a risk deep down they knew they had to take
*And as the first couple of ropes went on, stretching their hands wide, instead of becoming more nervous, they actually relaxed
*And then, with feelings probably only a heroin addict can relate to, something pulses through their veins, the eyes begin to flutter, the outside world begins to disappear (like the other 1000 men in the bar watching them get tied up), the chill in the air has been replaced with the warmth of that special juice in their blood, the shivers are not from the cool air, but from the possibilities that await them. FUCK. I'm so sorry if you don't get this. Really. There is no better moment in life.

So here I sit laughing. I got up at 4:00 on Saturday morning and didn't get to bed until almost 3:30 this morning. I haven't pulled a 24 hour shift for a whole lot of years. And after 3 hours of sleep I gave up and got up, thoughts of last night partly to blame, although I realize I've got my own set of drugs pulsing through me: a good old monster dose of steroids from the 2nd round of epidurals I'm taking for the herniated disc.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

I Love Batman and Robin!

The slave over at A Master and His slave found this wonderful Batman and Robin comic generator. he's addicted. Now I'm addicted too.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Straitjackets

I downloaded these from various sites ages ago--part of my "go to" slide show for one-handed action. I would give credit to the owners of the pics if I knew where they came from, but if one of these pics is yours, let me tell you, you're fucking hot!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I'm a sucker for straitjacket pics. From the simple pic of a man holding an empty straitjacket awaiting a willing victim, to complicated jackets with tons of straps, locks, flaps, and high collars.

Straitjacket over a rubber suit? Woof!

Straitjackets and suspension? Fuck yeah.

And what's a good straitjacket without a good hood? Yawn.

I want one!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just Plain Fun

Hubby and I have had the rare pleasure of getting to play with a guy who knows the meaning of "play" and "play hard". He is an evil, twisted, perverted nice guy. 100% insane where it matters, yet 1000% sane and trustworthy.

Hubby only lasted in this predicament for about 10 minutes. Hanging by his balls, electric buttplug pulsing non-stop. And mind you, this was 10 minutes of play in an 8 hour session. Yup. EIGHT.

Quite honestly when this guy leaves, we both just look at each other, eyes roll back in our heads, and we collapse. There's never an ounce of energy or cum left. Of course this evil, twisted pervert is also hungry to climb on the bottom once in a while. He's a good ol' piggy bondage bottom who it's been my pleasure to give a couple of new experiences....

Somewhere in the middle of the eight hour session I felt like I had to rest. They both willingly climbed in to the sleepsacks for a little down time.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Halloween's Coming!

Halloween's just around the corner so fantasies of tying up costumed superheros are filling my dark, twisted mind. In honor of that I'll try to post some of the better pics I find. This one came from Trapper Smith. See the link for his blog to the right.

Personally I think he'd look better standing, totally bound to a nice web. Speaking of which. I'll be building a big rope web for the Saturday night Halloween party at the Eagle. All caped crusaders should apply early if they want to experience a good public bondage predicament!