Thursday, March 31, 2011

Further Discoveries

Part III of the newest saga.
  Couple more chapters to come.


dk peered out into the darkness, clueless as to what time it was.  There was merely a whisper of light in the dungeon allowing him to orient himself based on the large dark shapes that he'd seen in the dungeon.  To his left was the barber chair.  To his right the large bondage table.  In the distance he thought he could make out the doorway to the staircase.

he shifted and felt himself swinging in the globe-like suspended cage SirJay had put him in following their return from the leather bar.  That had been several hours ago, dk thought.  Or maybe it had only been minutes.  he truly wasn't sure.  he was still fully dressed in the leather jeans, boots, straitjacket, and hood that SirJay had forced him to wear to the bar.  And he was painfully aware that the chastity belt with the stainless steel tube was firmly locked in place.

And he was happy.  And he knew he was safe.  SirJay had shown him the baby monitor mounted directly above the cage.  If at any time dk had any problem he merely had to call out and SirJay would be there in seconds.

he had become one with the garments, his leathered body controlled by SirJay, protected and restrained at one time.  While his penis frequently fought the control of the cold steel, dk fully understood how it made him focus his energies elsewhere.  When they'd returned from the bar and it was clear the chastity was not coming off, dk had been able to funnel his energies into the service of SirJay, a task he relished.  While he might not know much about bondage, dk had a good deal experience taking dick in his mouth.  he relished the thought of the orgasm SirJay had had and the cum load that had filled his mouth.

dk  let his mind wander, remembering the bizare adventures of the previous night.  After being carefully seat-buckled in the front seat of a big pickup, they'd made the short trip to the leather bar.  On the ride over He'd spoken very little:  "I will keep you near My side all night long.  With the collar and leash it will be clear that you belong to Me and only Me.  Do you understand?"

dk had grunted a "yes, Sir" from under the hood.

"I know this is definitely stepping outside your comfort zone.  Hell!, it's a little outside My own!  But the men at this bar are good people, and trust Me, every Top is going to be jealous of Me, and every single bottom is going to wish he was in your place." 

dk had tried to absorb what the Man was saying.  he couldn't imagine actually being out in public in the get-up he was wearing.  At the same time his dick was straining within the miniature metal cell .

"You need to remember a few things only.  Speak only when spoken to by Me.  No one else.  And then all you need to say is 'Yes, Sir;  No, Sir;  or "Thank You, Sir.'  When I put a hand on your shoulder I want you to kneel.  If I want you standing I'll pull up on the leash.  Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good boy."

dk was amazed at how he felt hearing those last two words.  What had been a warm glow deep inside him grew exponentially.  Hearing SirJay call him a "good boy" had made the tension go away, the fears subside, and his breathing deepen.  he had let a deep sigh release from him and the warmth seemed to fill his entire body.  Even thinking back to it now made dk release yet more tension.

The actual time in the bar had gone by quickly and SirJay had lived up to every promise.  When he'd snuck peeks at the crowd around them he could see the envy of practically every boy in the place.  SirJay had spent time talking to several of the men in the bar, but always kept a firm grip on the leash.  Halfway through the night dk had begun to feel some cramping in his arms and shoulders.  SirJay seemed to recognize immediately what was the problem and had loosened several of the straps a couple of notches to give dk room to shift a bit in the jacket.  That had been enough.

dk chuckled inside his cage.  The strangest moment had been when SirJay had taken him to the restroom.  There was a long trough-style urinal and several men were taking leaks.  SirJay held the leash in such a way that dk was forced to stand behind him while he peed.  When he had finished he turned around, put a hand on dk's shoulder and pushed him to the floor.  He pushed his dick through the leather mouth-hole of the hood and into dk's mouth forcing him to take the last few drops of salty piss and lick SirJay's dick clean.  After that He'd pushed dk to the trough, where He unzipped the leather jeans and helped dk to relieve himself as well.  dk had heard several murmurs from the crowd watching.

dk closed his eyes, sighed and tried to find a more comfortable position inside the spherical cage.  As before, his shifting caused the cage to swing and swivel.  As the swinging slowed dk drifted off to sleep, a small smile on his face, hidden by the thick leather hood.

Upstairs SirJay could hear the movement of the cage through a small speaker, but he heard no whimper, no cry for help and when he listened closely he thought he heard a faint snore from the boy.  He closed His eyes and drifted off.

The next thing time dk awoke the whisper of light in the basement had turned to a trickle from a frosted window in the corner.  Forgetting he was in the cage, he tried to sit up but banged his head against the top of the cage.  Quickly he remembered every event that had led him to his confinement.  he could make out more distinct shapes in the basement and he realized the sun must have risen.  his typical morning hard-on was filling the steel tube painfully and he desperately needed to pee.

Above him he heard creaking floorboards, then the door to the basement opening.  A few seconds later he could make out the naked form of SirJay walking across the basement floor.

"Good morning, hot stuff!  I see you didn't go anywhere!  And I'm very proud of you for being able to stay in here all night.  Most boys freak out after an hour or so, which is cool, but you hung in there all night long.  I'm impressed."

dk muttered through the hood, "Thank you, Sir."

"C'mon, let's get you out of there, showered, and get some food in you.  We've got a full day ahead of us."  dk wasn't sure what to make of the last statement, but he thought it better not to ask questions at this time.

SirJay lowered the cage to the floor using an electric hoist, unlocked it, and helped dk crawl out.  dk was barely able to stand on his own, many of his muscles sore and cramped from the overnight imprisonment.  SirJay undid the collar and hood first, then slowly unbuckled the straitjacket, sliding it off dk's torso and setting it on top of the cage.  He helped dk sit and remove the boots and finally off came the leather jeans.  dk presumed that the chastity device would be removed now too, but SirJay showed no indication that that was going to happen.

SirJay led dk to an area under the stairs where a full bathroom had been installed.  SirJay pointed to the toilet and told dk to pee which he did.  He handed dk a toothbrush, showed him the toothpaste, and started the jets on a large walk-in shower.  When dk finished brushing his teeth SirJay led him to the shower, pulled the boy in with him and they proceeded to scrub each other head to toe.  As they rinsed off, SirJay pushed dk to his knees and pulled the boy's eager mouth to his semi-hard dick.  dk took it in, hungry for it, so glad he could do this again for SirJay.

Above him, SirJay was growling and starting to thrust his hips harder, holding the boy's head firmly against his groin.  And with a startling abruptness he pulled his cock out, pulled the boy up, turned the water off, threw a towel to dk, and proceeded to towel Himself off.

dk was stricken.  he was sure he'd done something wrong.  SirJay saw the look on dk's face and started to laugh.  "I'm not a porno star, kiddo.  I got one, maybe two good loads a day and I have way too much planned for us today to give up a load this early!  C'mon!  Get dry.  I'll make breakfast and then we need to hit the road."

Breakfast was protein on top of protein and dk ate voraciously.  SirJay even laughed as dk reached for seconds on both the bacon and sausage.  After breakfast SirJay took him back downstairs to the room on the left with all the gear and clothing.  He brought the jeans, boots and collar dk had worn the previous night and found a tight black t-shirt for the boy to wear.  For Himself He selected similar leather jeans and boots along with a blue denim shirt.  dk watched Him dress, sorry to see the naked body covered, but amazed at how handsome the Man was with His gear on.

"Okay, kiddo, upstairs and out to the pickup.  You're okay being with Me all day, yes?"

dk was a little stunned.  he hadn't actually thought their date would extend past Friday night, but he knew the answer to the question.  "Yes, Sir!  Thank you, Sir!"  SirJay smiled at the response and gave dk a shove up the stairs.

The events of the day turned out to be mostly mundane.  A quick trip to an ATM, stopping for groceries, picking up some items to repair a leaking faucet, lunch at a fast food joint (where dk couldn't stop noticing all the stares the pair of them were getting), and last, a stop at the local leather store where SirJay picked up a couple of items he'd had repaired.

SirJay had encouraged him to wander around the store while he chatted with the manager.  dk was intoxicated with the rich leather smell that permeated the store and intrigued with the incredible variety of bondage and s/m devices.  he was touching the buttery smooth tails of the floggers when SirJay appeared at his side.  "C'mon, boy, time to head home."

After they unloaded all SirJay's purchases SirJay brought dk to the living room.  He sat on the sofa and indicated that dk should join him, not next to Him on the sofa, but on the floor next to his boots.

dk knelt and eventually curled into the leather covered legs of SirJay, holding on tight.

"Okay.  Time to have a chat.  Tell Me what's going on inside your head."

dk was caught off guard.  How was he supposed to explain how happy he was, how "right" this all felt.  Okay, so the chastity was starting to get on his nerves a little, but it was such a small sacrifice compared to all he'd experienced with SirJay.  dk stayed silent trying to search for words, and unable to do so.

After a few minutes SirJay broke the silence with a laugh.  "Okay, okay!  Maybe a little too open-ended on that question.  How about we start with, was there anything you didn't like, that felt wrong, or against what you believe in?"

"No, Sir."

"At the other end of the spectrum, what was the best thing, for you, in these past two days?"

dk didn't have to think about it.  "Hearing you call me a 'good boy', Sir."

SirJay pondered this for a moment then with a twinkle in his eye asked,  "One more question.  Do you know what lesbians and leathermen bring on their second date?"

dk was clueless what SirJay was asking.  "i....i...i don't know, Sir."

"A U-Haul."  SirJay roared at his own joke.  "I know it's early to even think about it, but I got really good feelings about being with you.  Now what say you to the notion that we head back downstairs and try out some more gear?"

Like a puppy on steroids dk leapt to his feet.  "Yes, Sir!"

dk didn't have to be pushed down the stairs this time, he was so anxious to have the chance to be there with SirJay again.  At the foot of the stairs SirJay guided him to the dressing room and instructed him to remove all the clothing.  He showed dk how each item was stored and dk payed close attention placing each item, including those of SirJay, on it's proper hanger and on the correct boot rack.  he was naked now except for the collar around his neck and the steel chastity on his dick.

SirJay pulled the boy into His chest and kissed him deeply, His tongue exploring the corners of dk's mouth.  dk's dick was beginning to throb painfully in the steel tube and he squirmed.  "I suppose you want that thing off for a while, eh?"

dk grimaced.  "Please, Sir?"  SirJay chuckled and reached for the keys he'd left on the chair in the dressing room. SirJay removed the chastity and dk's dick responded immediately by leaping upward.  SirJay gave it a little smack and used it as a leash to pull the boy into the dungeon area.

SirJay brought dk over to the large leather-covered bondage table.  "Lean over, boy, and spread your cheeks."  dk started to get a bit nervous.  he'd only been fucked a few times in his life and it hadn't always been pleasant, but he did as SirJay ordered.

SirJay got a bottle of lube and poured a copious amount in his right hand and began rubbing dk's anus slowly and methodically.  With his left hand he stroked dk's head, scratching him behind the ears, massaging his neck and generally encouraging the boy to relax.   With no warning, but also with no pain, he slid a finger up the boy's butthole.  An involuntary groan escaped from dk.

"Good boy.  That's it.  Good boy.  Just relax.  If it hurts, tell Me.  You are such a good boy."

And with each "good boy" dk felt the warmth inside him return.  And when the second finger entered and the second groan escaped there was something inside him that seemed to be saying "more, give me more."  SirJay added more lube to his right hand, and continued massaging the boy's butthole.  He could feel the boy beginning to writhe and moan in harmony to the massage.  It was a good sign.  Slipping his fingers out, he went to the peg board and retrieved a metal buttplug, not too large, but certainly large enough to fill the boy's hole.  Lubing it up he placed it at the very opening of the boy's ass and slowly began to push it in. 

dk gasped at the coldness of the metal, but he did not try to back away from it.  That urgent message of "more" filled his head as a mantra. he took a deep breath, exhaled, and felt the entire metal cylinder slide smoothly into place.  SirJay stroked the back of his head.  "Good boy.  I'm proud of you.  Now climb up on top of the table and lay on your back.  We've got a lot more to do."

When dk was up on the table and flat on his back SirJay began to restrain dk to the table.  To dk there seemed to be hundreds of straps covering him.  he tested his arms and legs after the straps were all applied and he realized he couldn't move an inch.  he was completely vulnerable, but his cock told the real story.  A steady stream of precum was leaking from him unlike any other time he could remember.  The last strap SirJay attached was one across dk's forehead.  Now dk couldn't even lift his head to view his own strings of precum.

SirJay stepped back to admire His work.  This kid was so beautiful.  So beautiful both in and out of bondage.  And it was quite clear the boy loved every element of bondage.  He'd done the cage test on practically every boy he'd ever played with.  None had lasted the night.  Some had even been pretty nasty about it.  Not dk.

SirJay retrieved the ErosTek electrical machine but kept it out of sight of dk, placing it between the boy's knees.  He attached the lead wires to the plug in the boy's ass and slowly dialed the number of the pulse to 30% then 35%.  When he hit 40% he heard a gasp escape from dk.

He walked to the top of the table and saw a little fear in the boy's eyes.  "Relax and go with it.  It tingles right now, yes?"  dk nodded the best he could with his head strapped down.  "As it goes higher it will begin to pulse in your ass, almost like you're getting fucked, a non-stop pounding earth-shattering fuck.  But I'll only turn it up from here on out when you tell Me to.  Understand?  You're in charge of how high it goes.  And when you want it off, just say so.  Yes?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good boy."

For the next hour the pulsing and pounding in dk's ass was relentless.  But the boy never backed down.  SirJay began teasing the boy's cock, stroking it slowly, making the boy moan and try to grind his hips upward.  Every few minutes dk would gasp, "Sir?"  And SirJay would respond, "More?" 

"Please, Sir."

"Good boy."

When SirJay finally dialed the ErosTek to 80% He knew he'd reached the boy's limit.  He left it there, put fresh lube on his hand and began to stroke the boy with long hard strokes.  He knew the boy would cum very soon.  his breathing was ragged, his hips were bucking.


"Yes, Sir?"

"Ask permission to cum.  Never cum without Me saying it's okay.  Understand?"

Yes, Sir.  Please, Sir, May I please cum, Sir.  I am so close, Sir.  Please, Sir"  The words were falling out of dk's mouth and SirJay could see him grimace as he tried to hold back the impending orgasm.

"Shoot for Me, boy.  Do it now."

dk literally screamed as the first huge load escaped shooting straight into the air.  The scream was followed by dozens of smaller screams and grunts as SirJay continued to stroke the boy.  He reached over and turned the electro off, but continued to slowly stroke the boy's cock.

dk actually started to giggle, squirm and buck.  "Oh, please Sir.  No.  Please!  Oh God, please stop."  Now was when the straps on the table were called upon to do their real job.

dk's screaming and laughing was music to SirJay's ears and as He continued to stroke the boy in his current giddy insanity, He filled his left hand with the cum from the boy,  put His paw on His own cock and began working Himself to orgasm.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Knowledge Is Power

I first saw this at "A Master and His Slave", one of the best blogs you'll ever hope to find in blogdom. Not only do I think this set of "commandments" is terrific, the entire site that it's taken from can help all of us (even if it's aimed at those darn heterosexuals...LOL). You definitely should bookmark if you're interested in learning more about our wonderful BDSM world.

10 Commandments for Newbies

Author: LadyMary03

I. THOU SHALT BE RELENTLESS IN YOUR SEARCH OF KNOWLEDGE ...for there are many who are willing and eager to guide and assist you in your search

II. THOU SHALT NOT BE HAUGHTY OF MIND ...for we all are still learning and growing. There is no shame in not knowing a right word or how to do something. Always keep an open and humble mind when it comes to learning.

III. THOU SHALT BE STEADFAST AND BOLD OF HEART ...for there are those who will try to humiliate you and belittle you for their egos sake. (example: "for a newbie-you sure have opinions" "newbies should be seen and not heard" "this isn't a beginners forum")

IV. THOU SHALT BE RESPECTFUL OF OTHERS ...for we should all respect each other as humans and as part of the same community. Even if opinions clash it is possible to disagree without being disagreeable keeping a sense of respect for one another.

V. THOU SHALT SEEK OUT THOSE OF LIKE KIND ...for there are chat rooms, munches, socials and parties readily available to give you an opportunity to make acquaintances. You are not alone.

VI. THOU SHALT NOT FEEL PRESSURED TO PERFORM FOR OTHERS SAKE ...for there are those who will mock where you are comfortable with. Perhaps you are only comfortable giving/taking mild spankings whereas an edge playing sadist/masochist may snub you feeling superior. They are not. The only right way to be is the right way for you!

VII. THOU SHALT NOT JUDGE LEST YE BE JUDGED ...for each relationship is special and unique between the people directly involved. As an observer you may not understand it but you don't have to as long as the people involved are in concensual agreement.

VIII. THOU SHALT BE KIND ONE TO ANOTHER ...for we are all part of the same community. Insults and Flaming weaken the whole. We are fortunate because we have 4 cheeks to turn thus we should be even more forgiving of each others faults.

IX. THOU SHALT BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS ...for with the availability of knowledge and the forums for opinions there is little reason to act in ignorance which may lead to unfortunate experiences. This means proper understanding of safe, sane and concensual play including negotiation and safewords and communicating your wants & needs efficiently. Do not assume others can read your every thought.

X. THOU SHALT BE TRUE TO YOURSELF ...for you are wonderful and unique in your individual way. There is no specific way a Dominant/Submissive must be. We are all distinctive jewels with our own remarkable personalities. There is no mold.

Straight People

I REALLY have to get over my fear and general dislike of straight people. There are actually some incredibly cool ones out there when I'm smart enough to lower my guard and get to know them. Of course all the really cool ones are part of the BDSM world. LOL.

Spent an hour Sunday looking over our local dungeon where hubby and I are holding our 25th anniversary dungeon party. MistressWhip, proprietor, has got to be one of the coolest women I have ever met. The positive energy coming off this strikingly beautiful woman was intoxicating. And every question we asked was answered by such an energetic, positive response. How cool! Also there were a straight man and woman who live the kink lifestyle. I met them at Christmas at a potluck dinner, and it was so great to see them again. (She does some incredible leather corsets that we got to see at a fetish flea market a couple months ago.)


I have to be honest. I haven't been this excited about an upcoming event since I was 6 and could barely sleep the entire week before Christmas morning. I am blessed with the best hubby in the world and to celebrate our 25 years together is more than I ever could have hoped for. And to have the world's greatest pup, and some of the finest friends (and friends with major benefits) a man could ever hope for? I'm dancing on air.

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More Discoveries

Read Parts I and II before proceeding!

After posting the original parts at Eckie's website (see below for a complete review of his site) and having the story read by over a thousand people in 3 days, receiving a great number of 5-star reviews, lots of great comments, and some wonderful encouraging e-mails, I got right to work on the continuation. Hope you enjoy. I sure as hell left the door open for Further Discoveries! (LOL....I just realized these titles are sounding a helluva lot like the "Tales of the City" saga.)


SirJay and dk didn't play again that night. They both had heavy work schedules for the rest of the week but a date was made for Friday night. SirJay had asked dk to come over at 7:00 that night ready for more adventures in the dungeon. He'd also told dk to not masturbate for the rest of the week. dk wasn't so sure he could manage that since he typically jerked off at least 2 or 3 times a day, but for SirJay he wanted very much to comply and would do his damn best to keep his hands off his dick.

As the week progressed dk found the only way he could keep his mind off sex was to stay far away from the computer except to check his e-mail. Even so, just random images on TV were enough to get his groin stirring. He was getting hard-ons in the car driving to and from work. He took cold showers, cleaned every inch of his apartment, reorganized his closet, wrote a letter to him mom, and did lots of time at the gym. Friday morning arrived and he actually thought he'd be able to make it until that evening. He laughed to himself, thinking, "I'll probably blow the minute SirJay opens the door and gives me a hug."

He managed to get through the day and raced home so he could shower and be to SirJay's at 7:00. When he got home he checked e-mail and found only one message that mattered. It was from SirJay

--wear some old underwear, an old t-shirt, worn bluejeans and old sneakers. Bring only your keys and ID. See you at 7. Can't wait. ----SirJay

dk jumped in the shower and then dug in his closet and drawers for the clothing SirJay had requested. He wasn't sure why he was putting on his rattiest clothes, but he knew that doing it for SirJay was making him incredibly horny. Just the idea of letting SirJay give him an order made him feel a funny warmth inside. He found a ratty pair of underwear in the back of his drawer that he'd been meaning to throw out, an old white t-shirt that he usually wore when working on the yard, and his favorite old jeans which sported a variety of tears and rips. He finished the outfit off with a pair of old high-top sneakers that he hadn't worn in years. When he looked in the mirror he realized he almost looked like a homeless waif. And kinda sexy. And definitely turned on by the whole act of doing exactly what SirJay had asked of him.

dk arrived at SirJay's promptly at 7:00. he'd read enough stories on the internet to know that bad things happened to boys who were too early or too late. 7:00 meant 7:00. he could feel the blood pumping in his ears as he knocked on the door. SirJay opened the door almost immediately, and as before, a huge grin filled His face.

"C' mon in, son. You look terrific."

dk stepped in, almost tripping on the threshold because he couldn't take his eyes off of SirJay. SirJay was wearing an entire uniform made of thick shiny rubber. The uniform shirt was fit to SirJay's torso like a 2nd skin. The pants were breeches held in place with a wide rubber belt, and beautiful rubber boots completed the outfit. A one-inch gray stripe ran from the armpit of the shirt down to the base of the boots. dk felt drool filling his mouth.

"You're....breathtaking, Sir!"

"You, kid, know exactly the right things to say! C'mon. Downstairs. I'm so fucking horny I can't stand it. And from the looks of your cock straining in those jeans I'm pretty sure you followed my orders and saved your loads for me."

The dungeon door was open and SirJay gave dj a little push, once again making him walk down the stairs in front of SirJay. Behind him, dk could hear SirJay locking the door.

At the bottom of the stairs dk wasn't sure if he was supposed to go right, into the dungeon, or left, where SirJay stored all his clothing, so he waited. Once SirJay was behind him, He put his arms around dk's chest wrapping him tightly from behind. He half whispered, half growled in dk's ear. "I will never hurt you, never force you, never disrespect you, and do my best to never lose your trust. Do you understand that, boy?"

dk nodded his head. he believed this Man with all his heart.

"But I WILL push you. I will test you. I will hopefully make some of your dreams come true. And just maybe, some of Mine."

dk shivered. he was so nervous, so excited, so horny. Just feeling this Man's arms around him, the smell of the rubber filling his nostrils, he felt a buzz ten times more powerful than when he drank a few beers.

SirJay guided him to stand between the two columns He'd used the first time they'd been together. Deftly He placed locking wrist and ankle cuffs on him and stretched him out between the two columns. He walked behind dk and he took a thick rubber hood and pulled it over dk's head. dk's nostrils were filled again with the acrid smell of rubber and he felt his cock doing it's best to leap within his tight jeans.

The hood was laced on tightly. SirJay stepped to in front of dk and dk got his last glimpse of SirJay and that handsome smile as a blindfold was snapped in place and he lost his sense of sight. For the next ten minutes SirJay merely stroked dk's body, taking advantage of the helpless boy, rubbing his crotch, tweaking his nipples, caressing his hooded head, lightly slapping his ass. dk was quivering from the erotic touch.

Then the touch stopped and dk was left totally alone. he couldn't see, could barely hear, and all he craved was more touch from SirJay.

Almost as if from a great distance he heard SirJay talking. "I think you're ready to go another step. If it's too much, at ANY time, grunt three times rapidly. Do you understand?"

dk nodded and mumbled a "Yes, Sir" through the hole of the hood at his mouth. As soon as he finished speaking he felt something being pushed into that hole and firmly into his mouth. Now his mouth was filled with the taste of rubber. he was in heaven. Slowly SirJay began to pump up the gag He'd put in dk's mouth. There would be no more talking from the boy. Eventually He might be able to pump it so full that the boy would be on the edge of panic. Tonight, just a little firm pressure was enough.

And as soon as the gag filled dk's mouth he felt his ratty t-shirt being ripped from his torso. Now he understood why SirJay had asked him to wear these old clothes! he felt a shiver run the entire course of his body. The metal buttons on his jeans were undone and pulled below his hip. he couldn't hear much from within the rubber hood, but he could feel the tension of the jeans around his thighs give way and could feel the tatters of denim fall to his ankles.

SirJay, still wearing rubber gloves, reached down and massaged dk's dick through the threadbare underwear. There was a "snip" and these too were torn from his body. Another shiver shook dk from top to bottom. Again SirJay assaulted every inch of his body sensually rubbing the boy's skin while wearing the rubber gloves. dk felt like he might explode just from the sensory-deprived state he was in. he couldn't talk, move, see, or smell anything but the rich rubber. But he felt every single touch, those touches magnified ten times over by his inability to use any other sense.

dk felt a warm wet towel wiping down his chest, his belly, his groin, and his butt. This wet warmth was followed by a smooth lotion-like substance massaged into those areas. Again he felt a surge in his groin from the physical attention being showed him. Moments later he felt a scraping on his skin. dk finally "did the math" and realized that he was being shaved in those few places he'd managed to grow hair. This was something totally new to him, but he loved every sensation. By the time SirJay reached his groin he was moaning involuntarily into the rubber gag in his mouth.

When SirJay finished the groin area He stepped behind dk, pushing him slightly forward to better expose his buttocks and butthole. Again the scraping continued and dk involuntarily clenched his ass as the blade moved closer and closer to his hole. By now he was breathing rapidly and could feel his dick bouncing in front of him.

SirJay finished the process by taking another wet warm towel and wiping dk clean. There were a few more random scrapes to clean up missed spots. SirJay filled His rubber covered hand with a huge glob of shaving cream and stepped up to dk. With His left hand He cradled the back of the boy's neck and with the mound of shaving cream He slowly began to massage dk's balls and dick.

dk's moans were increasing in intensity and frequency. SirJay knew he was close to cumming and pulled off. The moans turned to screams echoing inside the rubber hood. dk's dick groin was pumping, his dick fucking thin air. When he'd calmed a bit SirJay renewed the assault on his dick. This time the groans were followed by low gutteral grunts and SirJay knew He wouldn't be able to stop this time. He grabbed dk's dick hard and began stroking it fiercely. With a huge scream dk let nearly a week's worth of cum spray high into the air. Several smaller spurts followed and SirJay felt dk slump into his bondage, his head falling forward.

SirJay left dk in this state, grabbed the wet towel nearby and cleaned dk's dick of the cum and shaving cream. He knew the boy would be wanting out of the bondage and out of the hood soon so He worked quickly. He grabbed a stainless steel tube from the pegboard and the locking cockring mechanism that would hold the tube in place. He poured a little lube in the tube and worked it over dk's softening dick. He locked the cockring in place and with one last small padlock he attached the tube to the cockring.

dk was more than aware this his dick and balls were being manipulated but didn't know exactly what was happening. he was in that wonderful bliss of having shot his load, but he also felt the need to have the hood removed. his arms ached stretched to his sides as they'd been for the past couple of hours.

he felt his left arm being released, the cuff removed and felt a sleeve being pulled up his arm. The process was repeated on his right arm, a warm sleeve pulled up this arm as well. In a matter of seconds he felt the back of this garment zipped up behind him and before he could resist, the arms of what had to be a straitjacket were pulled around dk and fastened behind the boy. he was actually wearing his first straitjacket. he felt like he would faint.

SirJay gave the boy a hug in the jacket to reassure him, then returned to the task of tightening various straps along the boy's back. dk reminded himself of the promises of SirJay, and he reminded himself that this was what he really wanted, to experience the joy of wearing a straitjacket, of being totally bound in a leather cocoon.

SirJay released the cuffs holding dk's legs apart and removed dk's tennis shoes. SirJay guided the boy's legs into a pair of leather jeans and pulled them up over dk's butt, tucking the locked cock into the front and zipping and buttoning them up. SirJay took two straps from the front of the straitjacket and fed them through the boy's crotch, buckling them on the backside. dk felt his groin cinched tightly. he would never be able to pull the jacket over his head now. SirJay guided dk to a nearby chair allowing him to sit, then laced a pair of well-worn but highly polished leather boots on to dk.

SirJay pulled dk to his feet, pulled the gag from the boy's mouth, and unlaced and removed the rubber hood. Before dk's eyes had a chance to focus a new hood replaced it. The tangy smell of rubber was replaced with the rich aroma of leather. The new hood had a mouth hole and two small eye holes, so slowly dk's eyes adjusted. SirJay finished the lacing, walked to the pegboard and removed the leather collar He'd placed on dk their first night together. dk could see Him holding it out where the boy could focus on it. And with a touch of ceremony SirJay placed the collar on the boy and locked it in place. Once more to the pegboard and SirJay returned with a chain leash and attached it to the ring on the collar.

He tugged the leash and dk humbly followed the lead of SirJay. He pulled dk in front of a mirror then stepped behind dk so the boy could take a good look at himself. dk was astonished at what he saw. he was covered head to toe in beautiful black leather. he tried to move his arms and saw in the reflection what an absurdly small amount he actually was able to move. The jacket was the simple one that he'd first seen in SirJay's closet. And it fit him like a 2nd skin. he felt his dick try to leap in those beautiful leather jeans and felt a pain unlike any he'd felt. his dick was straining inside that stainless steel tube. And dk loved it. he knew he was at SirJay's mercy and he was comfortable being under His care and control.

SirJay wrapped his arms around dk's chest and leaned into the boy's right ear. "C'mon. We're going out tonight." With that He released the bearhug, gave a yank on the leash and pulled the bewildered dk up the basement stairs.

Saturday, March 26, 2011



Saw this signature on a guy's profile. How fucking cute is that!?

More Macrame

Some more of my favorite rope bondage harnesses. Was worth every minute of roping, winding, twisting, and knotting.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Eckie aka Bondagfan

I've not actively promoted my stories in the past, although I did post a few of the chapters from Sir Tom Enterprises at RubberZone, but that was mostly to get some free time on the site. An internet buddy who's active with SeriousMaleBondage saw the writing and we talked a long time about setting up a mutual agreement for the stories to go to their site but nothing came of it. (I would LOVE some free time on their site....LOL)

In any case, a couple days ago, on a lark, I posted the two parts of "Discoveries" at Eckie AKA Bondagfan's website. First time I'd posted there and I thought what the heck, why not. In the first day over 600 people had read the story. Now 48 hours later over 800 people have read with several leaving comments and several sending me e-mails about the story. I was sort of blown away. While I love all 41 of my intrepid followers here I rarely get any feedback and sort of start to wonder if I'm really reaching anybody. Posting at Eckie was a good way to get my head back in the game, so to speak.

Eckie's site is a permanent fixture for me. There are 8 YEARS of stories there, some months only have 2 or 3 submitted, but some months have as many as 10. There are also thousands of pictures of all my favorite perversions here with a wonderful search capacity (Type in 'straitjacket' and you'll get a couple hundred photos to come up. Woof.) and an even better slide-show function.

There are forums, links, and personals.

For Free.


For Free.

Eckie is amazing.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


A good friend, also a bondage top, gets a wee bit annoyed when I start doing some elaborate rope harness, accusing me of practicing macrame. He can't be bothered. Now, this guy is damn good with a piece of rope. When he's done tying you up, I guarantee you won't get loose and I love this. He'll stretch you every which way and leave you cursing that you ever let him get the first rope on you. But making it pretty? Totally not his thing.

Yesterday I was cruising some guys on ReCon and saw the same word pop out on a guy's profile. "Don't expect macrame from me. No interest in taking a half hour to tie you up pretty." LOL. I fully appreciate their points of view. But, I still love my macrame. It's definitely not a wham-bam activity, but for a quiet time in the dungeon when energy is maybe not so high, it's a great way to achieve low-key intimacy and some pretty great bondageboy headspace. And it makes for pretty pics.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rope Bondage 101, One Column Tie

This technique is especially useful for four point bondage. Think four poster bed or St. Andrews Cross or the four corners of a pickup bed or the classic four point stake-out in the desert or, hell, I don't have to tell you all this, do I?

Find the center of the rope make a loop, lay it under the wrist or ankle and pull the long ends through the loop. This is a basic larkshead knot as seen in the first pic.

Keep the loop very loose and pass the long ends around the wrist and through the loop two more times. The rope should be fairly loose around the wrist at this time.

The long ends are then taken individually through the outside three sets of rope laying against the wrist. Pull the long ends tight.

The top side of the wrist is shown in the last pic. There are no crossovers and the rope lies flat against the wrist. A crossover should be avoided as this will cause a pressure point.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Rope

Did have a chance to do a little ropework recently. Thankfully I have a very patient hubby and pup. They did find ways to entertain themselves when I ran out of steam and had to lay down. Pup had just gotten his new latex shirt and shorts. Me? I couldn't wait to see him in it and covered in rope. He also purchased a new NastyPig shirt, also enhanced by adding rope!

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm a Gleek.

More Music

Since large does of Vicodin seem to make my dick pretty much useless I've had to forgo great sexual revelations for a bit. In this, hopefully, short recess from sexual romping I've grown fascinated, thanks to YouTube, with tracking down various versions of some of the great songs of our time. I get pretty annoyed with the commentaries that usually follow these performances: "This version is okay, but so-and-so's is so much better." Blech. Covers of some songs by less-than-adequate singers are just watered down versions of the original. But sometimes you realize that new artists have added such depth and a personal vision to the original you can't help but applaud and enjoy.

These four versions (starting with the original by Peggy Lee) are SO different and all four of them I find absolutely stunning.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rope Bondage 101, Two Column Tie

I thought I'd share some simple concepts here that I did my best to share at an S/M 101 class held at the Eagle. I'm always amazed at how many people feel just like me about rope: scared, intimidated, overwhelmed. At the same time, once you master a couple of simple techniques you're only limited by your own imagination!

And rope bondage boys are the most patient people I know. They love the feel of rope against their skin, or over their gear, and they'll be happy to communicate to you when something's too tight or too loose (IF you open the lines of communication and encourage them to share these feelings!).

And if you feel a little incompetent, turn the music up a bit to cover your own muttering as you work, and blindfold them early on so they can't see you fumbling with the rope!

This is the simplest and most useful rope bondage technique that everyone should know. This works for all kinds of applications: wrist to wrist, wrist to thigh, thigh to calf, wrist to bicep, and from body "column" to any sort of furniture. Great for blood flow and no nerve damage! Length of rope can be as short as 15 fee,t or longer if you intend to tie off the hands elsewhere.

The wrist tie above involves a folded rope wound a couple of times around the wrists. The rope is then crossed, splitting the two columns, and wound a couple of times before tying the simple knot on the back side away from the fingers. Stick a finger down by the inside of the wrists. One finger should fit--you'll have good blood flow. If you can fit two or more fingers here wind the rope a little tighter or your "victim" will get loose!

In these examples using thigh to calf and forearm to bicep the rope is single strand, wound four or five times, then the crossover and wound just once, ending with a simple knot.

For some simple, well-done videos of this technique try going to YouTube and looking for Knotty Boys or try out the website for TwistedMonk.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Discoveries, Part II

As promised! Part II of the sex monster's latest sickness. Enjoy!

Discoveries, Part II

"So?" They were sitting on the edge of the bondage bed sharing a bottle of water SirJay had gotten them. "What you expected?"

dk hadn't said a word since his orgasm. he didn't know how to put his feelings into words. he was so grateful to SirJay for His kindness and His patience, but he also felt guilt; not the guilt of having had a sexual experience, but the guilt that he had done nothing but "take" in this time together. He "owed" SirJay. What, he didn't know. A blowjob? Bootlicking? he realized he was clueless in figuring out how to settle his debt to SirJay.

SirJay nudged him. "It's almost 10:00. You'd better call your friend. I've gotta run upstairs and let the dogs in for the night. I'll be back in a few minutes."

dk pulled his phone out from the back pocket of his jeans and dialed Keith. Again, no answer but he left the message that all was fine and even let Keith know that he'd had a really good time and would talk to him tomorrow. he could hear SirJay walking around upstairs and thought he should join him so headed over to the stairs leading to the living room. When he got to the bottom of the staircase he realized that there was a second room off to the other side of the basement almost as large as the room in which they'd spent their time that evening.

A series of track lights shone on racks and racks of clothing. Almost all of it was black and shiny. There were probably a dozen leather shirts, another dozen pairs of leather jeans, jumpsuits, uniforms, jackets, and an almost identical number of all these items in beautiful shiny latex and rubber. Along the floor were countless pairs of boots in varying heights, highly polished and glimmering under the track lights.

Without even thinking about it dk wandered into this room and began to touch each item feeling a thrill as he touched them, feeling a hunger to try them all on, a deeper hunger to see each of them on SirJay. He crouched by some leather boots that must have gone all the way to SirJay's crotch and imagined himself on all fours licking them clean as his service to SirJay. It was intoxicating.

dk stood and continued his way around the room. In the back corner he saw the one set of items that scared him the most. It was SirJay's collection of straitjackets. He recognized each and every one of the six leather jackets, having studied them countless times in SirJay's pics. Like SirJay they were even more handsome in person. he reached out to touch the first jacket, a simple one with just a few straps dangling.

"I see you found my favorite fetish!" he hadn't heard SirJay come back down and stumbled a step back. he could feel the heat on his cheeks. "Want to try one on?"

"No, Sir, I was just looking. They're beautiful."

SirJay stepped past him and pulled the jacket from its wooden hanger. "Much more beautiful when worn than just hanging here." He gave the jacket a little shake to get the belts to hang freely then reversed it so that it was held open in front of dk. dk began to shake a bit and crossed his arms in front of himself, trying to dispel a chill that was taking over his body. SirJay dropped the jacket on a sturdy chair that sat in the middle of the dressing room and came over and give dk a reassuring hug. "Too much?"

"Yes, Sir." he began to calm a bit with those huge hairy arms around him. "I'm sorry, Sir."

"Sorry? Nah. Fuck that. No 'sorry' necessary. A straitjacket is a pretty intense piece for a newbie. Takes a shitload of trust to give up that much control. No worries. None at all."

dk felt the chill leaving him and wanted to kick himself for being such a chicken. he may have missed his chance to try the one huge bondage fetish that truly intrigued him. SirJay let him go and retrieved the jacket from the chair, carefully rehanging it in its spot on the rack.

"Tell me more, Sir, about the feeling?"

SirJay turned back to him, a twinkle in his eye and a grin on his face. "There is nothing like being strapped into a straitjacket. Nothing. It slides on so easily, and as the first few straps are tightened you feel that wonderful apprehension and excitement fill you. If it fits right it's almost comforting to feel enclosed and covered. You feel in some ways like you're protected."

SirJay turned back to the rack and pulled down an extremely elaborate jacket. This one had twice as many straps as any of the others as well as attached locking chastity shorts. SirJay handed it to dk. "Feel how heavy this is. That weight on you is bondage in itself. But as each and every strap is tightened you slowly come to realize that every single percentage of your control is being taken away. Each strap can be locked in place thereby enhancing the total experience. It's...." SirJay's voice trailed off and He took a deep breath.

dk realized that SirJay was describing His own feelings, His own love of the jacket. dk could also see SirJay's erection beneath the leather jeans.

"Show me."

"Are you sure? You really want to try the jacket on, boy?"

"No, Sir. I want to see You in the jacket, Sir."

SirJay gave dk a puzzled look. "Really? Will that help? What the fuck! Sure! Why not! We all start somewhere and if you see how it works from the 'outside' you'll probably have a lot less fear being on the 'inside.'"

SirJay kicked off his boots, removed his leather jeans, and stripped off his t-shirt. His naked hairy body was just slightly damp from sweat. His semi-hard dick and hairy balls were mesmerizing. dk felt an urge to drop to his knees and lick the entire surface. But he held the jacket before him, copying SirJay's gesture, inviting SirJay to step in.

SirJay explained things to dk as he stepped forward. "This jacket was actually built for me back when I was your age. Back when I was a 'boy' like you. The attached shorts are cruel to say the least, as the jacket-wearer has to put his cock inside the restraining pouch." He laughed. "Many a time I tried to hump the frigging floor while wearing this jacket."

He stepped inside the shorts first, adjusting his cock and balls inside the locking pouch. dk pulled the zippers up on the pouch and held the rest of the jacket open for SirJay to enter. SirJay obliged by puttingHhis arms deep inside the sleeves. "This is really when you feel the first 'tingle', the first 'threat' that you've given up a good chunk of control."

"At this point you pull the jacket up over the shoulders and zip the long zipper from just behind My nuts to the top of My neck." dk did just that. At the top of the neck he snapped the collar shut.

"It should be fairly clear how the straps go from here. There's a series of six straps that get buckled across the back. Each one can be locked, although trust Me, by now the 'victim' couldn't undo the straps if he wanted to." dk started buckling the straps quickly. "Slow down, son! This is half the fun. Let the guy inside the jacket feel the slow pulling of the straps and the slow loss of control. It's like a seductive strip-tease but in reverse." dk slowed down as instructed and heard what he thought was a little grunt from SirJay.

"Not so bad, eh? The next belt is the one of the best. This wide one around the waist can be cinched very tight. And with the multiple D-rings on it the belt becomes a nice anchor spot for other possibilities." dk worked quietly and with a heavy hand to cinch this belt as tightly as his young muscles would allow.

SirJay took a deep breath, or as deep as He could and admired dk's work. "The last step is the critical one. With this jacket you lace the arms through a loop up front and another on each side, then pull the straps to the back where they buckle together. THIS is what makes it a real straitjacket ride. Your arms cross in front, hugging yourself, and there is a moment of clarity where you realize you are truly fucked. You are not getting free until someone lets you free. Period."

dk came around to the front and did just as he'd been instructed, again not in haste but with slow precision. SirJay seemed to be watching almost in a tutorial fashion, making sure dk understood his instructions, but dk could also see that SirJay was becoming more and more aroused, his voice becoming thicker and thicker. he walked behind SirJay and quite efficiently did the last strap effectively trapping SirJay's arms in the self-hug of a heavy leather straitjacket.

"Well done! See! Not so bad. Not so scary. And trust me, the feeling is unlike any other." SirJay chuckled. "I'd forgotten how well this straitjacket fit Me. And you know from the pics there's a hood that attaches. And titflaps. And DAMN! Okay, kiddo, time to let Me out, and let's see if you're ready to give it a try." SirJay gave a little shiver and turned around to give a big grin in dk's direction. But dk was gone.

Seconds later the boy returned holding the very hood He had described. he had several other items dangling from his right hand, and his left hand held a fistful of padlocks. SirJay had a twinkle in His eyes, and another groan escaped involuntarily. Before SirJay could protest dk gave him a little shove and SirJay landed on his butt in the sturdy chair. dk quickly took two short leather straps and attached SirJay's biceps to the back of the chair.

"Fuck, son. God! Yes!"

From inside the hood dk pulled a locking ballgag which he quickly shoved inside SirJay's mouth, pulling it tight and locking it in place. And one by one, as slowly as SirJay had taught him, he padlocked each and every strap and zipper on the jacket.

Finally he took the hood that he knew from the pics would attach to the jacket and slid it over SirJay's head. It was a loose but thick leather hood with two grommets at the nostrils for breathing. dk zipped it shut. Six more padlocks attached the collar of the hood to the collar of the straitjacket. Each 'click' of the locks brought more groans from SirJay, more bucking of His hips as He tried to stimulate His own cock inside the chastity pouch.

Slowly dk ran his hands over the leather covered Man. SirJay was beginning to sink further into the chair. And dk proceeded to give back to this Man what he felt he owed Him. For the next hour dk used only his tongue, starting at the toes of the furry beast, licking Him, savoring Him, devouring Him.

he nuzzled into the thick leather crotch. he found the titflaps and buried his face in the Man's chest, licking and nibbling the nubs. he licked every inch of the leather covered Man he could reach.

Using a key he'd brought with him he unlocked the two padlocks holding the chastity pouch of the shorts. And he licked this beautiful Man's cock for all he was worth. SirJay began to buck in the chair, moaning inside the leather hood. Slowly dk lowered his mouth on to SirJay's beautiful cock and almost as quickly as dk himself had cum, SirJay shot his load in dk's mouth. dk could hear SirJay breathing hard above him but he kept his mouth tight on the cock, not letting a drop escape or go to waste. he was rewarded with several more spurts of hot cum.

dk swallowed the cum and slowly came off SirJay's cock. Above him SirJay's head hung heavy on his chest, clearly spent, clearly exhausted.

dk just sat back and admired this beautiful picture. he felt better than when he himself had cum.

it was a slow process undoing all the locks and straps and with each bit of freedom returned to SirJay dk wondered if he had overstepped the boundaries of boy/sub and Sir/Top. Even after he had removed the ballgag from SirJay there was no comment from Him.

As the last strap was undone and SirJay stepped from the chastity shorts, He took the jacket and placed it on the back of the chair. He turned toward dk and took the two short steps to him. His right hand reached up to the collar still locked on dk's neck. SirJay pulled the boy close to him and gave him a huge hug, whispering in his ear, "Yup. You definitely belong here. And it's definitely time you tried on a straitjacket, my boy!"

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Discoveries, Part I

I'm tired of laying on the sofa. It's been a month since I re-injured my back and nothing much seems to be helping. I've read enough books and even watched some bad TV on the internet, but somewhere in my silly little head the sex monster is still lurking. I guess that's a good sign. So sex monster decided to have another go at fiction. Hope you enjoy.

Discoveries, Part I

dk was always a bit nervous when he signed on to the chats. he wasn't particularly good at it for starters. he fumbled for the right words, felt like he sounded stupid and green, and he feared letting his real feelings and desires come through this impersonal forum. But he headed here when he felt the urges growing inside him, looking for some sort of connection to men he could trust and learn from.

One man always put him at ease, though: SirJay. Somehow their chats seemed to cut through some of the bullshit. SirJay was patient with him, seemed genuinely curious in his fears and limits, wasn't pushing him for some immediate pick-up, and when SirJay described some of His own adventures dk found himself drawn closer to the man. dk had checked around and found that SirJay was greatly respected in the local community as a no-nonsense, genuine, caring, funny, and creative Top. All of dk's friends encouraged him to give SirJay a try if the opportunity came up.

dk had looked at every single picture of SirJay's at his profile site. Actually he'd looked multiple times and whacked off to those pictures multiple times as well. One gallery in particular, "Straitjackets," made his head spin, his dick hard, his breathing short, and scared the snot out of him. he'd never told SirJay, but his greatest desire and his greatest fear related to someday having an opportunity to wear one of those beautiful leather straitjackets.

It was yet another lonely Friday night for dk when a request for a private chat from SirJay popped on the screen. dk clicked "ok." A message appeared:

--Good evening, dk!
--Good evening, Sir! Many thanks for the chat request. It really pleases me that you take the time to chat with me, Sir.
--That's very kind of you, boy. I enjoy it or I wouldn't do it! So what's up with you tonight?
--The same. Horny. LOL.
--Same here. As always. Feel like doing something about it?

dk gulped. his groin was already on fire. SirJay frequently hinted at him coming over and dk had very carefully avoided it, never insulting, and always letting SirJay know how flattered he was by the invites. Tonight the fire was raging very strong. he closed his eyes, typed, and hit "enter."

--yes, Sir.

there was a long pause and no reply. dk was about to pass out, wondering what he'd done wrong, holding his breath, wishing that he'd never sent that blasted message.

--I am so pleased, dk. I know how much courage it took for you to say that. I also know, lol, just how horny you must be! So I'm gonna make this as easy as possible. No big bullshit, no Master/slave protocols, but also no time to sit around and think. I'll send address and map to your e-mail. Come over now. Don't think about it. Don't second guess. Just do it. And here's my promise: we don't have to do a damn thing if you decide you don't want to. We can have a beer and take more time to get to know each other. Nothing more. Or we can explore a little bondage if you want. Nothing more. You'll know what's right when you get here. And I promise to listen to you. And respect. Yes? Let a friend know you're coming over here. Tell your friend you'll call at 10:00 to let him know you're okay. It's safer that way. And I won't be offended.

dk read the instant message three times. his email announced an incoming message. It was the map and address as promised.

--i'm on my way, Sir.

--good boy. you won't regret it.

dk printed the map, did a quick check in the mirror, brushed his teeth, grabbed his leather jacket, keys, phone and headed out. On the way over he called his friend Keith and left a message where he was headed and to expect a call from him at 10:00. he was sort of glad Keith hadn't answered. he was so nervous and really didn't want to talk. he knew he just needed to act on the impulse and take "the big step."

It took little time to find SirJay's house. It was a quiet middle-class neighborhood with simple bungalows lining the street. He parked outside the address given to him, took one big breath, and went to the front door. dk knew it was now or never. he had to address his fears and desires; he wanted this too badly to not just do it.

dk knocked and the door opened almost immediately. he damn near swooned when he saw SirJay for the first time in person. SirJay was so much better looking in person: a big man, a big smile, big hairy arms, dressed in leather jeans, leather boots, and a simple black t-shirt. He stretched his hand out to shake with dk, then pulled him into His arms giving him a warm, strong hug. One hand reached up to cup the back of dk's neck, reassuring, comforting, and causing dk's dick to strain in his blue jeans.

"Come on in! Or we'll have to get naked here and do it on the porch, kiddo!" His laugh was robust and warm. dk damn near melted.

SirJay pulled him into the living room shutting the door behind them and guided dk to sit next to him on a leather sofa dominating the small living room. dk took in his surroundings and saw a comfortable, tasteful home filled with quality furniture and some intriguing art. he hadn't really known what to expect, although he had wondered if the house would be totally given over to SirJay's dungeon needs.

SirJay watched dk's eyes take in everything, finally settling back on SirJay himself.

"Disappointed? Hoping there'd be a St. Andrews cross in here instead? Or a bed of nails? Or 5 boys locked in cages?" SirJay's eyes twinkled.

"No, Sir." he gulped. "Well, maybe, Sir."

SirJay laughed again, so freely. dk didn't feel that SirJay was making fun of him, but, as before, the laughter put him at ease, making him realize that most of his fears were baseless.

"All the gear, toys, clothing, furniture are in the basement. It's why I bought this house. I drove my real estate agent a bit crazy because every time she showed me a house the first thing I looked at was the basement."

dk smiled. he'd seen all the pics that SirJay had but didn't realize until now that they were taken in a basement setting.

"You wanna see? Get the 'full' tour, so to speak?" Without giving dk a chance to respond he pulled him to his feet and guided him to a door tucked in an alcove near the front door. SirJay pulled a key from His pocket and unlocked 3 deadbolts holding the door shut. "I've got thousands invested down here," he said "and I don't really give a good fuck if somebody wants to break in and steal the TV, but there's no way they're getting My gear!"

He flicked on a light and let dk step in front of him. dk slowly descended the stairs with SirJay following, his hands resting lightly on dk's shoulders. It was the smell that hit him first. There was a mixture of heavy, musty leather, ripe latex and rubber, old cum. sweat, and hormones. dk took deliberate deep breaths, each one helping him to relax and grow even hornier.

At the bottom of the stairs SirJay nudged him to turn right. dk was awestruck. Here was all the equipment he'd seen in all the pictures. A bondage bed, a hanging cage, the St. Andrews cross, a bondage chair, a barbers chair with multiple straps. It went on and on. dk began to quiver and could feel his knees getting weak.

SirJay wrapped His beefy arms gently around dk's chest, standing behind him, and just whispered in his ear. "Too much, too soon, I know, but there's no easy way to show you just one thing at a time. And I won't use any of it, unless you tell Me you want to, that you're ready to try it."

dk felt stronger and was getting his breath back. "It's beautiful, Sir. And overwhelming."

SirJay laughed again and pulled dk toward the left wall. There were pegboards covered with every bondage device imaginable. dk wasn't even sure what some of the items were for. his eyes danced over the straps and cuffs and hoods and gags. "Anything in particular catch your eye, boy?" dk couldn't answer. he was intrigued by it all and afraid of most of it. SirJay pulled a simple black leather collar from the pegboard and held it out to dk. "Here. Just this. Feel it." dk took it in his trembling hands, felt how soft the leather was, saw the locking buckle, and felt the urge in himself to wear it. SirJay took it back from him, stepped behind him and placed the collar on dk, pulling the leather strap through the buckle firmly, but not too tight. He reached to the pegboard and pulled down a small padlock, inserting the hasp through the locking mechanism and clicking it shut.

dk turned around to face SirJay and buried his face in the Man's chest. "You've never really done this, have you, son."

"No, Sir."

"Well, welcome to my world. I'm pretty sure you belong here."

For the next hour SirJay and dk played. And truly it was like play. No sexual pressure. SirJay showed him how each piece of equipment worked, allowed dk to try on various items like wrist cuffs, blindfolds, gags. dk even got the nerve to try on one of the leather hoods. As SirJay laced it on him dk could feel his dick growing very hard and he started to get very short of breath again. This time, however, SirJay didn't back off, finishing the lacing then attaching a blindfold to the hood. SirJay didn't insert the gag that went with the hood. He knew it would be too much too soon for the boy.

SirJay quickly placed locking cuffs on the boy's wrists and attached them to nearby poles leaving dk stretched completely out. He undid the waist of the boy's jeans, unzipped them, and started to stroke the dripping boycock. In a matter of seconds dk quivered throughout his body and shot a huge load. he was gasping for air as SirJay continued to slowly stroke several smaller loads from the boy.

SirJay carefully removed the hood and the wrist cuffs, leaving the locked collar in place and held the boy in a tight hug. "Yup. I'm pretty sure you belong here."

Part II tomorrow. I promise!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

From Eartha Kitt's Mouth to Divine's Ears

In 1989 Jonathan Hellyer became lead singer for Bronski Beat, and the band extensively toured the U.S. and Europe with back-up vocalist Annie Conway and had one minor hit with the song "Cha Cha Heels", a one-off collaboration sung by American actress and singer Eartha Kitt. The song was originally written for movie and recording star Divine, who was unable to record the song before his death in 1988. (From Wikipedia)