Friday, March 25, 2011

Eckie aka Bondagfan

I've not actively promoted my stories in the past, although I did post a few of the chapters from Sir Tom Enterprises at RubberZone, but that was mostly to get some free time on the site. An internet buddy who's active with SeriousMaleBondage saw the writing and we talked a long time about setting up a mutual agreement for the stories to go to their site but nothing came of it. (I would LOVE some free time on their site....LOL)

In any case, a couple days ago, on a lark, I posted the two parts of "Discoveries" at Eckie AKA Bondagfan's website. First time I'd posted there and I thought what the heck, why not. In the first day over 600 people had read the story. Now 48 hours later over 800 people have read with several leaving comments and several sending me e-mails about the story. I was sort of blown away. While I love all 41 of my intrepid followers here I rarely get any feedback and sort of start to wonder if I'm really reaching anybody. Posting at Eckie was a good way to get my head back in the game, so to speak.

Eckie's site is a permanent fixture for me. There are 8 YEARS of stories there, some months only have 2 or 3 submitted, but some months have as many as 10. There are also thousands of pictures of all my favorite perversions here with a wonderful search capacity (Type in 'straitjacket' and you'll get a couple hundred photos to come up. Woof.) and an even better slide-show function.

There are forums, links, and personals.

For Free.


For Free.

Eckie is amazing.


  1. I love Eckie's site -- have been a member for a couple of years. He has the only pics I know of regarding my favorite fetish -- steam cabinets.

  2. oh, woof woof to that.

    can remember watching pics of those in use on TV as a youngster.

    and you're right, not many places you can find a good pic of guy locked in a steam cabinet

  3. James Bond used to have pics of one scene where he was locked into one wearing a wetsuit and a blackedout gasmask . . . and I always wanted to try that, but the fellow who did it stopped being able to host.

    My hottest fantasy is to be locked into one while strapped into a chair with electro on all my muscles, with the temperature and the stim going up together. Even better if there are two of us, each holding the other's controls.