Sunday, May 29, 2011

For My Buddy

For Mike, who is currently helping the Las Vegas economy.

I hope you win a bundle!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Kudos to loki for writing this article and submitting it to Leatherati, a terrific on-line resource for the BDSM and leather communities.  I'm just a humble contributor to his thoughtful sharing of a personal journey.

I'm really proud of him for sharing his insights and giving something back to the community.

The article website is:

I'm Booorrrrrrred

So I went to and made these.  LOL.  For my new identity on Christwire.  Very funny satire site that enjoys talking about homogays and their threat to society.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Very Gratifying

I just checked out Eckie's site this morning after a little hiatus and was incredibly pleased to see that my four-part story "Discoveries" has been read over 2000 times since late March when I posted it.  2000 times!  Wow!  And the feedback and e-mails I've received have been so genuinely warm and encouraging, I really can't thank those readers enough for all the positive support.  (And to date, "Discoveries, Part I" is the 2nd most read story of 2011.)

I've posted 3 different stories there (all previously posted here) and am impressed at how all the numbers are strong, comments positive, and, LOL, in the multi-part stories there's always a curious upswing from the penultimate chapter to the final chapter.  Everybody's looking for that big cum shot, I guess!

The complete numbers as of this morning:

Discoveries:  2001
More Discoveries:  1232
Further Discoveries:  1059
Still Further Discoveries:  947
Final Discoveries:  1043

Room 304, I:  1253
Room 304, II: 969
Room 304, III:  856
Room 304, IV:  879

The Selection:  1644

If you haven't joined Eckie's site you should!  It's free and filled with tons of photos (searchable and a great slide show function) and several years' worth of great bondage stories.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a Gift

I am so amazed at times.  I celebrated my 3 week anniversary since surgery on Wednesday.  There's been lots of progress and I felt like it was time to at least venture back into the dungeon for a short bit.  No heavy lifting, no bending, no twisting, but I've been dying to try out the new humane restraints I inherited.  So pup had a change of schedule today that allowed him to sneak away from work a bit early and we got to spend a couple of hours in the dungeon.  Yay.

Pup has put himself in an "honor," "sympathetic" chastity mode because a good friend and fellow pup asked him to share his own chastity journey.  Today was day 11 of that journey, but he'll have to start over!  Actually, it might be more appropriate to say that like many others who endure chastity, he's fulfilled his duties by not whacking off, and only cumming when I allow it.  That's a pretty nice gift in itself!

But when pup appeared today, he took my breath away.  Now, if you've read this whole blog you know I sort of have this thing about men in suits and ties.  Personally I think it goes right along with all the other uniform and gear fetishes so many of us have.  There's a power image seeing a man in suit and tie, but there's also so many other feelings that go along with it.  For me?  Feeling starched shirts, stiff collars, silk ties, and some really wonderful silk boxers that I'd given him and asked him to wear, WOOF, and as a bonus he was wearing the black suspenders I'd given him, MORE WOOF.  Well, the total picture was nirvana for me.

On went the new, shorter dog collar and padlock, off came the suit jacket and wasting no time we trotted up to the dungeon. On went a leather hood and a pretty severe posture collar, right over all the other clothing.  Using several ropes and the humane restraints I restrained pup to the floating bondage table.  Balls and dripping penis were exposed and a couple hours later a very nice load drenched his shirt.

Somewhere mid-session pup surprised me by asking to "go deeper," presumably a desire to go much deeper into the submissive headspace.  We accomplished some of that, but I know he craves going into deeper and darker territory than he's ever experienced. (I know it took him a full fifteen minutes to return to this world post orgasm...)  We're working on that!  And we hope maybe that he'll have a chance to experience some erotic hypnosis with another Top.  How cool is that?

For pup to endure wearing the suit all day, more dressy than he needed to be for his work day, meant a lot to me.  Yeah, it's a control issue (I LOVED yanking on his tie whilst jacking him off, growl!), but it was a tremendous gift to me made with great respect for my own fetishes. As I was snapping a few pics I told him it would be enough for me to whack off to for a few months.  LOL.  Totally true.

Thank you, Loki. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

daddy's birchboy: video - those were the days


The sex is so-so, but the music is the best, and the dialogue is incredible. Cannot wait to see the wall-to-wall carpeting!!!

daddy's birchboy: video - those were the days

Quiet Time

I wish I could say this post was about time in a sleepsack, hooded, gagged, and floating off to that quiet place.  But it's just a reflection of how quiet life is right now.  Surgery was a little over two weeks ago and if you'd asked me 5 days ago I would have told you that the 12 week recovery period was gonna be waaay too long.  I was beginning to feel like I could get back to work much sooner, and back to sex even sooner.  Then this pothole in the road to recovery appeared.

All of a sudden my left foot started getting a little numb, then after a couple days of that I kept looking at my foot trying to figure out how I'd burned it because that was the overwhelming feeling.  Right now it feels like I've got 3rd degree burns on the tops of all my toes and major blisters on the big toe and ball of the foot.  Grrrr.  So a call to the Doc and I find out it's not unusual, with the possibility that it could be anything from a slight inflammation of the sciatic nerve, to scar tissue developing on the nerve, to the nerves not healing correctly.  So we added another drug to the regiment which means more drowsy and dizzy time.  Ick.  It's discouraging to have a setback.  I'm walking less than I was and a lot slower than I had built up to, mostly because putting on a sock and shoe is torture (um. the bad kind of torture, not that good kind.)

At least now I know why we scheduled the full 12 weeks for recovery.  Meanwhile I'm cleaning gear, making rope floggers, chatting up a storm, and learning this thing I've never known:  patience.  Ugh.  I hate patience.

A big thanks to Sparky and TrapperSmith for the nice comments on their blogs.  I hope to have some new material at the blog before too long!  The rope is gathering dust and I HATE that!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Latex Football Shirt

I'm not usually one to repost pics here from other great sites, but I know at least a couple of guys who might not have seen this one.  It's from Metalbond's site (see my list of blogs).  I also know a certain pup who recently purchased some leather football pants on whom this shirt would look quite handsome!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

One year ago

May 2nd, 2010 was when I made my first blog entry.  210 entries later (averaging 4 a week, not bad!) I look back at some of the earlier writing and am amazed at what a year it's been.  Despite some of the worst pain episodes of my life, I really believe I've had the richest and most joyous year of my life.  As hubby and I enriched our relationship the depth of our love and commitment (and sexuality!)  reached all new levels.  Meeting and becoming close with ~loki has added all kinds of levels to what is already a great journey.  Being able to share in his journey has been exceptionally gratifying.

Add to that the richness of several old and new friendships and play partners and I sometimes pinch myself, feeling that sense that this must be a dream.  I do have a new goal, though.  All those years in Iowa and North Dakota coupled with losing all my close friends to AIDS back in the 90s made me forget how hard it is to be a real friend.  Upper mid-west folks are notorious for keeping people at arm's length, relying on self-dependence, putting on our happy faces and pretending every thing is hunky-dory.  Admitting vulnerability, admitting you NEED your friends is not part of how we were taught to live our lives.  As I've gone idiotic with everything that led up to the surgery, and almost become a recluse post-surgery I've failed a couple of close friends who just needed to be friends.  Thankfully they've knocked me up side the head.  Hopefully they'll accept the apologies.

Not thinking too clearly with all the pain meds right now, so putting two sentences together is not my strong suit.  I've made a list of all the blog entries I want to do.  Hopefully you'll be patient.

And thanks to all the followers here who have posted such positive and encouraging comments.  I hope you'll continue reading, enjoying and supporting.  I intend to have rope in my hands in about a month.  Meanwhile I'll practice the knots!