Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ah! Memories!

This video stunned me when it first appeared on MTV.

The following gave me the best chuckle of the week.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Three Ring Circus

This past Sunday Sir Brian, pup loki, and I hosted our 2nd dungeon party at 1763, the best play space in all of SouthEast America and certainly one of the top five in the nation.  Our first party was back in April when hubby and I hosted for our 25th anniversary.  Our next event is September 25th, a Sunday, from 2-7 p.m., and you can learn more about it at our website:  AtlantaDominion.

One of the biggest reasons we selected 1763 as our site is that it is so conducive to our style of play.   A large dungeon contains cages, spanking benches, a bondage table, a huge shower area perfect for piss play, benches and sofas for relaxing while watching, two electric hoists, and plenty of room to wander about and view the various scenes.  Smaller dungeons offer more suspension possibilities, St. Andrew's crosses, sofas perfect for intimate spanking scenes (right, hubby?), a wonderful bondage "pagoda", and the medical room complete with a bondage ladder and OBGYN table.  Outside there is a secluded patio and deck for smokers and some possibilities for some great bondage.  With the temp in the mid-90s there wasn't much happening there on Sunday, but I expect it might get more use in September.

I played dungeon monitor all day and couldn't have been happier to do so.  This gave me an opportunity to be voyeur extraordinaire.  I, unfortunately, missed a few of the cum shots, but there wasn't a hot scene that I didn't view at least partially.  We've taken a lot of care selecting the men who participate in our parties so the need for a DM is probably not strong.  Still, knowing there's someone available should a scene go wrong or there be a need for assistance adds to the safety of the whole day,

By agreement, discretion is pretty key to our parties.  No photographs, a private system of contacting our participants, no phones in the play space, and a mutual respect mean our men have a chance to play hard and not worry about seeing unwanted pics of themselves on the net later.  We also have an agreement that participants can discuss scenes from the party as long as participants are not identified.  So, pardon the vague references that follow:

l.  One of the best masters of rope bondage in the world joined us this past Sunday and created several beautiful scenes.  In tow were two of his close friends, one who made a beautiful rope bondage model, the other displayed some mighty fine rope work of his own.

2,  The standing cage was pretty much used all afternoon as one of my good friends slid pipes between the bars and laced those pipes up tight.  It's an intense experience for the bondage sub as well as all the onlookers made even more so when the cage is suspended by one of the electric hoists.  I think we spent as much time cleaning up the drool and precum from around the cage as we did cleaning up the cum shots in the cage.

3.  There were a lot of "impact" scenes involving spanking, paddling, and flogging.  All very nice.

4.  The spiderweb made of chain got lots of use as did the pagoda with some great standing bondage created.

5.  I loved hearing the shrieks of joy/agony when a young boy was suspended and tickled quite mercilessly by three men surrounding him.

6.  I guess I'm most proud of the men who "broke through" at this party, throwing caution to the wind, and allowing themselves to experience new thrills.  I know they've been riding high since then.  And the tops who initiated them to these experiences--well, suffice to say, they are some of the best.

I've talked with several of the men who joined us last Sunday and I know they're anxious for the next party.  Great!  I did see more than one couple exchanging phone numbers.  Cool!  And I'm happy for all of us that for a second straight time we had one balls-to-the-wall, drama-free, endorphin-raising, good time.

Want to join us?  Fill out an application at our website!