Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2010. What a year!

I'm out of town for the rest of the year for work, but I wanted to be sure to post a blog entry sincerely reflecting on what has been the most incredible year of my life.

Despite some serious troubles with my back, two herniated discs and major sciatica, I've been happier and more fulfilled as a person than ever before. Somehow, at the ripe old age of 53 I realized that I wanted my life to be about all I could accomplish outside of work, rather than by work alone. Work has become a dead-end street; life and love and kink are paths in front of me that are endless and magical. I've started to measure life by smiles and hard-on's and thank you's rather than dollars and promotions. To quote some holiday schmaltz, "I feel like I'm the richest man in the world."

I've spent most of my life pouring myself into work, while this incredible man, my hubby, at my side has patiently awaited my emergence from a self-spun chrysalis. I really wonder if he knew something I didn't. One time, just once, he almost gave up on me. I think you can understand how grateful I am he didn't.

And I've watched hubby turn into the first-class full-blown pervert I always hoped he would be. Some switch finally went off deep down in his soul and now he craves what I crave: bondage, leather, rubber, gags, hoods, CBT, TT, paddling, flogging, and more and more and more. And I love him with all my heart. More today than ever before. And NOT just because he's a pervert, but because he's my anchor, my protector, my nurse, my bathroom scrubber, my chef, MY pervert, my everything.

And I met the most wonderful pup in the world. ~loki makes me really work at what I do. It's always a labor of love. I want to protect this pup with all my heart. Watching him grow in our kink/perv/BDSM world is such a pleasure, I can't begin to tell you. One little wag of that tail and my heart soars.

And Rick? Shitfuck. Nobody better. He lives his life with gusto, enters the dungeon raring to go, has incredible imagination, and makes you feel like a million bucks.

MasterRob & slavephillipe? Probably don't know how much they helped open doors in my life. And they are the epitome of loving and caring and bonding and kink. Not to mention food that makes you weak at the knees.

Michael and Tim? It's good to be a part of your lives. Always. Always. I will never be able to hear "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" without thinking of you.

And Mike? The most complex of all. I cannot wait to see how our friendship continues to grow. I really thought I was kinky until I met you. Smooch.

And I made many other friends, really wonderful men with perversions as wide as the Mississippi and as deep as the Grand Canyon, men who sometimes make me so angry with myself for not reaching out much sooner. The richness of their lives is so amazing. T, B, R, J, B, H, .... I hope we find ways to grow closer in 2011.

I raise a toast to all of you. Thank you for a wonderful year.

And I grew to understand that for all our perversions, all our kinks, that which still binds us is the many forms that love takes. I have loved more this year than ever before. The reward has been incredible. And hey! I've gone a month now with only light pain and no frigging pain pills! I'm on a high that just won't quit!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Scene Sadly Played Over and Over in Homes This Morning

I Do Believe in Santa Claus

A few days ago I got notification that a new hood I'd ordered would not be delivered on Christmas Eve as originally scheduled, but had been rescheduled for delivery on December 28th. I wasn't horribly surprised. I'd seen our bedraggled UPS guy a couple of times this week (3 new gags! 2 synthetic canes and a very devilish tawse!) and I knew they were falling behind.

So yesterday, feeling quite lonely as both hubby and pup have gone off to be with family, I have a friend over and we're doing a little bondage. Nice tight ropes. Good thick gag, a good deal of moaning, and "BANG BANG BANG" at the door.

I instantly thought of two things: A friend's ordeal with the police who demanded they come in and found someone shackled naked to the wall. "You there, shackled to the wall! Are you here of your own free will?" Much head nodding and "Mmmmnyeshhhhhh shhhhhhirrrrr". I also thought of the first story I posted here back in May. "C2C"

I sort of freaked but went to answer the door. UPS! The hood was delivered on time! Yay! The guy upstairs was a little weak at the knees and pretty happy to know the police weren't barging in. LOL.

The new hood? Really cool! Thank you, Santa.

See more pics at 665 Leather

Friday, December 24, 2010

Gays Now Using Santa To Entice Man Boy Love Relations

Okay, I admit. I googled "perverted gay santa" and this wonderful satire popped up.

Wow those little flesh tadpole torpedo worshipers are getting a head start this year with the demonetization of Christmas, by saturating the world with new items, cards and toys to turn your children gay. It is bad enough they want to bear hug your child while you are away at work trying to make a living and not live off of gay funded welfare like they do, they now want to make your children believe Santa is gay.

Think about it, what does Santa do? He comes into your house at night, leaves presents. Well the homo gays want kids to think it is ok for “Gay” Santa (Gay men dressed as Santa to rape your children) to sneak into your house while they are asleep and leave presents (anal raping).

Also, they know a lot of little boys line up to sit on Santa’s lap to ask him to bring them a new baseball or some other straight manly toy. Now imagine if the homo gays were allowed to line up little boys to sit on their laps while their satan scepter is at full noon? They would love it and be able to justify it saying “The kids are just telling gay Santa what they want for Gaymas!” While your child is telling gay Santa they want a football, gay Santa will reply with “No silly you want a Bravo Channel branded hand bag to match your pretty little innocent eyes!” Do you want your son walking around with a man purse filled with deadly gay items? I didn’t think so!

I found a drawing on a site I found while doing research with our youth members of what the homo gays want the new gay Santa to look like and it is quite sickening.

Click here for the full story and more perverted pics.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Always remember your safe word! And does anybody have a cymbal playing monkey they want to give me?

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

25 Years

In February hubby and I celebrate 25 years together. And we're gonna celebrate in style. We've booked a local dungeon (for April 3) and are inviting all our kink friends for an afternoon of bondage. Some people celebrate by renewing their vows. We'll celebrate by "tying the knot."

Click here to see more about the anniversary venue.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A New Workout Regime

Workout involves stretching balls. Hubby's, not mine.

Baseline: 11 pounds.

Sunday, December 19, 2010


I went to the Army Recruiter's today to enlist.

They asked.

I told.

With details.

I left him tied to his office chair.

In My Lifetime

2010--The repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." (Does it matter? Damn right it does! And bravo to those who have fought the good fight.)
1990-2010--The wins and losses of Same-Sex Marriage fights across our nation. The agony of George W. (there's plenty of room in hell right next to Ronnie and the Pope(s) and with your liver it can't be long)
1998--The murder of Matthew Sheppard (And I wonder how far we've come. And I cry for a lost soul.)
1998--Will and Grace (and more importantly, Jack and Karen and Cher)
1997--Ellen comes out (I watched. I wondered what took so long. Not Ellen. All of us.)
1996--Bill Clinton signs the Defense of Marriage Act (gee thanks, Bill. call me when you grow some balls)
1993--"Don't Ask, Don't Tell." (In my mind a victory of sorts. A stupid, hollow one, but perhaps a necessary link in history)
1993--The National March on Washington. (I was there. I cried seeing all of that love and humanity. Okay. I cry a lot.)
1992--Had my nips pierced. (oops! How did that sneak in here? Oh! That was the day I first met Tony Kushner.)
1991--"Angels in America" (Ten years after the discovery of AIDS and the real discussion has barely begun.)
1990--My BFF dies of AIDS (I have never truly recovered. I miss him today as much as ever.)
1989, 1990--Mapplethorpe and the NEA four. (I met Mapplethorpe and performance artist Tim Miller. They ARE artists. They deserved funding. Them's MY tax dollars too.)
1988--I have dinner with the president of my university where I taught. WITH my hubby. (I think everyone in attendance was shitting their pants.)
1986--Ronald Reagan calls for a decrease in spending on AIDS. Pope John Paul calls all homosexuals "evil" (may they both rot in hell)

1985--Met the love of my life.

1984--I show "Fifth of July" in a theatre class. (I have students walk out in protest. I get my hand slapped by the university.)
1981--AIDS first recognized by CDC
1980--I see "Pink Flamingos" (my life, my art will never be the same)
1978--Harvey Milk assassinated. (I watched a candlelight march of thousands and thousands. I sobbed.)
1977--Harvey Milk elected to Board of Supervisors (I cheered. I cried. I had a hero. My first bonafide hero.)
1976--I see "Rocky Horror Picture Show." (90% of the audience walked out disgusted. I was transfixed.)
1975--My first day in college, my first gay friends. (An amazing day. Completely vivid in my mind)
1973--The declassification of "homosexuality" as an illness by the American Psychiatric Association (I'm no longer "sick!")
1969--Stonewall Riots (Even little boys in Iowa were reading the news)
1968--Meeting my uncle (who I didn't know was my gay uncle until well after his death. But I "knew.")

2011--I go to war with my employer. It's time they give my partner health insurance. Way past time. (What battle do you plan to fight?)

This is MY lifetime and the events that have stuck in MY mind. How about you?

Thank you, Mr. Bean

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Wild Weekend, PostScript

It's taken a while to clear my head following what was one of the most exciting and enlightening weekends of my life.

I wrote a letter to Mike and realized there were several things in there that might also fit here (slightly edited).

Hubby and I have both been in some weird headspaces since you left, trying to process everything that happened and getting it straight in our heads. What amazes me is there is not one negative to be had. Nada. We had 3 seconds of nasty electro over 5 days (and I wish it had been any one of us but pup) but even that was a terrific moment in learning how important trust is. We promised him he would recover. He did. And he and I chatted yesterday. He had a wonderful time. (There'll be some bidding competition on e-bay for football gear in the near future, I'm sure!)

The jock/coach thing? My favorite scene. Will definitely be on the list for next time as well, with embellishments that will scare the snot out of you. LOL.

I hate summing things up because it trivializes the pure joy that filled five days. I'll try to highlight a few things on the blog as the week goes along, because I'm committed to being honest about my own journey in BDSM....

What I know? We had a blast. In the playroom and out. Having coffee with you, going out to have barbecue, just sneaking over and watching you and Alvin sleeping in the bed, listening to the two of you giggle like school girls in the shower. Great memories. A straitjacket over football gear--such a total woof I can't tell you.

On the "growth" side, I know we had a chance to play with one of the very few true top-notch, first class, A-rated players in the world. I know now what guys mean when they say you can be a bit intimidating (I don't think for an instant you try to be!!! But your love for kink and many varied experiences is mind-boggling to some of us! Intimidation of this type is in the eye of the beholder only.). You've been diving into kink for 18+ years. We've been serious about it for only 3, and most of that by exploring together or with other players at our level. Hell, I'm the "intimidating" one to many of the guys in Atlanta. I hit a few moments of self-doubt over the weekend ("gee, Mike has so much more experience, how can I possibly be fulfilling anything for him." "gee, Mike took hubby a step further in his flogging experience, He's so much better than me.") I got over that shit.

Each man has a personal journey, and a learning curve. Comparing our own journeys and learning to another man's journey or knowledge is fruitless if done in some competitive spirit. Taking a deep breath and absorbing the knowledge and admitting our weaknesses and celebrating our strengths, and just being ourselves allows us to continue on the journey. (I wonder if that will fit on a tattoo or some sort of wooden block lettering I can hang over the toilet?)

Having good sex scenes is hot and wonderful and adds to the little notches on our gunbelts , but having a good friend? It means the world to me.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Wild Weekend, Lagniappe

Imagine hubby's and my surprise when we get a phone call during our pot-luck Xmas party. "Hey, my flight has been delayed so many times, I'm actually not gonna be able to leave until tomorrow at 5:30. Would it be an imposition to have you come get me and let me stay another night?" An imposition?! An imposition?! Was he out of his fucking mind?! (of course we both thought he meant 5:30 a.m., but were so happy to find out he meant p.m. I already had the alarm set for 3:30 a.m.!!!)

So, back to the airport, back to the loft, and this tired top sent the boys to the playroom. I wasn't gonna fool anybody that I had any energy to be in control by this point. Mike took charge and gave hubby one helluva flogging before they trotted off to bed. (It was funny how this scene sort of shook me a bit, but I'm gonna blog on this a little later.)

The next day we got a chance to do a last few things that hadn't gotten done in our long weekend. It truly was like having dessert on the most fabulous meal of all, (not unlike the banana cream cheesecake those two pigs split after our huge barbecue meal).

This time the trip to the airport was for real. Quick goodbyes (I hate any other kind) and last night I collapsed. Of course piggy hubby begged for permission to have one more whackoff before he went to bed. Sigh. Do they never stop? LOL, no ROFL, I found out that Mike whacked off TWICE looking at all the pics we took of the wonderful weekend. Hubby got pouty and said HE would have whacked off twice as well but it was too cold in the loft. Do these people have no shame!!!!????

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wild Weekend, Sunday

Sunday day-time was to be our last big session as Mike had to be taken to the airport at 5:00 to fly home. We made the very best of it.

I really wanted to make the most of the football uniform. Seemed a shame to bring it all this way and not get full use! (Besides I fell in LOVE with tying up a football jock.) A severe tie to the chair and this mean ol' jock coach took over my soul! Judging by the amount of precum in Mike's jock I'm pretty sure he enjoyed it as well. He seemed to especially like my threat to drag him downstairs and park him on the sidewalk so all the Falcon fans would see him as they left the dome. And it's kinda cool when an experienced player like Mike says, "Ya know, I don't think I've ever been hogtied!"

Taking Mike to the airport was so bittersweet. I was tired and happy and would have happily kept him here much longer, but real life reared its ugly head. So we cooked carrots and cranberries for a pot-luck party, took our showers, packed his bags, and took off for the airport. Sigh.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wild Weekend, Saturday, Part II

After a little rest time (hubby and Mike were non-stop animals, so it's not easy to get them to stop, although sleepsacks certainly work!), out to dinner for some of the best barbecue then back for more play. Having Mike put on leather was a winner. Hot fucker!.. Mike was also kind enough to step out of his piggy bottom role to give hubby and I a lesson in sounds. Hubby went to a new level of heaven with that!

Then more bondage, more cum shots, and a real night's sleep.

Wild Weekend, Saturday

Saturday started as "pup" day. I asked ~loki to join us which he was able to do for about 5 hours of great play. There were 3 seconds of shitfuckdamnpiss as the electro box we used jumped from about 15% to 6000% percent. ~Loki amazed me at how well he took a bad moment and put it far behind him. It will be a while down the road before try this again. Thank God there's 1249 more things he wants to try! (And if you haven't figured it out by now, I would rather cut off my right arm than give this wonderful man/boy/pup anything but the very best of experiences in his journey. So I'm typing this one-handed.)

The real joy though was two-fold. Seeing ~loki in the football uniform was FUCKING HOT. And seeing him take the paddle from me when I offered it so that he could whap on hubby's balls was so great! There was a gleam in his eye that was so real and so deep. I knew the electro-shit was far behind him and he was back to the pure joy he always has to offer.

I wasn't so sure about all the sportsgear stuff, but since Mike had packed a special suitcase just for the shoulder pads I sure as hell wasn't going to let him go home not having used them! I gotta tell you, I was so turned on by all these "jocks" around me, I believe I may a whole new appreciation and fetish.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Wild Weekend, Friday

Shit! Now even I can't remember the exact process of the scenes. LOL. There were so fucking many and hot on top of hot. And some without pics. I at least think all these pics are from Friday.

Friday night we had a couple of friends over for dinner and a little interrogation scene. Was great fun watching Mike and hubby chained together working on making the dinner, serving us, and cleaning up.

No pics of that scene, alas.

Wild Weekend, Thursday Evening

Mike arrived Thursday evening about 6:00 and by 6:30 was in his first bondage. I'm mostly gonna shut my yap and let the pics do the talking, but I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you that this was one of the most amazing 5 days of my life, mostly because of the incredibly powerful, funny, horny, snarky, erotic, ingenious, warm, giving, and devious man who came to visit. And like the fucking Energizer Bunny....he kept going and going and going, and cumming and cumming and cumming.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Just a Preview

Boundtight is here and I couldn't be happier. While he and hubby are off napping/stewing in sleepsacks I'll post a little preview of the fun stuff from this weekend.

Rare Nina Simone

This performance blows me away. The piano alone is worth listening!

Also true for this one:

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

"I've never had the chance to....."

Magic words. When a guy has an open mind and a hungry attitude and says, "Gee, I've never actually had a chance to be on a spanking bench, and I want to try." And then they take a good half hour of paddling and some caning mixed in. Well? Isn't that the way it's supposed to be? Hubby and I genuinely enjoy playing with this guy when the opportunities arise. He's handsome, funny, and genuinely open to new experiences. And he looks really good with a rubber podsuit on and a pissy jock tied in his mouth!