Sunday, May 2, 2010

A story.....just to prove how long winded I am...

Started this story a few months ago.....would love some suggestions on "part II".


Over the years James’ and my sex-lives evolved, and in a most positive way. Together now 20 years we’d had a great honeymoon period of sex five and six times a week, sometimes multiple times in one day, then on to regular 3 or 4 times a week, then dropping to once a week, and even worse. But each time it gets bad, we find something to revive our spirits and our interests, which results in another honeymoon period.

First, we added a little bondage to our routines. Taking turns as incompetent tops, we explored our interests here. Definitely a good second honeymoon. We decided to open our relationship to sexual encounters outside the relationship at one point to revive our flagging sex lives. Honesty was key to us and him telling me about a sexual encounter he had with someone else was always a big turn-on. I got honest at one point and let him know about my leather interests. We started buying leather clothing and related toys. Another great honeymoon. I finally got honest about my interests in latex and rubber during one of our trips to San Francisco. While he never got completely hooked like I did, he never said no!

Even then, we went through our lulls, sometimes work got in the way of the sex. Sometimes, well, who knows. But recently we developed a whole new interest in Cam to Cam sex via a website on the internet. This time it started with James discovering the site and beginning to explore his interests in virtual hookups. Over time we both found a lot of friends around the world who made use of this simple version of sexual encounters. And as we spent more and more time on-line we developed a very close-knit group of guys who shared our interest in rubber and bondage.

We finally set up a standing date with our buddies for Thursday nights at 9:00. Somebody always took responsibility for being the main showcase for that night. The other guys would have their cams on and most usually be in full rubber but one or two people would provide the real “show” for the evening.

We’d hosted a couple of times. It was a lot of fun, taking suggestions from the other guys on what they wanted to see us do, wear, hit, suck, etc. And we always added a big element of bondage to our scenes which the other guys loved.

Last Thursday night was the most bizarre of all. James and I had agreed for him to play “top” for the evening. We pulled out all the gear and James spent a great deal of time selecting the outfits for us and the gear he planned to use for our 2 hour session on-line. As the 9:00 hour grew near he handed me my favorite catsuit. This catsuit has attached feet with individual toes, attached gloves, and a full hood with pepperpot eyes. A zipper runs from just above the crotch, through the crotch to the bum, and on to the top of the head, and when fully zipped every square inch of the body is covered.

James told me to wait to put it on until the cams were running. We actually used two cams running simultaneously so that the other guys could switch from angle to angle depending on how the scene developed. Meanwhile I helped him into his favorite outfit, a tight t-shirt, penis-sheath shorts, tight biker jeans, a biker jacket, and tall biker boots. Each and every piece was crafted of latex or rubber, and together we sprayed the pieces down with silicone and polished it thoroughly. I could tell he was already aroused just from donning the various pieces; the process of rubbing his body all over raised it another 3 or 4 notches. It all did the same for me

It was now two minutes until 9:00 and we fired up the cams and logged in to the website. Already there were 8 other guys on-line, waiting for the show.

James now allowed me to put on the catsuit. Together we poured copious amounts of lube into the legs. The suit was a very tight fit and we needed all the help we could get to pull it on without wrinkles. After gliding each foot down into the suit legs and getting each toe situated, together we pulled the suit up my calves and thighs. Before moving on, James grabbed the largest metal dildo we own and lubed it up. Unceremoniously he got me to lean over and worked the monster in place. Wires were attached. Next a tiny belt-like apparatus was attached to the crown of my now semi-hard dick. A second belt was attached to the base of my dick. I knew what was coming and was already dripping generous amounts of pre-cum.

Carefully the suit was pulled up to my waist, wires were unhooked and rehooked as zippers were pulled tightly. Up over my chest the suit went and down into the sleeves and gloves my arms and hands went. Again, much lube assisted us through this process. Now James took charge, tugging the suit further up my torso, over my shoulders, and continuing the slide of the zipper up my back. All that was left was the hood.

James stepped aside and admired his work. Neither of us centerfold models, I always loved how hot each of looked in complete gear. Maybe that was part of the fetish, I thought. All I knew was I loved how hot he looked in his biker gear and he seemed more than happy with the way the suit tightened up my mid-life slump in the belly.

James went to the computer to read the various comments that had been made so far. I heard him type a few responses, laugh a bit, and then he returned to me.

“Not just the hood tonight. I hope that’s okay. The vote on-line was overwhelming.”

“Okay?” not sure what he meant by that, but I was so fucking horny that I’d pretty much go along with anything.

He stepped over the table holding all our gear and came back holding something behind his back. Slowly he pulled it out. It was our monster ball-gag. I could feel my breathing pull up tight.

“You game?” he teased me.

He knew I loved that fucking gag, but I’d never actually worn it under the full rubber hood. I knew it would be intense. “Sure.” I replied. Then added a quick, “Sir.”

With more skill than I gave him credit for, James was quickly behind me. The ball was yanked into my mouth and the straps pulled tight. With equal skill the hood of the rubber suit was pulled up over my chin and the rest of my face. The zipper at the back of my neck was pulled all the way to the top of my head and I heard a tiny click. A padlock? We hadn’t talked about any padlocks tonight.

For the next few minutes we just groped and grabbed and caressed each other in the latex and rubber we wore. James added some thick rubber gloves to his outfit and as we hugged he started slapping my ass. I could hear myself moaning inside the hood, but I knew the sound wasn’t carrying very far.

Again, he pulled back and went to the computer to see what responses and suggestions had come in. I stood stupidly in the middle of the room, my dick feeling a bit crowded inside the tight rubber suit.

James typed a few more responses then went back to the table holding our gear. This time he couldn’t hide behind his back the item that was to be used next. It was our rubber straitjacket, dripping with belts everywhere. The suit was a special-order item from a guy who lived not far from Atlanta. This sucker was good. Not only did he use the very heaviest rubber he could buy but he reinforced the entire suit with canvas between layers of rubber. I’d popped a few belts loose on another straitjacket we’d bought. There was no way I could do that on this one.

He held the suit out in front of me and I gamely stepped forward, my arms extended. He slid the jacket onto my arms and pushed it on as far as he could from the front. The jacket felt like it weighed 20 pounds. He stepped behind me and began tightening each strap. I loved this feeling. This slow loss of freedom as each belt was buckled tightly. My arms were threaded through a loop on the front and pulled tightly around my chest. The belt connecting the two hands was pulled very tightly. Two belts were pulled from the front of my crotch, through my legs and cinched in the back. A final belt pulled the neck of the suit completely closed. I had given over completely to James. I was his prisoner and would be until he decided otherwise.

Again he went to the computer terminal and checked the incoming messages from the other guys on the site. A little more typing from James and back he strode to me.

“They’re liking what they see. A lot. But they want more. You’re ready for more, aren’t you, boy?”

The gag prevented me from talking but I did my best to nod yes.

“Good boy.” James walked me to the wall where we had several hooks placed through the drywall and into the studs. He pulled out several lengths of rope and began to truss me to the wall very tightly. The suit had several D rings in strategic places and allowed James the maximum number of ways to make certain I was completely secured in place. He added ankle restraints so that he could equally secure my legs. Lastly he placed a large mirror on the wall opposite me so that I could enjoy the site of his work as much as he clearly was enjoying doing it.

For a third time he returned to the table of our supplies, this time picking up the unit that ran our electric toys. Shit! I’d totally forgotten about the plug in my ass and the belts on my dick. He knelt in front of me and hooked the wires running from my ass and cock to the machine. While I trusted James, I could feel a little panic inside me. I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to the electro, or at least James claims I am, and a little goes a long way.

I began to squirm in the straitjacket. I realized just how well he’d done his job since I was moving only a matter of inches, maybe only half-inches. James could sense my panic.

“Not to worry, rubber boy. Relax and enjoy the ride.”

And on came the electro, a very slow pulse in my ass. God, that felt good. Then a tingle in my dick. Also good. I could feel my dick responding to the stimulation. A huge moan escaped from me, muffled by the huge ball gag and the latex hood. James heard it nonetheless.

“See? Nothing to worry about. Now let me see what our friends think.”

He sat down at the computer and read the various messages that had come in from our viewers. He typed several responses, then stood and walked back over toward me. Again he knelt, this time turning both dials up a notch. The pulse in my asshole got deeper and stronger, still good, but taking me to an edge. The tingle in my dick got sharper, more defined. It was an odd combination of hot and cold, like a frozen knife, now lit on fire, being dragged down the full length of my cock.

I screamed inside the hood. Well, maybe not screamed, but certainly let out a helluva a cry. Again, the hood and gag were effective, but James was on top of things.

“Count to ten. Make it to ten. Then we dial it down.” And he counted. So Fucking Slowly. And he dialed it down.

I was gasping for air, but sadly disappointed that he’d turned it off completely. Nothing. No feeling whatsoever. And then the pulse and tingle returned. And slowly I was taken back up to where we’d been before, maybe a notch higher.

“Good boy. Now count to twenty. Then we dial it down.” I swear he counted even more slowly. Now I was truly screaming at him. The drool was running down my chin and I screamed and screamed.

And it was over. Off.

Shit. There was no residual feeling. No left over pain, not like a real knife on my dick. What had I screamed about? Electro really fucked with my head I had to admit. I was disappointed it was gone, yet afraid it might come back.

And now the tingle and pulse again. Shit, shit, shit. James was laughing his ass off. Motherfucker. I would get even. Hell, I never got even, I always got way ahead, and I would do so again.

And now a scarier sound that James’ laughing. A knock at the door. James stopped laughing. I was holding my breath. Who the fuck was that? Another knock. Another knock, this time more like pounding.

“Police. Open up!”

Holy shitfuck. We hadn’t made that much noise, I thought. Shit. Maybe somebody saw us online. No, that couldn’t be right. We were very careful about setting our site up for all the guys we knew. Shit shit shit.

James got up and took off his rubber biker jacket. He slipped on a denim shirt hiding a good part of his torso and lower body. It was the best he could do. He made his way to the door and opened it.

Shit. He hadn’t remembered to turn off the electro. It felt like it was growing in intensity with each pulse and tingle, but that was probably my growing fears projecting that idea.

I couldn’t see James at the front door which meant that whoever was at the front door couldn’t see me. Thank God. But I could hear the conversation clearly. And I swear that the electro was ramping up another notch.

“We’ve had some complaints from the neighbors. We need to follow up on those.” I could hear a pretty rough, to-the-point voice.

“Complaints about what?” James asked. Damn, he sounded nervous.

“Noise mostly. One caller said it sounded like someone was screaming in here. Can we take a look around?” This voice was gruffer and deeper than the first. Sounded older too.

Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck. Say NO, James. Say NO!

“I’d really rather you didn’t. Just having sex. Guess we got carried away. We’ll be quiet, Officers”

And, as if on cue, the electro ramped up a couple more notches and I let go a good scream inside the hood.

It took only a few seconds for the officers to appear around the corner and come into my full view.

End part one.

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