Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Suit and Tie Men I

A while back I started getting interested in suit and tie bondage. To me, a suit and tie is just another form of uniform and just as powerful an icon as the stud in full policeman's leathers, and once the bondage begins, there is an incredible power shift. Mr. Businessman in his power suit with designer labels has so many more notches to be taken down than the already sniveling skinny bitchboy. Besides as one guy so clearly explained, a businessman is just a walking advertisement for future bondage carrying so many elements clearly designed for bondage: shoelaces, OTC sheer socks, belt, tie, handkerchief, pocket square......each one so useful for gags, blindfolds, restraint of hands and ankles, etc.

And for the true businessman the scene, without fail, will involve some mighty humiliation. So the hubby comes home knowing only that we're playing that night. All laid out was his full suit, Kenneth Cole shoes, etc. He gives me that odd look when I ask him to suit up. But he never says no! This one turned out to be more for me, than him (as he HATES wearing a suit). But I am looking forward to the next scene next month when a suitsub from LA is coming to visit for just such a scene!

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