Thursday, May 6, 2010

No Expectations

Don't expect me to be this prolific (or as some might say, boring) every day. I travel a lot for work and there will be, unfortunately, some days when I just can't put the thoughts or pics out there. But for now, I'm having a great time and really appreciate all of the feedback I've received in just a couple of short days. So those of you just reading for the first time? Let me share to you and the other readers what I hope to accomplish.

HONESTY: About me. About my scenes. About my head. About when I get it right. About when I get it wrong.

MY VIEW of MY perversions.

MY TOTAL RESPECT for all men, all shapes, all sizes, all ages, all races. If you're looking for muscle-bound studs, you won't find many of them here (although I don't turn them away at the door.....). This is "real guy" stuff.

MY SPECIAL RESPECT for special men. When I run across a man who inspires me greatly I hope to do an occasional highlight of that man's work here, with his agreement. People like James Bond (the one who perverted many of us with all those pics in Bound & Gagged Magazine), Domasan (whose artistic rope work is stunning), RopesandRoper4u (who is hereby "bound" to teach me how he does those incredible head harnesses) and countless others who have joy in their play, and the kindness to share it with us all. All three of these men are some of the nicest you'd ever hope to meet in our kink world. While I've not had the chance to meet any of the three in person, I'm working hard at making that happen!

(by the way,
Mr. Green Tie
is visiting in June
and I can't wait!)

AND MOSTLY MY PICS. I may sneak in a pic or two from other sites that have sparked my imagination, such as these two, but I'm not here to promote other sites, the shops, the porn studios, etc. Trust me, I know you readers! I've got more than one site bookmarked myself for the absolute thoroughness of their links. Check out Metalbond or Ruff's Stuff or Mr. Kristofer, all great blogs with tons of bound studs, and copious amounts of links. And when you're ready to go shopping for some great latex or rubber bop on over to RubberZone where squirm has a list of vendors that will get your eyes popping.

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  1. SO glad you're on board Rub! I'm looking forward to seeing where your blog takes you and us.

    Man, that first pic looks like it might be out of Cirque du Soleil's latest bondage production. LOL