Thursday, May 13, 2010

Iowa Farm Boy, Part III

The next three months went by very quickly. I worked hard at the shop, at Steve’s farm, and at school. I saw my folks on the street a couple of times while I was working in the shop. They’d walk by turning their heads, not looking in. I knew they had heard I was working there and I guessed they knew I was staying at Steve’s. I wanted to open the shop door and scream at them about how the ‘robbed’ man had taken in the thief and how the parents of the ‘robber’ couldn’t forgive their own son. Sort of shove their Christianity back in their face. I decided it wasn’t worth my effort.

A couple of times in April Steve had gotten on his bike with a small bag packed. The bag he had retrieved from the locked shed behind the barn. He’d take off late on Friday afternoon and return late on Sunday night, closing the shop for those two Saturdays. During those times I was left alone on the farm. I had a list of jobs to finish up but always found time to ride the horses over the weekend. I explored the farm and even rode into town a couple of times to get a few extra groceries. Both times upon his return Steve seemed happier and more at ease in his life. He’d joke with me and dole out fewer punishments for the next few days. I wondered where he’d gone, but he offered no explanation.

Before I knew it graduation day was here. It was the first Sunday in June and I was going to graduate as valedictorian of my senior class. I was pretty proud of myself for digging in these last 3 months. I had picked up my robe and mortarboard on Friday afternoon and left it in the shop. I’d been working on my little speech to deliver as valedictorian and was actually sort of nervous. Sunday morning I’d done my chores and Steve had breakfast ready when I came in the kitchen. This was the first time he’d cooked for me in over two months. He’d been quick to teach me that duty shortly after I’d moved in with him.

Sitting on the kitchen table in front of my chair was a large box, wrapped in graduation paper. “Open it,” he said.

I tore the paper off and found a complete shoeshine kit. It was beautifully handcrafted and filled with brushes, pastes, waxes, and buffing cloths. There were even a couple of picks that looked like dentist tools in a small tray at the top. I was stunned. I could feel tears welling in my eyes. Steve walked over with a plate of food and I lunged into his arms. “Thank you, Sir,” He grabbed me in a rough hug, our first real extended hug.

“Damn! I can’t wait to see what I get in return for your other two gifts!” I was truly flabbergasted. This man had taken me in, aroused my spirit, fed me, clothed me. He owed me nothing and I owed him everything. And he was buying gifts for me. It was amazing.

“Leave the dishes. Your other two gifts are at the shop. Get back out to the barn and brush your teeth and wash up. Get dressed for graduation. I’ll meet you at the bike in 10 minutes.”

I made it with 30 seconds to spare. The motorcycle was revving up and I leapt on back hugging Steve closely. We were at the shop in less than five minutes and in the back room we went. Steve told me to undress and he started to do the same. I had never seen his dick, never seen him naked in all that time. It took my breath away. His chest, butt, legs and groin were covered with the most wonderful wiry, tightly coiled hair. His beer can dick was framed by two equally large and low hanging balls. There was a Greek statue quality to his roundness, to his muscular smoothness. Sadly the Greeks couldn’t sculpt that luscious body hair into their marble.

Steve led me into the barbershop and he sat in the barber chair, fully exposed to me.

“I want you to suck my cock. I will teach you how and that is your second gift for graduation day.” I was breathing hard. I could think of nothing more I wanted to do than to suck my very first dick. I’d been dreaming of it for years. “Straddle my legs. Now look at my dick. Feel the saliva building in your mouth. That’s it.” I wanted to plunge my mouth down, to take it all in.

“Now slowly, lick the tip. That’s it. Nice and slow.” He was growling ever so slightly. And the monster was awakening.

“No hurry, barberboy. No hurry. Now run the tip of your tongue from the base of my cock to the tip. Slow down. Nice and easy. Nowhere to go, nowhere to be but right here with my cock and your tongue. That’s it boy, good barberboy. I want you to repeat that pattern until you see veins bulging all over my cock. Now get to work, boy.”

I flicked my tongue ever so carefully and slowly around the tip, then up and down that throbbing shaft. I could hear Steve growling and I glanced up a couple of time to take in that massive chest heaving heavily, the eyes in Steve’s head rolling back and eyelids fluttering. It took little time before dark blue veins were throbbing,

“Good boy, good barberboy. Now I want you to lick my right ball. Same speed, go easy, clean it good, smell it, lick it all over and when it is completely slimy with your spit I want you to very carefully take that whole ball into your mouth. Not one tooth is to touch my ball, just your velvet tongue.” And with no further prompting I dove into that musky groin and tongued and licked for all I was worth. With a deep breath I pulled Steve’s right ball into my mouth. It filled my mouth completely, leaving just enough room for me to caress the underside with my tongue.

“That’s it. God, yes. That’s it. Now my left nut. No hurry. Take your time. Take it all in, the smells, the tastes. Make me growl if you can, barberboy.”

I floated. Giving another man this much pleasure was all I wanted. Giving Sir this much pleasure was everything I wanted. Before long he pulled my head up with his hands holding my head still, and looking deep into my eyes.

“Good boy, good boy. Now there is no way you will take this entire dick in your mouth the first time. Don’t worry about it. Relax your jaw, breathe deeply through your nose, and work slowly. Come up for air if you need to. There is no race to get this done. Savor it. Use all your senses and savor it.”

And for the next half hour I licked and sucked and tongued and gasped for air. I returned to his balls at his command, then darted my tongue along the shaft, licking and tasting the precum now drooling heavily from the tip. And I’d plunge my mouth over that glorious shaft taking in as much as I could. Once I thought I would throw up, but Steve just pulled me off to catch my breath. He laughed–“leave a little for lesson number two....” and back on his shaft he placed my head and I sucked for all I was worth. He left his hand on the back of my head as a little encouragement I could feel a change coming over Steve’s dick and his breath was getting shallower and quicker. I knew he was about to cum.

I dug in with a renewed vigor and was rewarded with my first load of hot spunk shooting down my throat. I was crying for a second time that day. I don’t even know how to describe how good I felt. I swallowed load after load of hot cum and would have continued to suck until I died. Steve finally lifted my head off his now softening dick and laughed. “Down, boy, down!” He brushed a tear from my face. “And now for gift number three.”

He stood up from the chair and told me to get in. My bare butt slid across the sweaty leather. My dick, a third the size of his was standing at full attention. He lifted the cape and placed it over me. He caressed my head and pulled out his clippers and comb. Naked still, with a heavy swinging dick, he proceeded to give me the shortest cut I’d ever had. I had whitewalls and mere stubble left on the top of my head when he was done. He lowered the cape a bit on my neck and lathered my neck and the sides of my head. The strait razor finished the job the clippers could not. I thought I was done, but that was nowhere near the truth. He pulled the lever on the chair and I was laid out flat on my back.

“A little more trimming to do on barberboy. Lay back and enjoy.”

The cape was removed and my naked body trembled in the cool chair. The clippers were started up again and he quickly removed all the stringy hair in my groin and armpits and the 6 hairs that had come in on my chest. Working for Steve, my baby fat had finally disappeared and my chest had started to fill out. I was proud of those six hairs but was intrigued by Steve’s work.

Again I could hear the hot lather machine spewing thick cream. Steve spread it on my groin, my chest and my armpits. And again the strait razor scraped away what little the clippers had left behind. Maneuvering around my throbbing dick, Steve was careful to not arouse me any further than I already was. Any erotic touch would surely have sent me over the edge.

A hot towel removed the remaining shaving cream from my pits and chest. Again I could hear the hot lather machine’s roar and a huge glob of that warmth was spread on my dick. Steve’s paw grasped my cock firmly. I thought I would pass out.

“You do not cum until I say you can cum. Is that understood?

“Yes, Sir.”

And he began to pump me. I cried out many times, telling him to stop as I was about to shoot. With great knowledge he would pull back, tug on my balls, apply pressure under them, and then start again. I was squirming and screaming for mercy.

“Shoot it. Shoot your load now, barberboy!”

And I shot. And shot. And shot. Waves of cum hit my chest, face, and beyond. I was gasping for air. And Steve was grinning.

I got up from the chair and held on to him for dear life. My third set of tears in one day. He just kept stroking my head and kept saying, “My good barberboy. My good little barberboy....”

We wiped each other off the best we could and headed for the school. Me with a shaved body and Steve with a big smile on his face. I managed to get through my stupid little speech, accept a couple of academic awards, and the stupid thing was over. We walked silently back to the shop when it was all done. This was the biggest day of my life ever. I kept thinking that over and over.

As we entered the back door of the shop to drop off the robe and hat and retrieve our helmets, I turned to Steve, dropped to my knees and asked,

“Please, Sir, may I suck your cock, Sir?”

Steve smiled at me and unzipped his pants.

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