Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Universe Laughs

Recently my partner and I agreed to play with a local man who wanted some "rubbery action." Agreed to some bondage, light pain, hoods, gags, gas masks, ass play, TT, CBT....the general gamut of good fun. He arrived on time, in his rubber singlet, donned his Black Diamond rubber waders. We skipped the chit-chat and headed right for the play area where the hubby was in a rubber jock and hip waders, blindfolded, gagged with bit gag and strung from some hanging chains.

On a side note it was a sad day as we completely blew out the full rubber suit (cheap piece of shit) after covering hubby in j-lube and trying to put him in the suit. LOL--he had to scramble into the shower with box of salt to deactivate the lube, then out quick and into the modest rubber gear. Sigh.

On a second more upbeat sidenote, we also broke in some new ball stretchers I ordered from Fort Troff. They're called the Jelly Fatties and are incredibly stretchy rings that can be loaded on. They're amazing. You know as well as I do that one day your balls hang low and you feel like you could load on six inches of stretchers while the next day those 'lil fuckers have moved north and you can barely get 1/8 inch of stretch on 'em. Or with one guy you feel like the descending sack is so small you could never get anything on tight, while the next guy's sack is so tight you can't get your fist around it. These little rubber rings solve both problems.

And for the next three hours we had a blast! This little fucker was explosive fun. Laughed at the light bondage, squirmed like a greased pig, stuck his butt out further when i started beating on it, screamed appreciatively when I smacked his low hangers, climbed in to his first rubber sleepsack experience, kissed with a passion I've not seen for a very long time, and practically flew out of the sling while the hubby was fucking his brains out. (Note for future: tie this motherfucker TIGHTLY and gag him completely for next orgasm as he damn near brought this place down when we tried to touch his dick after he came...)

Hubby and I both knew this was a keeper. Kidnap and cage images came to mind. I began to wonder if he was any good at cleaning bathrooms. The storage room would make a nice pigslave cell. China patterns danced in our heads. Up to the roof we went for a little dinner and wind-down chat. Turns out he's leaving. The country. In two weeks. For good. I think he was pretty disappointed as well.

And all I could think was how the universe does this to us: gets us hot and horny and hopeful, and then pulls the rug out from under us. And the universe laughs.

Grab your opportunities, men.

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  1. Oh damn! It's been a long time since I've had a great session like that so I'm feelin' for ya. As they say though ... when one door closes ...

    Here's hopin' bud!