Monday, May 3, 2010


I saw a pic like this somewhere on the internet. My first response was, "I can do that!" Luckily I have this live-in perv, my hubby, who never turns down a chance for me to practice the skills. Finding an old jockstrap (which was destroyed, used as a gag, then as a piss gag as the scene developed) he happily mounted the table and allowed me to go to work.

As time has gone on, I still turn to the internet for "inspiration" but also find that I am beginning to move beyond the simple copying of someone else's work. My inspiration is more and more coming from having all my gear and tools at hand, the man standing in front of me, and as one piece of gear or rope touches the body, I somehow know what the next step will be, and the step after that, and the step after that. Usually it is the subs' moans that lead me, sometimes it is my own precum!

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