Thursday, May 19, 2011

What a Gift

I am so amazed at times.  I celebrated my 3 week anniversary since surgery on Wednesday.  There's been lots of progress and I felt like it was time to at least venture back into the dungeon for a short bit.  No heavy lifting, no bending, no twisting, but I've been dying to try out the new humane restraints I inherited.  So pup had a change of schedule today that allowed him to sneak away from work a bit early and we got to spend a couple of hours in the dungeon.  Yay.

Pup has put himself in an "honor," "sympathetic" chastity mode because a good friend and fellow pup asked him to share his own chastity journey.  Today was day 11 of that journey, but he'll have to start over!  Actually, it might be more appropriate to say that like many others who endure chastity, he's fulfilled his duties by not whacking off, and only cumming when I allow it.  That's a pretty nice gift in itself!

But when pup appeared today, he took my breath away.  Now, if you've read this whole blog you know I sort of have this thing about men in suits and ties.  Personally I think it goes right along with all the other uniform and gear fetishes so many of us have.  There's a power image seeing a man in suit and tie, but there's also so many other feelings that go along with it.  For me?  Feeling starched shirts, stiff collars, silk ties, and some really wonderful silk boxers that I'd given him and asked him to wear, WOOF, and as a bonus he was wearing the black suspenders I'd given him, MORE WOOF.  Well, the total picture was nirvana for me.

On went the new, shorter dog collar and padlock, off came the suit jacket and wasting no time we trotted up to the dungeon. On went a leather hood and a pretty severe posture collar, right over all the other clothing.  Using several ropes and the humane restraints I restrained pup to the floating bondage table.  Balls and dripping penis were exposed and a couple hours later a very nice load drenched his shirt.

Somewhere mid-session pup surprised me by asking to "go deeper," presumably a desire to go much deeper into the submissive headspace.  We accomplished some of that, but I know he craves going into deeper and darker territory than he's ever experienced. (I know it took him a full fifteen minutes to return to this world post orgasm...)  We're working on that!  And we hope maybe that he'll have a chance to experience some erotic hypnosis with another Top.  How cool is that?

For pup to endure wearing the suit all day, more dressy than he needed to be for his work day, meant a lot to me.  Yeah, it's a control issue (I LOVED yanking on his tie whilst jacking him off, growl!), but it was a tremendous gift to me made with great respect for my own fetishes. As I was snapping a few pics I told him it would be enough for me to whack off to for a few months.  LOL.  Totally true.

Thank you, Loki. 

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