Thursday, March 24, 2011


A good friend, also a bondage top, gets a wee bit annoyed when I start doing some elaborate rope harness, accusing me of practicing macrame. He can't be bothered. Now, this guy is damn good with a piece of rope. When he's done tying you up, I guarantee you won't get loose and I love this. He'll stretch you every which way and leave you cursing that you ever let him get the first rope on you. But making it pretty? Totally not his thing.

Yesterday I was cruising some guys on ReCon and saw the same word pop out on a guy's profile. "Don't expect macrame from me. No interest in taking a half hour to tie you up pretty." LOL. I fully appreciate their points of view. But, I still love my macrame. It's definitely not a wham-bam activity, but for a quiet time in the dungeon when energy is maybe not so high, it's a great way to achieve low-key intimacy and some pretty great bondageboy headspace. And it makes for pretty pics.

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