Sunday, February 20, 2011

For bootbrush, the World's 2nd Best Pup.

Sorry for the 2nd place status, but given I have this incredible pup here in Atlanta, what can I say?

Posting one of my favorite songs for you, mostly because my jealousy of your upcoming trip to Amsterdam has turned me bright shades of green.

There are two incredible places in this world that I would gladly sacrifice a nut to be able to live there: San Francisco and Amsterdam. My soul belongs in one or the other, and when I win the lottery, both.

For the rest of you: If you haven't read bootbrush's blog, SHAME ON YOU! Look to the right, click on the link and start reading! Nobody I know has given so much insight into our world, and besides, he's a hot little fucker in and out of rubber!

1 comment:

  1. Aww - thank You Sir! - i'm more than happy to come 2nd in Your estimations to Loki: he's a wonderful pup, and more importantly he's YOURS :)

    Lovely song from Joan - know it well (her song 'Speaking of dreams' is 'our song' for my LTR and i - 'for rattling my cage and waking my sleeping demons'). i can't wait to see if her lyrical conjurations of the city are correct ;)