Thursday, September 22, 2011


This coming Sunday will be our third AtlantaDominion play party at the 1763 dungeon.  And I am truly excited.  We have 90 guys on the approved list (some from as far away as Florida and Louisiana) and nearly half of them are planning on attending this time around

The original party was planned as a 25th anniversary celebration for hubby and me.  Shortly after that Sir Brian, Loki, and I met to discuss making this an ongoing event, which in our minds would fulfill a much needed gaping hole (sexual pun intended) in the social life of Atlanta.  I really believe that we just may have accomplished this.

We have a huge variety of kinksters as part of the group, but we share the key elements:  respect, safety, discretion, kink-aware, risk-aware, and fun.  It's not too late to submit an application, and if you're coming from out of town and need a crash-pad, let me know!  Sleeping on the bondage bed here at home can always be arranged.

If you can't make this one, start planning now for the party on November 20th.  We open the doors at 2:00 and try to get the party started by 2:30.  We wind down at 7:00 and a lot of guys head off to a nearby pizza joint for a little post-party socialization.  Twenty bucks.  That's it.  Just twenty bucks for an afternoon of debauchery!

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  1. Sorry i can't be there - but here's a puppy's wish that You all have as much fun as in previous years!!! :)