Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day Four of The End of the World

Okay, so we're just iced in. But I'm sure some neo-conservative poophead is linking the dead birds in Arkansas to the ice in Atlanta. All I know is I'm getting a little whacko. I've eaten too much, cleaned house too much, X-tubed too much, and generally thought about sex 19 1/2 hours a day. (A heterosexual female friend has been reduced to reading some non-fiction book about the wool trade in the 16th century. Now really! How low can you go?)

Here are some of the outcomes of being stranded:

1. The ceiling fans are clean.
2. We're rationing dried cranberries for the oatmeal.
3. I don't want another bowl of soup for the rest of my life.
4. Warming hubby's butt with a good paddling just before bedtime is extremely helpful in warming the sheets before I get in.
5. There are now 250 men in Atlanta on Recon 24/7 versus the 138 that usually sign in. They all seem friendlier and hornier.
6. Men on Recon are asking how close we live to them and is it possible to walk here.
7. Neighbors are stopping by to try on chastity devices.
8. I'm regretting not having a TV.
9. No mail delivery = no bills to pay.
10. Thank the gods we have plenty of coffee, cuz the pot has been going non-stop since Sunday night.

Oh, and we still found time to play a bit today!

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