Friday, November 19, 2010

A Day with Pup

It's finally here. A long awaited, long overdue day with pup. Between work schedules, travel schedules, and ailing backs our time together has been so limited. Hell, I've been thrilled to just sneak away for a little lunch a couple of times.

Over the past couple of months, even when we have had time to be together, it has been more about the trips to the doctors than the serious play we could experience. LOL. "Okay, so come over we'll play for a couple of hours then I'll drive you to get your epidural. Next week can you do the same for Me?" Now how exactly can you get a pup to get deep into his headspace when he's ailing AND keeping an eye on the clock so we aren't late for those appointments?!

Even today we're going to have to take a break mid-day so ~loki can have a physical therapy session along with learning how to use a tens machine (I wish I could talk MY insurance into paying for 85% for one of those!!!). This, of course, means I have to wait until after the PT session to really get the ropes on pup. LOL. Hard to explain all those marks. I DO feel like standing over the PT's shoulder and saying "Turn it up! He can take a LOT more than that!"

I look forward to so much:

The click of the collar
his head on my shoulder
the first trip to all fours
and where ever the rest of the journey leads us

The pisser is we need to do it at his place. I've got 17 bags and 2 backpacks ready to go.

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