Monday, November 15, 2010

Upcoming Fun

Been chatting with a guy from St. Louis for quite some time. I actually remember seeing several of his pics quite some time ago. All kinds of good things there. By now you know I love barbershop scenes. Hot fucks bound to a barberchair, shaved against their will. Yum.

So after chat and more chat have finally connected for an upcoming visit. I could not be more thrilled.

The pics, of course, say a lot about ways a guy likes to play. I know I post pics not so much to brag or show-off, but to give some sort of proof that I'm for real. I really do play. In a variety of ways. It's just one way that other men can gauge my honesty, sincerity, and perviness. I appreciate when other men do the same.

But the next step, the "chat" step, is also critical. A guy who writes sentences---major woof. BoundTight (recon profile here: boundtight) has been a blast to chat with. He's as honest as can be, funny as hell, horny all the time, and now some 10 years later after I first spied him, cruised him, tried to connect with him, it's gonna happen. How great is that!

Hopefully will get several days of bondage and torture with him, with him and hubby, with him and pup, with him and hubby and pup, with him and Rick, with him and Rick and pup and hubby, with him and every other man I've ever met.....LOL.


  1. He's looking forward to it very much :)

  2. Be careful, he's horribly dangerous! By which I mean, if you play with him, your expectations of other people may go up because he's just that good!

    (translation: I'm envying you :) )

  3. I guess it's not too late to change my name/address/recon screenname/ and try to get out of it! Like that's gonna happen.

    And besides, how do I live up to a guy who has 16 men in straitjackets buried at the beach???

    And envy will get you an invite whenever you're ready to accept......growl.

  4. put me in that chair and do whatever you want