Monday, November 29, 2010

Intense, Part II

So, after the two layers of neoprene and the layer of yellow PVC rainsuit I got Rick to lay down on the floor. Quickly several straps and ropes were done up and the inflating pump was started. SHIT....this was just plain fun. I got a few kinks to work out (like partially inflating first), but this could be the cheap man's version of an inflatable sleepsack....LOL.

Added a vibrator. My favorite was when the vibrator was removed and he was humping the improvised sleepsack.

Took a break for lunch then got him in a latex catsuit with the leather straitjacket over it. Amazing how bondage pigs so willingly get in the straitjacket and even offer to help you by crossing their arms before you've even asked them to!


But I wasn't crossing arms this time. Big plug gag, then the attached rubber hood on the catsuit went over his head and a modified hogtie ensued. Add a vibrating buttplug. What else do you need?

Okay so the real problem? When you play with Rick you can fully expect an extremely good revenge. I seriously thought about not letting him loose for that.

But since I was all tied up? No pics. LOL

Sunday, November 28, 2010


The intense way these two men go after it has always been an inspiration.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Intense, Part I

Got to play one last time before Thanksgiving. And thankful I am! Rick is one of the most intense players I've ever met and just total fucking fun! Total.

So Layer One: Neoprene Suit, Neoprene booties, Neoprene Gloves, a Harness on his head, and a little rope.

Layer Two: Add another Neoprene Suit. Hell the holes in the ass, tits, and cock areas all line up. Does that tell you how much we think alike? A different gag and a blindfold. And lots more tit torture.

Layer Three: A heavy yellow PVC rain suit. And some very nice intense chair bondage. Fuck. I like that arrangement. Add a gag and a gas mask. And let him stew.

Layer Four and the other scene in "Intense, Part II" Coming soon to a blog near you!

Friday, November 26, 2010

At Last

I miss my hubby. He's in Louisiana with his family. Me? Off to Whorlando for 10 days of work. Hope somebody in your life makes you sing this song.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day

Some like it fried, some like it baked, some like it Shibari-style.

Treasure your family. Treasure your friends. Hold them close.

I have deep gratitude for so many things this year. Hubby, pup, and close friends. The family of my own making.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dancing in Mid-Air

Okay, so I'm not a big fan of "skins" and poppers aren't really my thing, but watching this guy dance in mid-air was amazing! I'm also a big fan of watching gags get shoved in guys mouths. It also points out a very good idea: rope harnesses for suspension can be problematic, but with the rope over the bomber jacket there's an automatic padding which should help spread out the pressure points. You'll have to turn the sound way way way up to hear this guy scream. Just don't have any other apps open or you'll get a blast in the ear. LOL

New Toy

Totally forgot to post these a couple of weeks ago. What a fun little toy!

I'd even recommend the company that sold the item since it was so cheap, but since I've got three items that are on back order for over 2 months now and can't get a response to the several e-mails I've sent them, 'taint no way I'm recommending the shits.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hubby in Rope

Hubby leaves for Louisiana this morning. Me for Orlando on Thursday. He'll have his own form of chaos in the 6000 relatives who are around for the holidays. Me? Equal chaos working in Orlando.

At least last night I was able to give him a good old fashioned caning (hard!) before doing a little rope bondage and edging.

Later we just chilled watching a little Hulu (we are now official "Raising Hope" addicts) before hubby had his two orgasms.

Hope his butt hurts just a little on that long-ass ride to Cajunland. I'm gonna miss my pigboy, as always.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Puppy Balls

It was a grand day with pup. Because of an appointment with a physical therapist we met at his house. It wasn't the 17 suitcases of gear I mentioned earlier, but two medium sized bags and two smaller ones got hauled up to his bedroom before we launched into our day of fun.

pup opened the door wearing his neoprene singlet (DAMN, why didn't I get a pic of hot!). Before long he had on his two collars, the leash, a rubber hood, the new boxing gloves and deep into pup headspace he went. A few commands, a little belly scratching, and I swear to the gods that pup had a wet spot of precum the size of a dinner plate soaking through the neoprene. (Wish even more I had a pic of THAT!!!)

The rest of the morning was spent working over those beautiful pup balls. They got put in a vise, and smacked, tied up in a variety of ways, smack smack, stretched, smack smack smack, and after the rubber podsuit went on him and his balls tied off yet again, he got to an edge several times of almost cumming just from the abuse his balls were taking. Beautiful.

We took a break for lunch and to await the PT. For the first half hour after he showered I laughingly recognized that sort of dazed, groggy look in his eyes. The boy/pup had gone a long way away and wasn't racing back to reality.

The tens unit the PT brought was hooked up (to his BACK, perverts) and I could see it was helping, but the pup was obviously hurting and tired. (not so tired and hurting he didn't make a comment about a willingness to hop the bones of the cute little trainee the PT had brought along, LOL) So fully wired up, up to bed we went, a simple rope tie on his hands, the leather zip front hood on his head, electricity pulsing through his back, and more edging from smack smack smack smack smack.

When the pup finally came, all I could think at first was "damn! this boy could be a porn star!" He shoots well over his shoulder and ropey long strings of cum 6 or 7 or 8 times at a go. It is so beautiful to watch.

For a half hour we just lay there, pup cuddling Master. Say what you like, but for pup play this is the real reward for a Master/Trainer/Owner/Sir. At least it is for me. Only the pup knows how hard it is for Me to unlock that collar as I climb in my jeep and head out into Atlanta traffic.

Pup Hood?

Pup and I are still looking for the right hood for him. I love his DevilDogRubber hood with the yellow "whiskers", but alas, no mouth hole for toy fetching and licking and other, ahem, rubberpup activities.

And neither of us particularly like the cartoonish nature of many of the leather and rubber hoods designed for pup play.

I love the mulitple possibilities of the hood from Pig Boi. The simpler hood comes from twistmyrubberarm.

Damn! My wishlist just gets longer and longer and longer!

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Day with Pup

It's finally here. A long awaited, long overdue day with pup. Between work schedules, travel schedules, and ailing backs our time together has been so limited. Hell, I've been thrilled to just sneak away for a little lunch a couple of times.

Over the past couple of months, even when we have had time to be together, it has been more about the trips to the doctors than the serious play we could experience. LOL. "Okay, so come over we'll play for a couple of hours then I'll drive you to get your epidural. Next week can you do the same for Me?" Now how exactly can you get a pup to get deep into his headspace when he's ailing AND keeping an eye on the clock so we aren't late for those appointments?!

Even today we're going to have to take a break mid-day so ~loki can have a physical therapy session along with learning how to use a tens machine (I wish I could talk MY insurance into paying for 85% for one of those!!!). This, of course, means I have to wait until after the PT session to really get the ropes on pup. LOL. Hard to explain all those marks. I DO feel like standing over the PT's shoulder and saying "Turn it up! He can take a LOT more than that!"

I look forward to so much:

The click of the collar
his head on my shoulder
the first trip to all fours
and where ever the rest of the journey leads us

The pisser is we need to do it at his place. I've got 17 bags and 2 backpacks ready to go.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Upcoming Fun

Been chatting with a guy from St. Louis for quite some time. I actually remember seeing several of his pics quite some time ago. All kinds of good things there. By now you know I love barbershop scenes. Hot fucks bound to a barberchair, shaved against their will. Yum.

So after chat and more chat have finally connected for an upcoming visit. I could not be more thrilled.

The pics, of course, say a lot about ways a guy likes to play. I know I post pics not so much to brag or show-off, but to give some sort of proof that I'm for real. I really do play. In a variety of ways. It's just one way that other men can gauge my honesty, sincerity, and perviness. I appreciate when other men do the same.

But the next step, the "chat" step, is also critical. A guy who writes sentences---major woof. BoundTight (recon profile here: boundtight) has been a blast to chat with. He's as honest as can be, funny as hell, horny all the time, and now some 10 years later after I first spied him, cruised him, tried to connect with him, it's gonna happen. How great is that!

Hopefully will get several days of bondage and torture with him, with him and hubby, with him and pup, with him and hubby and pup, with him and Rick, with him and Rick and pup and hubby, with him and every other man I've ever met.....LOL.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As the gift-buying season approaches.....

For years and years and years my mother would ask me what I wanted for Christmas. In the past 13 years since she passed away hubby's mother has done the same. I never dared tell dear old Mom. And I don't dare tell dear old Mom-in-law. Which is why I've never gotten anything I wanted from the day I asked for Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots some 45 years ago to today when all I really want is gear, clothing, more gear, more clothing (um, leather and rubber only). And it's so sweet that this pic combines so many fetishes!!! (available at e7gear)

Monday, November 8, 2010

A Perfect Pup

Pup ~loki had the assignment of e-mailing me a pic everyday for the past week of him in his underwear. The pup has drawers and drawers filled with some really wonderful briefs, jocks, boxers, boxer-briefs, etc.

I know for him, as with thousands and thousands of others, underwear can be the beginning fetish point. Probably one of the reasons men think about sex every 3 seconds of their waking days.

In any case, here's 3 of my favorites. Thanks, pup. Good pup. 8==8 for you!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

You be the judge.....

Three Versions of a Great Tune.

Oh.....have a sense of humor.

The Dentist

A friend had to have some root canals this past week. As I told him THIS is about the only dentist I ever want to see again. Please turn the nitrous on high!

Friday, November 5, 2010

What a guy! (wo wo wo) Makes you cry! (hey hey hey) Und I Did!

No, this is not a tribute to Rocky Horror Picture Show, LOL, but it's been on my mind a lot recently with the 35th! anniversary performance in LA and the Glee tribute. Hubby and I were dancing wildly last night listening to the tunes again. And as if it was only yesterday I can remember seeing the flick back in 1976 well before it became the cult classic. Imagine, if you will, a small church college in very prudish Iowa small town showing RHPS. Most of the kids had walked out well before the pool orgy at the end. Me? I was transfixed. Tim Curry was and is a god. A couple years later I had a chance to see the original stage show in London, now becoming a cult classic with much more audience interaction. I've always believed that the audience interaction is what people crave. We spend way too much of our lives watching the action. Being a part of it is SO much more fun.

How's that for a seque into my "tribute" to a new friend. This guy doesn't know the meaning of "watching." He is a hard core player with stamina that amazes. And "play" is what we do. No roles, no hardcore protocols, just intense, exploratory, mind-blowing play. Hubby is enamored ever since the friend took a liking to beating his balls to a pulp. And so we hook up when we can (the friend driving 2 hours each way for this!) and we play hard. Pics are just a sample of some good times.

(PLEASE NOTE--the BC we practice is EXTREMELY light and very controlled. WAY too many people recently have experimented with this dangerous practice and paid the price with their lives. DO NOT go down that path. Drugs and BC should never be mixed. BC alone? Don't do it. If you have even the slightest doubt about the experience or knowledge of either participant in this practice, JUST DON'T DO IT!)

By the way, the pic at the top is Rick, the friend, in full rubber suit (which he'd had on for four hours), his own full neoprene surfsuit over the top of that, with the rubber sleepsack on top. Add a very intense padded hood with only one tiny grommet for breathing. He was moaning and leaking precum like you wouldn't believe. And like a good bondage pig he wondered if it would be possible to put the leather sleepsack over the top of those three layers. If hubby had been around to do the heavy lifting, we sure as shit would have given it the old college try!

I am so glad we don't own a TV and have to invent our own fun!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Just One of the Many Things on My Wishlist

available at if you're doing early Christmas shopping.

Too Much Bondage, Not Enough Discipline

Rubber Freak Meetings, Thursdays, 7:00

Do the Math

I finally sat down and did some number crunching. Various economic wizards have estimated that the cost of war in the past 10 years for the US--just Iraq and Afghanistan--has cost the US somewhere around 3 Trillion dollars in real hard-core money plus the various tangents of lost incomes, secondary and subsidiary markets--they admit it's not easy to estimate things like the on-going medical problems of the many wounded soldiers, etc. The most recent item I read said it takes $400,000 to deploy one soldier to those countries. They also pretty strongly believe that we would not have problems with oil prices, housing prices, and this monster recession if we'd kept our money in our pockets. This for a war that George W. estimated would cost 60 billion dollars.

This is for two countries that total about 60 million people.

That's about $50,000 PER PERSON in those two countries. Money we spent on THEM, not YOU and ME. Money we spent blowing them up, not building them up.

Why didn't we go help build some hospitals, libraries, schools, and various other infrastructure before we bombed the shit out of them for WMD that didn't exist? Maybe we could have built every family over there a nice little 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom ranch house. And bought them a nice little electric car from Detroit. And fed every starving person in the world.

Are we totally nuts? Is this fucking election over yet? Did Sarah Palin win? Does anybody feel like they "won?" Can I go back to the dungeon now? Gee, I can hardly wait to have the GOP back in my bedroom again.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Just Another Quiet Monday

After almost a week of schedules not matching, today hubby and I both had some free time at the same time! Miracles never cease.

So after using a lot of rope on Saturday night I was in the mood for yet more rope. Got hubby pretty immobile then went to work on the tits, balls, and butt.

I know he thought I was gonna get him off but this little sadistic streak came alive. We finished the torture and I followed it with a nice close-cropped haircut and let him shower. Now he gets (?) to put on his chastity for the rest of the day as he runs errands, goes to the gym, and works tonight.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll let him out later tonight.
Or maybe not.