Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Believe-----in yourself

It's difficult to describe the difference between a "good scene" and a "great" one. Yet we all know it when it happens. "Good" ones have a nice build, some fun activities, mutual trust, and a sense that we have gone somewhere together. "Great" ones have all that and more. But describing the "more" gets tough. But yesterday, for lack of a better word, was "great."

pup arrived his 3 minutes early as always. And as always his cheeks were flushed, his eyes bright, and his eagerness apparent. Stripped of his clothes, we began the process of making him "pup." From collars, to mitts, to kneepads, to hood, to buttplug. Over this went his surf suit and pup play began. It seemed simple today, that transition from the man/boy who walks through the door to the pup who kneels at my feet, using his tongue on everything, follows every command with joy, savors every scratch, every caress, and every "good boy". There was no awkwardness, only joy, exuberance, trust, and connection.

A little later we made a transition from the neoprene suit to a simple rubber jockstrap and his wonderful silicon tail. Again, so much easier, so much simpler....and deeper pup went into his role.

And as we lay on the bed just relaxing together I spied a pupball. I couldn't resist. One pupball was sticking out from under the rubber jock; pretty soon two pupballs were sticking out and both plopped into my mouth with great ease......

But the real "aha" moment came as I thought the scene was winding down. pup came to me, leash in mouth, offered me the leash, and said, "do something to my balls." This from a boy who a month ago could barely stand for them to be touched, much less "worked."

I'm no fool; I don't have to be asked twice. pup was placed between two vertical chains, his hands suspended out of the way. A blindfold and big plug gag were added. Two nice rubber rings were placed on his ball sac stretching them quite nicely and...

"Smack." Not once, not twice but a hundred times. First with the hand and when that wasn't enough with a ping pong paddle. And above me, garbled by a big plug gag I could hear the boy saying "More, Sir!" and a hundred "Thank you, Sirs." And the pupboy's dick grew quite purple and angry, but we never reached the "Please, Sir." which is his code for we might be going too far.

When I believed it to be enough I let the pupboy loose. And all I could say was, "Wow." I know that sounds stupid but you have to understand, I was pretty much at a loss for words. Holding the pupboy at this moment, his moment of revelation that, yes, some pain can be pleasurable; this moment where he truly flipped a monster switch inside of him to come to new understanding; this moment where I really believe that he truly trusted me, truly and completely. Well, "wow" pretty much sums up the feelings inside of me.

A month ago I told you the journey for this pup was going to be a good one. I knew it deep inside me. I told you you'd be cheering him on. Well, he just earned his first standing ovation.


  1. thank you, Sir.

  2. Wow - this pup has tears in it's eyes reading that. beautiful - perfect - man and Hound walking a path together, and each as richly rewarded as the other. Thank You - both!

  3. *blush*.....both you pups are the best.....