Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Cum Monster

Sigh.....why does it always seem that somebody thinks the scene isn't over until everybody has shot load after load after load? We are so fricking programmed by the porn and smut industries that lead us to believe that the scene didn't work unless gallons of cum were produced. Or maybe, as pup suggested, we were led there by some idiot boyfriend from long ago who kept saying...."I want us to shoot at the same time." Do those people know how hard that shit is?

Don't get me wrong. It's pretty cool when it does happen, cumming alone or cumming together, if it was meant to happen. It can be pretty cool if a second load is produced under protest from a boy. But, pissfuck!, I've had a lot of really great scenes where no one came, where both of us shot maybe hours apart, or where only one of us has cum. Personally I find it hard to shoot in a scene where I've been topping for four or more hours. Usually by that time I'm emotionally and physically spent. And if I've held a boy, who I've spent 4 hours tying up and tormenting, and he's now free to shoot his load over the other bound boy, and he whispers to me as his dick grows purple and the head is mushrooming "i think i'm ready, Sir", after which I tell him "Good, then do it, boy, for Me, boy" and he responds by shooting a monster load, well, for me that IS an orgasm all to itself. And better than about 98% of the other orgasms I've had in life....and, to quote a very good friend, less sticky. ROFLMFAO....

My life is great right now, guys. I hope you have at least half the happiness I do.

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  1. I agree, to me, bondage is not about cumming its about power exchange that gets me going. I have enjoyed sessions where it's just total bondage and no sexual play at all. Granted we all lvoe to get off but, to me its more then a means to an end. I think bondage is the main thing for me.