Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SirTom Enterprises, Part VI

Upon arriving I immediately put Davey, the receptionist to work. First off I gave him his t-shirt but told him he couldn’t wear it until we were done with the distribution. He held it up and read the front. I thought he was going to split a gut. “I LOVE it. This is perfect. You got one for everybody? Darling, you are the best!” Together we traveled all the hallways handing out t-shirts as we went, Davey carrying the box, and me playing Santa Claus. It was another day of hugs, screams, laughter and frivolity. Shit! If I could spend $600 a day, and not on cocaine, and get this much fun in life I’d do it!

Unfortunately not all of the actors were there that day so I had to leave some of my gifts in dressing rooms. It was especially fun, however hitting the costume shop and giving a shirt to both Freddie and Fannie. Fannie held hers up and read aloud:

“NO DEAD FISH”, SirTom’s ‘motto’ was emblazoned in bold block letters on every shirt I’d handed out. The one I’d gotten for Fannie was a neon green tank in a medium size. She tugged off the shirt she had on exposing her humongous tits encased in some garish leather corset contraption. With mighty tugging the medium was pulled over her head and now stuck to her like a 2nd skin. (I’d actually had my friend use an extra-large shirt and sew in a new label-- Freddie’s idea.) Fannie was ecstatic.

My last stop was SirTom’s office. A rather large entourage was following me. I knocked, entered, and several heads were poking through the door when I handed him an expensive silk tee in black with modest grey lettering. He unfurled it and started laughing immediately.

“Just a small token of my appreciation, SirTom.”

“It’s beautiful. Thank you, Alan. Now off to work all of you.”

A chorus of “Yes, SirTom” was uttered and off to “work” we all went.

“Alan?” I turned back. He uttered one word, “Geo?”

“Not yet, SirTom, but this weekend I feel certain.”

“Don’t delay, son. I mean it.”

I nodded and headed for the afternoon shoot. In my room was an antique salver with a tiny blue pill placed in the middle. I took it, stripped naked, and headed for the set.

My scene for the day was called “Forniphilia.” Cubster was to be in charge while Brutus, me, and another guy I had not gotten to know named Luis were to serve as his furniture. Hans was serving as his valet for the scene. I’d never done anything in this realm but was looking forward to trying. My role for the day was to serve first as an ashtray and next as a chandelier. I could only guess how this would all come about.

Luis was a hot little Latino man, probably 35 with the most beautiful hairless body. Luis was like me, a rabid squirmer and screamer. He had an abnormally small penis when soft, but it was exciting to watch his cock grow as it became hard. That afternoon I swore it grew five times its soft size through the course of the shoot as he became harder and harder. Luis was also known as “Mr. Shoot on Command” for his ability to ejaculate within seconds of being told to do so.

The scene opened with Brutus, Luis, and me being lined up, naked and shackled together. Hans was belittling all three of us as worthless scum. He made a point of ridiculing Luis’ small dick which brought a blush to Luis’ face and made his dick double in size. Dressed in a full latex tuxedo with tails and waistcoat Hans was absolutely stunning. The latex grabbed all of the important places on his body revealing a taut dick, and bulging buttocks. He looked much better in latex than leather racing gear was my immediate thought. I could feel my dick starting to come to life. Hans noticed it as well. He slapped my dick.

“Little cocksucker! Stop that!”

Cubster appeared at that moment. He was wearing a full latex outfit designed almost like courtly clothing of the 17th or 18th century. The jacket was long, the boots were tall, and he wore what seemed to be a high-necked tunic style shirt in a dark blue color with a flowing tie around the neck. He barked out several commands to Hans.

Almost immediately Hans sprang into action. Undoing the shackles he ordered Luis and Bruno to help place me in a tight rubber suit. The bottom half operated like a sleepsack, while the top half was built like a straitjacket. My semi-hard dick was placed in a sheath where it grew fully hard. My arms were pulled tightly around me and locked in place. A wide belt was placed around my stomach and groin and my dick was secured to it with several smaller belts built to restrict the hard penis. A huge gag was placed in my mouth and pulled very tight. Emerging from the gag was a 6 inch stainless steel rod. To the end of that rod Hans screwed a large glass ashtray. Hans helped Brutus carry me over to kneel beside a large overstuffed chair where Cubster now sat. He nodded approval to Hans and now it was Luis’ turn.

Hans and Brutus placed a squirming Luis into an identical suit as mine. His gag matched mine but screwed to the end of his was a very small drink coaster, currently horizontal to the ground. Luis was placed on the other side of Cubster’s chair. Again Cubster nodded approval.

Lastly Hans placed Brutus in another similar suit. Instead of tying up his arms, however, he left them free. Large nipple clamps were placed on Brutus’ exposed nipples. Brutus was placed directly in front of Cubster’s chair and was to spend the day serving as a footstool. Weights were added to the tit clamps and Cubster reached out to kick the weights making them sway. Next he put his booted feet comfortably on the middle of Brutus back.

“Excellent, gentlemen. Very lovely. Cubster, please continue with the script now.”

“Hans!” barked Cubster. “Drink!”

Almost immediately Hans returned with a heavy crystal glass filled with a dark liquor. He placed it on the coaster in front of Luis mouth. “Cigar!” Removing a huge Cuban cigar from his pocket Hans handed it to Cubster who went through a meticulous display of snipping the end, wetting it with his lips and lighting it. When it was going strongly he placed it in the ashtray directly in front of my face and left it there to smolder.

For the next few minutes Cubster sadistically took first a small drink then replaced the glass on the coaster. This was followed by picking up the cigar and savoring the inhale/exhale, then putting it back in the ashtray. My eyes were beginning to water from the smoke. And my dick was aching in its current restraint.

“I’m switching over to another scene for few minutes. When I come back to you I want Alan to start squirming and trying to resist the humiliation. We will proceed from there to the chandelier experience.”

Cubster looked at me. “You all right?” I nodded and he winked at me. “Hang in there. The next part should be fun.”

“We’re coming back to ‘Forniphilia in 10 seconds.’ Be ready, please.”

As the action now focused on us, Cubster turned up the pressure. He placed the drink on the coaster much harder trying to make Luis fail. He held the stinking cigar closer to my face, close to my eyes, and I finally twisted as best I could to get away from him.

“Ha! I knew you were a weak little shit! Hans! Get that suit off him, now! I want him out of my sight!”

Hans was quick to extricate me from the bondage suit and remove the gag.

“Beg for forgiveness. Beg for another chance.”

I fell to my knees and held my head to my chest. “Please, Sir. Give me another chance. I live to serve you, Sir. Please, Sir.” I held my breath.

Cubster turned to Hans, “One more try. I believe a chandelier is called for in this room, don’t you!” Hans nodded and pulled me to my feet. He dragged me to the center of the room and pulled yet another suit made of multiple connected belts from a nearby table. A torpedo style metal buttplug was shoved up my ass and additional electrodes attached to my balls and dick. The full body restraint harness was placed on me. There were five straps up each leg and another five down each arm. Five more straps criss-crossed my torso. A muzzle harness was placed over my head and tightened firmly. Hans lowered an electric suspension hoist and began to attach chains to my harness. After all the chains were attached a simple string of lights was wrapped around me several times. This was plugged in and I immediately knew there was no danger of being burned by them.

“UP!” Cubster demanded from his easy chair, feet still firmly planted on Brutus’ back. Hans returned to the suspension controls and slowly lifted me off my feet. When I was completely off the floor adjustments were made to the chain fittings and I came to be horizontal facing the floor. Once again I was lifted higher and higher until I was nearly 6 feet off the ground.

“SPIN!” shouted Cubster and Hans reached up, grabbed my right leg and threw me counterclockwise. Cubster was laughing maniacally at his new toy.

As the spinning stopped I saw Hans hand the electric controls to Cubster in his chair. He started giggling like a little boy with a new Christmas train and ever so slowly began twisting the dials higher.

“Scream and struggle as much as you like, Alan. It’s time to put on a show!”

I started by moaning. Cubster was manipulating the controls like a concert pianist. First a wave of pleasure starting at my anus and moving through my intestines, followed by a glissando from the base of my balls to the tip of my dick. Pause. And now a return from the tip of my dick to the base of my anus. I was in heaven.

Cubster let the pleasure last only a few trips. He dialed up the current several notches. Now I was feeling sharp pinpricks throughout the journey from one end of the torture to the other. I began to plead for mercy through that muzzle but no words came out clearly. Cubster just laughed some more. Hans was stoic, but I could see his penis has filled out the tuxedo pants more fully. With each complete cycle of electric juice running from anus to penis tip and back again Cubster would pause just a bit longer giving me more time to plead and scream for mercy, struggling to get loose, and with the next wave he would turn the juice another notch higher.

By this time I was swinging in the air, taking my body on the same trip that the electricity was going. I had turned to jello and was being manipulated like I was a perverted Pinochhio controlled by one sick fuck of a Gepetto. For what seemed like hours I screamed and screamed, while Cubster laughed more and more.

“Bring it to a close Cubster. Bring him down, remove the muzzle. Alan, be sure to kiss his feet and thank him.”

Cubster immediately dialed down the electricity and finally shut it off. Hans was bringing me to the floor at the same time. When I was free of the suspension chains, Hans removed my muzzle. Slowly and with great humility I crawled to the easy chair where I kissed Cubster’s boots reverentially.

“Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“We are fading on this scene. Good work, gentlemen. You’re done for today.”

I rolled on my back and groaned aloud. Freddie and Fannie had come on the set and were helping Brutus and Luis out of their suits. Cubster jumped playfully on me, his legs straddling my waist. He tweaked my tits and laughed. “You, my friend, are such a scene stealer! Talk about chewing the scenery!” I started laughing too as he continued to pinch my tits lightly. I was worn out completely and had no energy to resist his playful jabs.

Brutus and Luis came to my rescue when they were free, lifting Cubster off me. They pretended to be angry at him and threatened to stick his finger in a light socket on their way to the shower if he didn’t stop laughing. “Promises, promises.” he chortled as they disappeared down the hall. Hans helped me to my feet. “C’mon. Let’s go drink a couple gallons of water and take a long shower. You have to be exhausted.”

Did everybody at this place really have that nice a personality?! I was constantly amazed at how kind and caring everyone was toward me. I was being treated like big brother, little brother, son, father, uncle, you name it. But every single person was treating me like an important part of the family. Not one single person had judged me or my looks or my penis or my 20 extra pounds. Not one single person had looked at me funny because I had strong fetishes and deeply ingrained BDSM needs. This place, this haven, was addictive and humbling and I was thankful in ways I could only begin to comprehend.

I didn’t see SirTom again that afternoon, but that was okay. I knew from the reaction on the set that everyone felt the scene had gone well. There were fifteen actors and 25 other support staff that SirTom was in charge of. I couldn’t expect him to hold my hand every time I set foot in the building. I just liked him holding my hand. That, too, was feeling like a growing addiction; one I had best show care in not allowing to grow any more.

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