Saturday, June 26, 2010

SirTom Enterprises, Part IV

We arrived at a set I hadn’t seen yet. It was a simple open space with two monster columns running floor to ceiling. There were heavy lights hung above us that lit up the space brilliantly, I supposed for better camera clarity. In one corner I could see someone hunched over a computer screen typing in commands. A couple of guys had good sized cameras on tripods already catching the action. I was lifted off the shoulders of my carriers and thrown on a small bed near the left column. Almost instantly my hands and feet were shackled to the bed. I squirmed to get free with all my might. Suddenly I stopped. The scene unfolding in front of was truly unbelievable.

All fifteen men were ripping off their suits, ties, shirts, shoes. And underneath, each and everyone was wearing a full catsuit. Tight and shiny, they were all a little different. Some had holes for penises, some had rubber sheaths. Some were showing only a bulge in a codpiece. Each of the men was adding pieces to their wardrobe. A black guy was pulling on a gorgeous policeman’s uniform. Brutus was adding a huge butcher’s apron. Several had pulled on gasmasks, some of these in styles I had never seen before. Danny, my Daddy fantasy was pulling on what looked like a complete doctor’s outfit. Gloves, boots, hoods, coats, jackets, you name it. In a matter of minutes each of the fifteen had transformed himself into a 100% hot rubberman.

Slowly they turned their focus on me again. I began to struggle on the bed again. Brutus approached with a large pair of scissors and very efficiently began to cut away every piece of clothing I had on. I had one man holding each arm, two men on each leg, yet another trying to hold my head still, Brutus with a pair of scissors snipping away, and somehow in the midst of all that was a camera recording all of the action.

Once naked, a new process began. Bottles of lube were poured all over my body, my legs released and a catsuit was easily slid up my legs. With the help of the lube my rock-hard, viagra-enhanced penis slipped easily into the sheath on the suit. Legs shackled again, my arms were let loose. I tried to struggle even more. Each time I did, Brutus would step behind me, pinch my nose shut and place a large rubber glove over my gagged mouth. In little time I was completely covered from toes to neck in heavy black rubber. As the final zip and lock were done up at the back of my neck Brutus single-handedly lifted me to my feet. I was dragged to stand in the middle of the two large columns. More shackles were attached to my wrists and chains quickly stretched me out between the two columns. Young Topher, at least I think it was Topher!, came behind me and undid the gag. I immediately started shouting,

“You motherfuckers have made one huge mistake.”

Cubster stepped up and slapped my dick. “Mr. Penis says otherwise, fuckwad.”

A huge rigid hood was held up before me. I recognized it immediately. I had always wanted to buy one from StudioGum but could not ever really believe that I could afford it. And now it was going to go on my head. I couldn’t wait.

“Resist, Alan, resist.”

“No way! No, please! I’ll do anything, guys. It’s a mistake. Please. I won’t tell anyone. Just let me go. I can’t take that hood. Please,”

And with great efficiency the hood was brought over my head. A rigid gag entered my mouth shoving my jaws apart. Straps were secured tightly. I could see out through some sort of plexiglass lenses. Now dangling in front of my eyes were knee high lace up boots. Except they weren’t really boots as much as obscene, dare I say feminine?, shoes with a ten inch heel. They weren’t designed for walking in, at least not without practice. I’d seen them before on some porn sites and was curious how someone felt wearing them. My curiosity was about to be fulfilled. My latexed feet were shoved into the shoes and the laces done up tightly. I was wobbling on my tiptoes. My ankles were quickly shackled and my legs secured to the floor.

Brutus announced, “On to phase three!”

A full length mirror was rolled out not far in front of me. A camera was there to capture my first sight of myself completely spread-eagle, perched precariously on my toes, and in that incredible hood. I was in shock. My mouth was actually open, forced open by that gag, but I could see my tongue licking the rubber. It was like a face in perpetual shock. I loved it. I loved every bit of it.

“Enough admiration, my boy, time to start struggling again.”

Men came from every angle. Someone carried a sort of corset belt that was laced around my waist. Another climbed a small ladder to attach yet another chain to the top of the rubber hood. Even as I struggled, more and more inches of freedom were taken away from me. The chains on my hands and feet were pulled tighter. The corset was cinched so tightly I could barely breathe. But the most amazing thing was happening elsewhere. Two pump bulbs were attached to my suit and were being squeezed vigorously. I was growing tits! The inflation on the suit was making it look like I had monstrous over-sized tits! With the tightly cinched waist and these humongous tits along with my rigid cock, I looked like some sort of black latex hermaphrodite from outer space on steroids. The was genderfuck in living 3-D! I really did start to struggle now. This was one step beyond what I knew and liked. But I kept looking back to the mirror. It was absolutely fucking weird. . . and erotic.

Two hooded boys pretended to lick the monstrous nipples. Another man took my cock in his mouth and was sliding its full shaft down his throat. Other men coupled up to my right and left, and in the mirror I could see more sexual foreplay just behind me. Brutus stood behind me and slowly undid a zipper in the back of the suit. A finger found its way into my ass. Rubbered fingers reached deeply into my mouth. I licked for everything I was worth. And there were the cameras recording every single bit of it! Broadcasting it live! For nearly a half hour this rubber orgy continued. Different men took over the licking of the tits, a different finger, sometimes two worked my prostate, another man fell to the floor and licked my high heeled feet. And the mirror played it all back to me.

“Gentlemen, I have received a request for our newest member to have an orgasm for us. This means a bonus for all of you for today’s work. Please release Alan from all the chains and lay him back on the bed. Alan, relax, and enjoy the ride.”

Chains were unlocked, the hood was freed from above and Brutus carried me to the bed. All of the men surrounded the bed with a tiny space left for the cameraman to capture this scene. One by one the men released gushers of urine on me. Much of it came through the open gag of the hood and I drank it greedily. I was physically exhausted and beyond fighting. A hand grabbed my cock and started to slap it. I moaned, my hips lifting off the bed. Another hand found it’s way to my ass opening and slipped an intelligent finger inside. I squirmed. One of the smaller dicks pushed through the gag opening of the hood. I sucked with all my might. And I heard multiple dicks being whacked and sucked and spanked and caressed all around me. Before long I could feel ropes and chunks of sperm landing on my rubber suit and face. The dick in my mouth was pulled out and another incredible arc of cum hit my inflated chest. I grabbed my dick and pulled fiercely on it only three times. And with a blood-curdling scream I erupted again and again and again. Breathing heavily I pulled into an almost fetal position.

“Gentlemen, please move away very, very slowly now. Alan, you just rest. Just rest until I tell you we’re through.”

Who was he kidding. I might never move again.

“And CUT.”

There was a roar from the room. The other guys were pulling off hoods and gasmasks and rushing over to the bed. They helped me out of those infernal shoes and got me to my feet, released me from the hood, deflated my swollen tits, and gave me hearty, full embraces, congratulating me on what a great shoot it had been.

“Gentlemen. Thank you all so very much. I’d like for you to make your way to the showers. Alan will join you in a moment.”

They were quick to evacuate, slapping each other on the back and butts like they’d just won the Superbowl and were headed for the champagne in the locker room. SirTom appeared from a dark corner near the computer operator. He too was shutting down for the day and heading for the locker-room celebration.

SirTom took me by the chin and held it firmly in his hand. “Alan, you were quite a star today. The feedback we received during the broadcast was out of this world. I have you planned for two more shoots this week. While I don’t want to overexpose you to our clientele, they are currently begging for encores. Congratulations. I am so happy for you.”

“Thank you, SirTom.” It came out easily but deep down inside I knew I had to tell him more. I looked into those blue eyes and I felt some incredible knowledge fill me.

I had been released.

I fell to my knees and started weeping. Was it tears of joy for having that release, tears of sorrow for all the time I’d wasted looking for that release? SirTom knelt beside me and lifted my head. “It’s okay, boy, shhhhh, it’s okay.” I looked at him again and sort of hiccuped a half sob and laugh. And in that raw, perfect, undeniable voice he added, “And it’s only going to get better.”

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