Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Tail Is In!

Uh..... I meant it arrived. But yeah, it also went in.

pup is not an experienced assplay bottom. And his eyes may been a bit big when he went shopping for a silicone tail to take him further into his puppyness.

But one thing I realized as we patiently, so patiently opened him up to accept his new tail, was that the joy of playing with a partner for multiple sessions is the knowledge that we can just take one simple act of putting in a buttplug tail and make it a two hour intimate exchange. So often I think that I feel I have to use every single bell and whistle in a single play-date; that I have to prove I'm a player by dragging out every single toy and piece of gear and using most of them in 2 hours or less. This can also be evidenced by a sub's or boy's rapid breathing, their drooling hunger to have it all!, or in pup's case how quickly he likes to pull on his gear (the rubber jockstrap turned it a tight little rubberband tourniquet as he was yanking it on the other

We don't need to rush to the next moment. We just need to savor the one we're in right now. And I have to remind Myself that this is My responsibility. Hungry little pups would gobble the entire world in no time flat, their appetites are so huge. It's My job to provide the proper diet. And yeah, so shoot me, I'm a slow learner.

I was so proud of the pup as he truly sought the relaxation to take his tail, and he did it. And it's handsome!

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