Monday, June 28, 2010

Domasan Monday

So it didn't turn out the way I originally envisioned. Schedules weren't perfect for all three of us to be here start to finish, my confidence lagged, my fucking sciatica kicked in 2/3 of the way through, but the hubby and pup/boy were so incredible as always. So with apologies to Domasan, this was the best I could produce today, but with great THANKS to Domasan, each time I use a rope I get better. I grow in confidence that I need not decide a thing until the human body stands in front of me ready to accept that rope. And I know there is no rush to the finish line.......I have learned to allow the rope to move slowly, caressing the body, cinching ever so much tighter as twist, and turn, and knot, and knot are added.

pup/boy/real-human-being and I chatted earlier this morning. I tried to explain that hubby fulfills and plays so many roles in my life, and yes, slipping from one to another has become easier and more rapid. He is my hubby, my partner, my friend, my boy, my bottom, and sometimes even my slave, and whether he likes it or not, he has some pretty big puppy tendencies (although no desire to go there like ~loki does) Somewhere in the midst of this conversation the pup/boy/real-human-being starts doubting yet again....starts wondering if I really want him to be with Me. All I can say is I hope the spanking he got for that type of thinking cures him of thinking that way. For ever.

There were twists and turns in our four hours together (is that rope bondage pun humor?). And there was a truly amazing cum shot, uh make that 5 cum shots from the boy. And no I don't have pics of that. Or a video of that. That memory belongs to me, and the shocked hubby who was lying on the floor watching wave after wave of cum shoot way over his shoulder and finally on him. I also don't have pics of the boy in the straitjacket.....And I don't have pics of the boy trying to grind his crotch covered in that silky loin cloth against my leather jeans....or the precum dripping THROUGH the loin cloth......learn to use your imaginations, for godsake!

OH! And the other thing I learned today? Let somebody else hold the camera. I'm busy!!!!

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  1. I can put the straitjacket on for a reshoot any time. :)