Sunday, June 27, 2010

Practice Session

I am SO stoked to have the opportunity to tie up both the hubby and boy/pup tomorrow. This will be "homage to Domasan" Day. Both pup and I have chatted with him about this and he has been the coolest guy and the most marvelous gentleman about our venture. (Just to remind you.....I assigned both hubby and pup to find a portrait of Domasan's that was their big "turn-on" and I would do my best to sort of replicate it. At best, think kindergartner painting a Rembrandt.....sigh)

Those little fuckers picked tough poses.....and I've been studying, magnifying, and trying to work out some new techniques..... And then I took a deep breath. I can't possible duplicate the work of a Master of rope art like Domasan. All I can be is me. (besides I cant' afford the red rope yet!

So this afternoon was just JUST a practice session but DAMN if it didn't turn out to be a lot of fun. Hubby, who most definitely is NOT in to gear got super turned on by the red loin cloth. And, lo and behold, I began to really realize the idea of rope for both bondage and support. This harness and the connections to the chains was so cool. And hubby had the 2nd screaming orgasm in as many days. Yum.