Monday, June 28, 2010

SirTom Enterprises, Part V

I made my way back to my dressing room and pulled off the slippery catsuit. I was absolutely drained. A cute little guy from wardrobe named Freddie came by to pick up the suit and to ask,

“You have clothes to wear home? If not....”

“No, I’m okay. I brought a couple of other suits with me.”

“We’ll reimburse you for the suit that was destroyed today. No problem. And, you’re not shooting again until Wednesday, but if you could come by sometime tomorrow, I’d like to do some fittings on you for your next couple of shoots. And by the way–nice job today.” Freddie lifted his polo shirt to show a huge damp spot on his jeans and grinned. “I gotta tell you the perks on this job are fantastic.” We agreed to meet tomorrow at 1:00.

In the large shower room, most of the guys were toweling off, gabbing away. It looked a little like a locker room after a pick-up basketball game at the local YMCA. There was such a wonderful comaraderie amongst these men.

“We’re going to Six Feet Under for dinner, Alan. You have to join us!” Six Feet Under was a pretty laid back place on the West Side of Midtown–not far from the warehouse/studio and on my way home.

“Sounds great. I just gotta get about 16 layers of piss, cum and lube off me first.” There was general laughter among the men. Danny came up behind me and shot a small stream of urine down my back. “Make that 17 layers.”

I scrubbed thoroughly feeling somewhat rejuvenated by the clouds of hot steam surrounding me. My head was filled with questions about what lay ahead for me. I wondered briefly how I would ever tell Geo what was going on. But, I was happy in a way that I had never known happiness. That was the main thought that kept reappearing. And that was what mattered today, I decided.

I pulled out a clean set of clothes from my traveling bag and dressed quickly. I was looking forward to eating a LOT of food. And I wanted to get to know my co-workers better. “Co-workers...” I laughed. Hardly the right term, but I didn’t know what else to call them.

On the way to my car three more of the various support staff hollered after me, “Great job, stud!” “Nice work, hot stuff!” “I’m sure everyone wishes their first day of work was that exciting, eh?”

I got in the car and fired up my cell phone. 3 missed calls from Geo. I gave him a quick buzz.

“Hey! How’d your first big day of work go? I tried calling but kept getting voice mail. You must have been really busy.”

“Hey sweet thing. You are so fucking right! Busy only half describes it. But it is great! I’m going to give up all my other clients in the near future so I can focus on this job. The benefits are great, the people are amazing, and there’s such a positive energy here I can’t begin to describe it.”

“You sound so happy, Alan.”

“I am. I really am. I’ve got this shit-eating grin on my face and it won’t go away.” I laughed. “Listen, some of the workers are going out to eat. Do you mind if I join them?”

“No. Go! I’m working until about 10:00 again tonight. I’ll see you when I get home.”

“I love you, Geo.”

“Not as much as I love you, kiddo.”

I hung up and headed for Six Feet Under. SirTom had arranged for us to have the upstairs deck to ourselves. Platters of hot food were laid out as were pitchers of beer and carafes of wine. No need for waiters to interrupt out conversations. SirTom thinks of everything, I thought.

Almost all of the guys were there. Even a couple of the tech staff and Freddie had joined the party. A couple of the actors had gone home to partners. SirTom wasn’t there. I was a little disappointed I think. I had wanted to talk with him some more. Cubster was the first to see me come up the stairs and he rushed right over to welcome me with a huge bear hug. He draped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me over to a huge round table where everyone was sitting. He pulled his chair right up next to mine and kept that arm around me. There was nothing really sexual in it, I decided. It was more protective than anything else. It was just.....friendly. God, I liked that.

Danny and a young guy named Ed were talking about a fishing trip they had planned for the end of the month. Brutus was telling a blonde joke to a couple of guys. Cubster was on my left and the black guy I’d seen putting on the policeman’s uniform was on my right. He reached over to shake my hand.

“I know you can’t remember everyone’s name yet, so I won’t embarrass you by quizzing you. I’m JB. I want you to know it was a pleasure working with you today and I hope SirTom lets you and me do more scenes together soon.”

JB had the most sincere deep brown eyes. Almost liquid velvet. He was very dark, almost ebony, and had one of the nicest smiles I’d seen on a man in a long time.

“Thanks. I hope so too. By the way, where is SirTom?”

“Probably out making us some more money.” JB laughed. “Actually newcomer’s day is a real ritual for all of us. We play out the scene pretty much the way it went today and then we come here to celebrate. We all let our hair down a bit and get to know each other over a glass of beer without the ‘boss’ around. That is, we celebrate if the newcomer makes it through in one piece. Not everybody does.”

I frowned. “What do you mean?”

Cubster piped up, “Some guys talk the talk when it comes to their fetishes, even pass the interview stage with flying colors like you did. By interview, I mean your little audition last week in the straitjacket. And may I add an editorial ‘Woof!’ on that! But when confronted by the genderfuck suit they freak out, and not in a good way. They have preconceived notions of what they will and won’t do. SirTom is willing to bend a bit when it comes to ‘limits’ but the hermaphrodite scene is a really good litmus test of a new guy’s willingness to take on all scenes. Besides, newcomer’s day is probably one of our biggest events. All the clients know what’s going to happen and we get about a 98% sign-on rate during those two hours. I’m guessing all of them would like to be put in that suit, or know some asshole VP they’d like to truss up that way. I always laugh when I think about the huge cum pools someone has to clean up under those 15 foot mahogany desks.”

“So what happens if the newbie doesn’t pass the genderfuck test?”

“SirTom pays him the signing bonus and one month’s salary, thanks him for his services but lets him know that it was SirTom’s mistake to hire him in the first place. It’s only happened a couple of times.”

A huge plate of food arrived in front of me along with a cold glass of beer. I was ravenous and ate with incredible vigor. More beer was poured and the crowd rotated a bit. I found myself with Ed on one side and another guy named Deuce on the other. Ed was probably about 23, underweight, and had a real “geek” look to him. It really was endearing. Deuce, on the other hand, looked strikingly like Ed’s father, a 45 year old geek. He only required a plastic shirt-pocket protector filled with pens, and thick black glasses fixed with scotch tape to complete the look. And strangely enough his name was also Ed, but everyone called him Deuce, a nickname derived from a previous moniker–Edward the Second. I found out the guys were totally unrelated and even though Deuce was the elder of the two he had had to take the nickname Deuce since he was hired sometime after the young Ed.

Ed noticed me looking back and forth from his face to Deuce’s. He gave a little chortle.

“Don’t worry. Everybody thinks we look like father and son. And SirTom knows how to exploit it, trust me. And Deuce and I don’t argue. I think he’s a first-class hunk and deep-down I think he sort of likes the idea of being my Daddy. Of course he’ll argue that point, but ‘methinks he doth protest too much.’”

“Pay no attention to that sniveling little snot-nosed kid,” Deuce chimed in. “He wants me. He wants me bad. Thankfully I get paid enough to pretend I like him a little.” He grinned. The banter between the two of them was really fun.

“So how did the two of you get hired?” Cubster had mentioned my filming, suspended in the straitjacket. Did everyone go through that sort of an audition?

JB was first to reply. “I think we all can tell pretty much the same story. Gear and toy addictions. A need to sell some of the gear. SirTom scopes it out and picks up on the testosterone of the toy-seller.....” Deuce added, “It’s not unlike the Lana Turner being discovered at the corner drug store. And the rest, as they say, is history.” Several of the guys had started listening to our conversation and laughed at the Lana Turner analogy.

Brutus hollered over. “Deuce! You only wish you were Lana Turner!”

Deuce was quick. “And if I can ever talk SirTom into letting me wear the inflatable tit-suit again I can fulfill that dream, asshole!”

Cubster spoke up. “Of course our little friend Ed has a very different story of how he joined us, don’t you Ed.” He looked at Ed with a cocked eyebrow.

“Asshole,” Ed muttered in Cubster’s direction. He turned to me. “Unlike the rest of you I didn’t have the money to buy all this gear. But I had the know-how to hack into the site and watch the scenes for free. Except SirTom found a way to do a trace on me. Imagine having that little fucking hunk show up at your door while you’re watching the live feed..... He ended up firing his internet security guy and hired me to take his place. Before long he started thinking about using me in various scenes. It took very little convincing to sign me up as a regular participant.”

I think we were all running out of endorphins from the shoot and you could sense it was time to call it a night. Lots of hugs, “see you tomorrows” and I was on my way home. At home I threw my clothes on a chair, brushed my teeth and crawled into bed. Sometime later I felt Geo crawl into bed and lay on his side, his back to me. I rolled over and wrapped an arm around him, spooning him, kissing his neck.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, baby.”

The next day I slept sinfully late. Geo had already left for work, leaving a note by the coffee pot that he’d be late again that night. I was sort of glad he wasn’t there. I knew he’d want to know all about my first day at work and I needed some time to sort out the story I was working on in my head. I really hated having to lie to Geo but I knew he’d freak out about my living a fetish dream, and getting paid on top. The funny thing was, I didn’t feel like I was cheating on him, but I knew that was not completely truthful either.

I drank a lot of coffee and went to our roof top deck to think some more. It was one of those gorgeous Atlanta days. Now 10 a.m. it was still cool, not so humid, and I could tell it would be one of those days all Atlantans would appreciate. Sitting there I thought back to how kind SirTom had been when I’d fallen apart after the filming. This man seemed so intuitive and so kind, and he really did seem to know how alive this was going to make me feel.

I showered and shaved, ate a little yogurt and trail mix, put on some khakis and a t-shirt and headed over to ST Enterprises. Punching in codes I was soon in the building. The cute kid behind the desk, his name was Davey, welcomed me. “SirTom wants to see you after the fittings with Freddie. His office is the door just beyond the boardroom where I took you yesterday. We’re all looking forward to your next shoot, Alan. Hope it’s half as good as the first!”

I headed back to costuming and met Freddie. Working with him today was this wonderful woman named Fannie. Fannie was striking. About 5 foot tall, she was roly poly, with extremely short hair that was died a color that I’m sure was not to be found in Mother Nature’s palette. She had on a ton of jewelry, sported multiple piercings, and appeared to be wearing some sort of corset as her only garment. Flesh was tumbling over the top of the corset and dripping below it. She was a first class hoot of a lady. I’d not seen her yesterday, that much I knew for sure. She immediately came over, gave me a big hug, and slapped my butt playfully. I must have looked a little shocked. Freddie started laughing. “Don’t worry. She’s just our token fag hag, den mother, and under-sexed straight pervert who is a whiz with a needle and thread and a bottle of rubber cement, and is available for heart-to-hearts when you’re tired of testosterone-laden egomaniac actors.”

Fannie added, “And neither of us is a loan officer so if you’re thinking Freddie and Fannie Mae as in house loans, trust me, we’ve heard every joke. I’m built like a bank but that’s where the comparisons have to stop, so save your breath, buster.” I could see Freddie giggling behind her.

Freddie and Fannie had a full rack of clothes for me to try on. Told to strip naked by Fannie, “Don’t worry dearie, I’ve seen more cocks up close than you’ll ever be lucky enough to suck...” I did as told and presented myself completely nude for 2 hours of trying on various street clothes like the uniforms of an electric lineman and a car mechanic, to having Freddie and Fannie lace me up in some wonderful, devious, torturous sleepsacks, straitjackets, and various combinations of the same. One of the suits required that my dick be soft to slide a pin-prick leather sheath on it. This would be no easy task as with each set of clothing I tried on I was getting harder and harder. Fannie solved this beautifully. Without batting an eye she came up and grabbed my stiff cock and said, “I’m giving you thirty seconds to get over this shit, then it goes in my mouth and we will take care of it either by me showing Freddie how a real blow job is done, or by you going soft because your little friend doesn’t like lipstick. Now, which is it gonna be, fella.” I went soft almost immediately. Freddie was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes and started to hiccup.

A phone call came into the costume shop and Freddie told me it was time to go meet with SirTom. It was a bit of a maze going through all the hallways, past dressing rooms, various sets, and storage rooms, but eventually I found my way back up to the front of the building and SirTom’s office. The door was open and he waved me inside. As always he was dressed immaculately, completely in black, he was erotic just in being so completely tailored and accessorized. Rising from the desk he came over to give me yet another hug. I laughed to myself. It was like being at an AA meeting where everyone was welcoming the new drunk to the group.

We sat across from each other and SirTom began. “Alan. You look terrific today. The well-buffed head suits you and it looks at though you slept well. I like that. I want all of my boys to be healthy, happy, and well-groomed. You’re batting a thousand today.”

‘Thank you, SirTom, I appreciate it very much.”

“Not at all. Now a quick chat about the rest of the week, and some plans for next week. I have you scheduled for Wednesday afternoon and Thursday afternoon this week. Some fairly simple scenes, again where you only need concern yourself with responding to the situation. Others will be in control. You take their lead. Most days we film at least 3 scenes simultaneously. Most of these are two or three person scenes and we change from set to set on my direction. This allows for some of those awkward moments to be glossed over. When one scene gets stagnant I can switch to another. My clients like the overlap. For them it is like a 3 ring circus. Usually one scene involves leather, another involves rubber, and the third starts in a real world situation and progresses to the ‘dark side’ either through kidnapping or other pressure. These final scenes require a bit more scripting and we usually try to do a short rehearsal and suggest some dialogue to you participants. From what I saw of your work yesterday you should have no problem with the ‘dirty talk.’ Some men do, some don’t.”

“Next week you’ll be shooting on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I’ve booked you and Ed for a flight to San Francisco on Thursday. You’ll be there over the weekend. I’ve lined up appointments with three artisans whose work I admire, one each in leather, rubber, and metal. You’ll both have fittings to take care of, but you should have some time to explore and enjoy the city.

“I want you to know that what I saw yesterday made me know my instincts about hiring you were accurate. You are a great struggler and screamer. My clients love that. No ‘dead fish’ when it comes to bondage, is their constant feedback. And you handled the psychological limits that were put upon you admirably.

“One final thing. Have you talked with Geo about your work here?”

“Not yet, SirTom. I told him that I was doing IT work for your company. I’m working on when and how to tell him the truth, but I’m not quite sure I have a handle on how to tell him. This job may be the most important thing in my life today, but Geo had been a part of my life for 25 years. I have to figure out how to keep that in balance.”

“An admirable response, Alan. My advice? Don’t put it off. Tell him today if you can. Lies should never be a part of a good relationship. In fact with lies there can be no good relationship.” He stood up and crossed over to me. Grabbing my face with both hands he kissed me gently between my eyes.

“Now, why don’t you sit in the control booth with me today and watch the three scenes we’ve got set up. It will give you a bigger sense of the overall picture. Besides, I like having you around me, hot, little boy.”

I had a goofy grin on my face as I walked with him back to the production areas.

The day’s shoots were certainly less hedonistic than yesterday’s but I thought they were incredibly hot. Ed and Deuce played out a Daddy/Son scene that involved some masterful spanking by Deuce. Ed’s butt was roaring red by mid-way into the scene, yet he resolutely refused to apologize to his Daddy for some exaggerated or imagined wrong. It wasn’t until near the end of the two hours that he finally broke down in tears and asked for forgiveness.

My favorite scene of the day was between Danny and Brutus. Both were dressed in well-tailored suits. Danny was in the power position supposedly giving Brutus a dressing down for poor work performance the last quarter. Brutus never argued, only hanging his head at times, displaying shame for letting his boss down. Danny finally let Brutus know there would be no bonus that quarter, and he expected Brutus to take the punishment he so richly deserved. Without a word spoken, Brutus rose and removed his jacket, tie and shirt. His robust body glistened with sweat. He walked over to about a foot from the wall of the office set, spread his feet, placed his hands against the wall and leaned forward.

Danny also removed his jacket exposing a tight vest over his starched shirt. He walked to a cabinet next to Brutus and swung open the doors. A huge array of floggers and single tails hung there. Selecting a flogger, he showed it to Brutus, took a few steps back and began to flail Brutus slowly at first, then with increased speed and viciousness. Brutus never made a sound, but the cameras frequently caught closeups of his face, twisted in pain, but determined not to break.

With a deftness SirTom switched from scene to scene, instinctively knowing when it was time to give one set of actors a small break. Leaving Danny and Brutus in the office set SirTom ordered the computer operator to switch to a garage setting.

Two other guys were playing out a gear scene involving racing leathers. SirTom told me they were Hans and Thair. I’d seen them at the party on Monday but never really had a chance to talk with them. Both were lanky young men who filled their racing suits nicely. They groped and wrestled in full leather with helmets on until Hans finally proved the more aggressive for that day.

Switching back to the office set, Danny had removed a letter opener from the desktop and was teasing Brutus’ tits with it. It was amazing work. Not an iota of bondage was on Brutus’ body but he acted as if he was 100% immobilized. With great swiftness he cut off Brutus’ pants and underwear. Now with skill I knew I could never approach Danny worked with each and every flogger, whip, and paddle on Brutus back and beefy buttocks. While impressed with Danny’s abilities I was even more amazed at Brutus ability to remain rock solid taking every single blow to his body. Only once did I hear a whimper escape from his body. Danny was on him like flies on shit. He stuffed the torn underwear into Brutus mouth and returned to his sadistic punishment.

SirTom directed the cameras back to the garage scene. Hans had ended up hogtying Thair on top of a Harley Davidson. Thair’s cock and shaved nuts were also roped and stretched tightly, anchored on the handlebars of the bike. I was watching over SirTom’s shoulder when a request appeared inside a dialogue box from “NY147*6@.”

“Please have that top shoot his load all over the bottom’s helmet. Charge my account as usual.”

SirTom typed in quickly. “Consider it done. And thank you for your patronage.”

SirTom spoke into a microphone. “Hans. We are finishing today’s shoot with you and Thair. You’re earning a bonus today, gentlemen. Hans, I need you to ejaculate so that it lands on the helmet and drips down on the camera side. Thair, you are not to cum. I know you understand. This will be our final shot of the day. We have ten minutes remaining in this broadcast”

Thair struggled in the hogtie. Han slowly removed his erect dick from his racing leathers and gripped it with his leather-gloved hand. Closeups were taken as Hans slowly stroked his cock and started to moan deeply and rhythmically. Thair was whimpering almost as an echo of the moans. Slowly Hans began to pick up the pace of his strokes. The moans and whimpers accelerated and Hans arced a beautiful pearl of cum directly onto Thair’s helmet. A roar escaped from Hans as a string of pearls erupted. A deep breath and yet another, smaller string escaped from the vibrating dick, again a perfect hit on top of the helmet. Hans slowly took off his helmet and laid it to the side. He brought his head down to Thair’s helmet and slowly began to lick the cum-covered plastic.

“Thank you, gentlemen. Today’s shoot is complete. Excellent work.”

Lights were shut down and the computer operator went through a variety of commands to bring the website to a close. While the shoot was active he monitored the site very closely to make sure there were no hackers spying on the private broadcast. With my background in IT even I was impressed with the complexity of firewalls that had been set up to protect ST Enterprises, and it reassured me that anonymity was crucial to the company. SirTom encouraged me to go back and talk with the actors for that day and headed off to his office.

Winding through the various sets I made my way back to the dressing rooms. Danny was in Brutus’ dressing room rubbing aloe vera on his back.

“You’re sure it wasn’t too much? You scared me when you finally made a noise.”

Brutus was laughing. “Danny, I just felt like having some piss-stained underwear shoved in my mouth. Thanks, buddy.” Brutus noticed me standing the door. “Hey, guy. Did you watch today?”

“Sure did. You two were incredibly hot. Actually everybody was. Danny, where in God’s name did you learn to handle all those floggers and whips so beautifully?”

Danny grinned. “Aren’t you sweet! Actually I have always dabbled in the handling of floggers, but SirTom really spent time with me, teaching me the musicality and the aerodynamics of each instrument. Always have an open mind and an open ear when he offers to help you. I have met no man in the leather community with a deeper understanding of our personal journeys and capabilities.”

Brutus sat down again and Danny continued the application of the soothing aloe. Brutus spoke up. “We’re in a scene together tomorrow, buddy! Get a good night’s sleep. I’ll be dreaming about you.” He winked.

Down the hall, Hans and Thair were playfully snapping each other’s butts with damp towels. They had showered quickly. I went up and shook both their hands offering congratulations to them. They would have none of it, turning me into a piece of sandwich meat between their naked bodies. “Thair’s in love with you,” announced Hans playfully. “Stop it!” the grinning Thair argued. Thair whispered in my ear, “I can’t wait until you have to suck my cock again. Yesterday you almost made me come too early in the scene. Just plunging my cock in the gagged mouth......woof!”

I extricated myself and turned to him. “That was you!” Thair laughed. “Yup. I knew you didn’t have a clue. Our friend over there was the rubber fireman playing with his hose.....” It was Hans turn to laugh. They went back to more towel snapping and I found Ed alone in his dressing room admiring his bright red butt in the mirror.

“Red’s a good color for you,” I offered.

“Actually I’m more of a ‘spring’ according to my fashion consultant, but that should be the color range it actually is for the next few days.” Suddenly his eyes lit up and he ran over and hugged me. “I hear you and me get to go to San Francisco next week! Oh, sugar, I can’t wait.” In a loud and staged voice he hollered, “ If nothing else I plan to turn that nasty old butt-whacker insanely jealous with hourly reports of our good times together cruising Folsom street!”

From through the wall I heard Deuce holler back, “Just try you sniveling little shit! I’m turning my cell phone off that weekend. I hope you both rot in hell. Okay, not true. I hope one of you rots in hell. Alan, honey, have a good time, but don’t be afraid to drop that worthless piece of toe scum off a wharf if you need to!”

Ed hollered, “Love you!”

Deuce hollered back, “Not as much as I love you!”

That night I had a great idea of how I could give something back to everyone at work. First I called Freddie from the costume shop and got some critical information from him. Next I called a friend of mine who ran a little t-shirt printing business to make a few extra bucks. He was more than happy to comply with a last minute request and told me to swing by anytime after noon the next day to pick up my order.

Geo and I were living on different schedules right now. Once again, he got home late and crawled into bed next to me. He seemed distant but I chalked it up to exhaustion. The next morning the same note as the one from the previous day was sitting by the coffee pot. He had simply added, “I hate to be redundant,, ooo, love you.” The coming weekend I needed to get him alone, put a lot of wine him, and tell him what was really going on in my life.

I got ready for work and started laughing even as I thought that. I was going to “work”, getting paid, and having the time of my life. I swung by my friend’s and picked up the big box he had waiting for me, paid him, and headed for the west side of the city.

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