Friday, June 25, 2010

SirTom Enterprises, Part III

I didn’t get a chance to model any more items for SirTom that afternoon but we looked at every item I had. Standard gear he had no interest in. There was plenty of that at the warehouse in Atlanta. He did however agree to purchase all of my clothing, all of the clothing I’d bought for Geo that he had practically never worn, and most of the straitjackets, sleepsacks, gimpsuits, catsuits, and other full coverage items I had. He also puchased the barberchair that I'd added a few hooks to for extremely convenient for bondage scenes. He encouraged me to keep the sling for which I was grateful. Geo and I did get some good use out of that. He wrote a check for $8000 dollars along with another check for $15,000, my signing bonus. SirTom said he’d send around a couple of men to pick it all up the following afternoon.

I was to start the following Monday. There would be a general meeting at 1:00 of all employees followed by my first shoot at 5:00 that afternoon. He also asked that I wear a suit, and bring a couple of other quality suits, shirts, ties and dress shoes for the Monday afternoon shoot.

SirTom finally was gone at about 6:00 that evening. Before leaving he came directly up to me tweaked both my nipples and said in a soft almost hypnotic voice, “It is going to be such a delight working with you, Alan.” And he was gone.

I showered and cleaned up the place a bit, although leaving out all the gear made sense since so much of it had to be packed up and taken away the next day. While showering I thought about what I would tell Geo when he came home. I wasn’t ready to let him know about my new venture. I wasn’t sure how he would take it. But before he got home at 10:00 that night I had a pretty plausible story to lay out for him.

When he walked through the door I handed him a glass of wine and I waved the $8000 check in front him. His eyes grew wide and he grabbed me and kissed me. Looking around at all the gear still out he asked,

“So why is it all still here?”

“It’s being picked up tomorrow. And not all of it. Most of the clothes and uniforms, and the other items like catsuits and straitjackets he bought. The other gear he wasn’t interested in. And he still was willing to pay $8000. We can get ahead on mortgage payments, and maybe pay off your car. And there’s more.

“He runs a small start up company for the entertainment industry here in Atlanta. We were talking about work and he asked what I did. When he found out about my IT skills and my abilities to design interactive websites, he looked over my qualifications and examples of my work (in more ways than one, I thought) and he offered me a full-time job!”

I hated lying to Geo but it wasn’t a total lie as SirTom had certainly looked over my qualifications, it’s just he wasn’t interested in my IT skills......

That night I drug Geo to the sling I’d rehung and made him fuck me hard. We both were a little high on the wine, but my ass was aching for his dick after the workout it had received in the afternoon. Geo was just drunk enough and horny enough to really start to get into the rough fuck he was giving me. We had the sling practically flying and as his load filled my guts I shot a huge load all over my chest. It had been the most remarkable day of my life.

The next three days went quickly. Two men arrived and packed all the gear that SirTom and I had agreed upon. I deposited the $8000 in Geo’s and my joint checking account and went across the street to open a new account with the $15,000 signing bonus. I went shopping for some good new shirts with French cuffs and a variety of silk ties. I bought some new underwear–tight, butt-enhancing, silky. I even splurged on some great silk socks. I wanted to present a good image on my first day of "work".

When Monday finally arrived I was nervous and flushed. I couldn't believe that on that day I was to begin a career as a porno star! Geo must have noticed my giddiness but probably passed it off as just first-day jitters. I’d smuggled my extra suits, shirts, and ties to the car while he was still sleeping. I kissed him goodbye and made him wish me good luck.

The drive to the warehouse was incredibly short. A nondescript building that looked like a conglomeration of various styles, ages, and sizes was set a ways back from the road. A tall fence surrounded the compound-like setting. A small sign stood by the gate: “ST Enterprises”. At the gate I punched in a code, an operator answered and I gave my name. The gate swung open and I pulled up to the front of the building and parked.

I walked to the front door. Again, I had to punch in a code before the door opened and I could enter. Just inside the door a cute young man served as receptionist. He stood up immediately, came around the desk, said, “So you’re Alan,” and gave me a big hug. It was amazing. Just like that he was making me a part of the family at ST Enterprises. He showed me down the hall, took my suit bag from me, told me he’d put it in my dressing room, and let me into what for all intents and purposes was a first-class executive boardroom. Fifteen men were awaiting me inside. Fifteen of the most unusual, yet everyday guys I had ever hoped to meet. At the head of the table sat SirTom.

Almost immediately I was inundated with hugs, kisses on the cheeks, playful grabs of my ass and lots of laughter. “He is perfect!” someone chortled. Somebody else went up and gave SirTom a peck on the cheek telling him, “You are a genius, SirTom, as always.” This was so weird. SirTom was beaming.

“Alan, please sit down. I’ve got several forms for you to sign so we can get the health insurance and 401k started. More importantly I want you to meet the people who make up our tight-knit group here at SirTom Enterprises."

I signed quickly. I was curious about all these other men in the room. I would never remember them all in that first day but I would grow intimate with each and every one of them over the next few weeks. It is easier to remember my overall response to what I saw in that room. Healthy, drug-free, positive, upbeat, well-dressed, well-groomed, normal guys! Just like SirTom had told me, there were no beefcakes, no Tom of Finland types, no pierced/tattooed skinheads. Each guy looked perfectly comfortable and happy in a well-tailored suit. And each oozed a unique, smoldering sensuality that no suit could fully contain.

A few guys did stand out in my mind as introductions were made. First was Brutus (real name Robert, but NO ONE called him that). Brutus was a great name for him because he was a real brute. Biggest of all the men there he filled every bit of his suit. Probably 6'4" and 300 pounds, I wanted to drop to my knees right then and there and get to know much more about this man. At the other range was Cubster (Ron). Cubster was barely 5'4" and had a wonderful basketball-sized stomach. Vest buttons were tight over that tummy. Cubster seemed proud of his girth, not apologetic. I immediately took a liking to him for that very reason. Topher was probably the youngest of the bunch. He looked to be college age, average height, average weight, he blushed easily and was teased about this mercilessly by the rest of the actors. Danny was probably the oldest of the bunch. He might have been approaching 60, but he was nicely built, gorgeous eyes, and one of the best trimmed beards I’d seen. He could easily have passed as the chairman of any major board in the city. I was already fantasizing Daddy/son scenes with him.

SirTom allowed the introductions to finish. “Gentlemen, we have a great deal to accomplish today. I would like to get Alan to wardrobe, to makeup and the barber for a closer shave on that head, let him meet the rest of our backstage staff, and then do a quick talk-through of today’s filming. I expect everyone back in here promptly at 4:45. Thank you.” Amidst more hugs, kisses and playful gropes the guys left the room leaving me alone with SirTom.

“How do you feel, Alan?”

“Like we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto? I mean, SirTom?” I ventured.

SirTom laughed. “Let’s get going, shall we.”

The afternoon was gone in a flash. I’d had my head shaved and buffed to a high shine by the makeup/hairdressing guy. I’d been to the costume shop where an amazing amount of measurements were taken and recorded by the head designer there. He assured me that for that afternoon there would be no problem as I’d be wearing a catsuit pretty much like the ones they’d bought from me. I only got a partial tour of the incredible variety of sets that were available. Just an inventory of the bondage and punishment furniture was overwhelming. And like that it was 4:45 and we were back in the boardroom.

A camera had been set up in the corner and the lights were definitely brighter. On the table was a bowl of bright blue little pills and each of the guys was taking one. SirTom, took one out of the bowl for me and popped it in my mouth. “Now that you’re in show business, and live show business to boot, we take precautions. We always maintain our ‘wood’ on the set!”

SirTom took the head of the table as before. “Gentlemen, you all know the script we are using for this afternoon. It is the same script we used when welcoming each of you to the company. Alan, I know you feel a little lost right now, but not to worry! For the next couple of weeks all you’ll have to do is go with the flow. Today you are merely the object of attention. I encourage you to struggle valiantly, to scream if need be, and to give our clients out there in cyberspace the ride of their lives. If anything should become too intense make a small circle with the forefinger and thumb of your left hand. This is our discreet signal to back off and give the bottom some time to recover. If your hands are unavailable to communicate with, 3 head shakes, left, right, left, sharp and distinct will let us know of the problem. We frequently use gags so safe words are of little use. Remember these two signals. We promise to abide by them. Lastly, each of you already has your earpiece in. Alan, yours is on the table in front of you. Once we start shooting this is how I communicate with you, give suggestions, encouragements, or provide directions for various camera angles. Now let’s check communications and let’s be ready to start today’s shoot in 2 minutes.”

A couple of the guys came up and gave me a quick hug of encouragement. Everyone else found a place around the table to sit. Everyone was gulping a last cup of coffee or a large glass of water. With the warm lights up and running that sounded like a good idea to me too. Through my ear I heard,

“Alan, this is SirTom. Just nod if you hear me.” I nodded. “Please try to relax, at least at first. I truly believe you will enjoy today as much as each and every one of us is looking forward to making it enjoyable for you.”

I glanced at the end of the table where SirTom was standing to leave. I mouthed a simple, “Thank you so very much, SirTom.” He winked and was gone. In my ear I heard the simple words, “We’re live guys. Let’s do it.” And almost at once everyone started looking at me and grinning, mischievously, almost with an evil twinge. Brutus spoke up.

“Gentlemen, we have a new board member with us today. It is our custom to welcome new board members with a complete initiation rite. Gentlemen, it is time to begin.” And like that I had five of the men holding me down in the chair

“Struggle, Alan, struggle, make some protests.”

“Wait, please. What are you doing? No one told me about this. Take your hands off me.”

Somebody pulled a large ball gag from a pocket and dangled it in front of me. I immediately clamped my mouth shut. Hands grabbed my nostrils holding them shut, another set of hands grabbed my cock and balls just tight enough to get a small scream from me. And in popped the ball gag. Drool was already spilling from the corners of my mouth.

Brutus rang out, “Phase two, gentlemen of the board!” I was brutally lifted out of the chair, thrown over someone’s shoulder and carried back into the bowels of the warehouses by 15 rowdy, horny, and raucous men.

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