Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SirTom Enterprises, Part II

Dangling from the ceiling in my "perfect" straitjacket, hooded, and gagged, I really didn’t think I’d be the one doing the talking. But SirTom gave me instructions to answer yes by kicking out my right foot, and no by kicking out the left foot. He lowered the levels on the ErosTek to just a numbing pulse. I hung limply in the air looking something like a straitjacketed parachutist stuck in a tree.

“Alan, if you don’t mind I would like to film this for a few moments. The reason for this will become clear as I tell you my proposition.”

I was kicking my left leg furiously. Left was for no, wasn’t it? He ignored me and opened his briefcase pulling out a rather large and expensive digital camera. The camera had its own little tripod legs which he extended allowing him to place it on the dining room table at just the right angle to capture the full me. I kept kicking my left leg. He walked over to the ErosTek and dialed it much higher. I screamed inside the gasmask, half of it swallowed by that infernal gag. Leaving it on high for nearly 2 minutes he walked back to the camera and made several slight adjustments while I flailed in mid-air.

When he had everything perfect SirTom returned to me and dialed back the intensity to almost zero. He pulled a chair up to where he could look at me directly (damn! those eyes!). He kept the ZeroTek in his lap.

“Alan, I really like you. I mean that with 100% sincerity. You are in absolutely no danger. I’m not some crazed lunatic you’ve let into your home, only to tie you up and rob or kill you. I am a businessman first and foremost who has come to discuss business with you. Does that make sense?

I attempted one small kick of my right leg.

“Excellent! I am currently the CEO of a very exclusive internet site that serves 400 gentlemen who have very distinct tastes in their viewing pleasures. We are not talking your basic live porno sites that have popped up everywhere for $1.50 per minute where you can watch a worn-out porn-star attempt to get it hard without the use of Viagra. My gentlemen pay $2,000 each per month to belong to this site. I give them 2 hours of extreme sexual situations five times a week. Most of the scenes are created by me and are performed live. If they are unable to watch the live session they can access a recorded version at our website whenever they wish. Many times a gentleman will write to me with a specific request. In these cases an additional $5,000 is paid by them for us acting out their fantasy. A $10,000 initiation fee is required from each of the gentlemen to join the site. For this we guarantee absolute anonymity, and we visit their homes and offices to help set up their computers with intense firewalls and complete safety. Am I making sense to you, Alan?

Again, one small kick of my right leg (although I’m not sure I needed to know all this.....Why didn’t he just buy all my gear and go about his business?).

“Now I’m sure you’ve already done some of the basic math this arrangement brings about. $800,000 each month in site fees alone plus initiation fees, plus the special request fees makes all of us involved quite a bit of money. I’m currently working on making a large number of foreign contacts so that we might be able to expand our venture beyond North America. I believe the opportunities for the business to grow have very little limit.

“So why would I want to buy used equipment when clearly I can purchase new at any time. I don’t. I want to meet the person who owns all this equipment. I want to know the people who have sacrificed thousands of their hard-earned dollars to possess their gear. And I have a desire to bring in a much needed new member to my family of participants.

He must have seen the odd look in my eyes

“Alan, I know you don’t think of yourself as porno ‘stud’ material. And you aren’t, and for that I’m grateful. You are a pretty average guy, slightly overweight, bald, average sized penis, a good covering of body hair. You know what you look like?

Here I was hanging from the ceiling getting a full body critique. I tried a quick kick of the left foot. He laughed.

“Alan, you look just like most of my clients. And that’s what so many of them want. To see themselves in your struggles. We’re talking absolutely the cream of our society. Fortune 500 CEOs, recognizable politicians, major entertainment stars. Almost all are significantly closeted and will not go anywhere near an unsafe website, or even worse, a live encounter. They do not rent DVDs of pornography, nor can they let anyone around them do it. Their lives could be ruined in a matter of seconds. Even those clients that are known as out and proud in our world, are not so out and proud about their sexual proclivities. If it were known their sexual appetites included what you are showing off so handsomely at this time they could stand to lose millions, perhaps even billions. Two thousand dollars is a small price to pay for some sexual happiness and complete anonymity.

“What I’m offering to you, Alan, is a chance to be a sort of ‘everyman’. Okay, a sort of financially comfortable ‘everyman’ who has some extreme fantasies. You’d work probably three days a week for two to three hours at each session. You can keep any other job you want as long as you have the flexibility to work those three afternoons a week. Your starting salary would be $5,000 per month. You’d sign a confidentiality clause so that if you decided to resign you could not say one word about our business without losing absolutely everything you have in life. Along with the salary there are regular bonuses, a $10,000 signing bonus, a very good 401K program, complete health insurance, a $1000 budget for ‘clothing’ each month along with any travel expenses required to purchase those items of ‘clothing.’ We do all of our filming here in Atlanta at some warehouses on the west side. We make many items there with our own craftsmen but I still prefer to support our worldwide vendors, and perfectly fitting garments such as the one you have on right now is our absolute standard. This can only be done by visiting the designers who live in Berlin, London, San Francisco, Sydney, and Hong Kong.

“There is usually no direct sexual activity involved in the scenes we create. My clients are interested in the situations, the fetishes, the dynamics of interaction, and the journey we take them on, not on copulation. If by some chance a client asks for fellatio or anal penetration an additional $5000 is charged to that client. Ejaculation on screen can be another $5000. Most don’t ask, since most aren’t looking for that. All activities are completely safe whether condoms are used, or full rubber sheaths.”

I simply could not believe what I was hearing. The money was incredible and the bonus alone would pull Geo and me out of a severe financial hole. And I would be exploring sexual fantasies three times a week?! And getting paid for it?! It really was mind-blowing.

“Alan, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get just a few more minutes filmed of you struggling in that straitjacket.”

The ErosTek was still in his lap. I’d forgotten about both it and the camera running. Before I had a chance to object, he dialed the machine into a whole new mode and increased the intensity slowly over the next couple of minutes. It felt like I had a 20 inch cock up my ass, pounding me all the way up to my lungs. I began to heave about in the air in a rhythm matching the electric pulses. My dick was almost instantly back to full girth, still trapped in those chastity shorts. SirTom walked below me. Pulling out a set of keys he unlocked the front of the shorts releasing my rubber-covered dick. He grabbed it once. Then he spanked it firmly a few times. I could feel the cum building up inside me. I was squealing like the pig I know I am. I would shoot if he didn’t stop. And stop he did, motherfucker. I was wild, absolutely insane. SirTom went to the table and picked up the camera coming again directly below me. He was filming close-ups! More electricity, more dick spanking, more squealing, and no orgasm. The man knew how far he could take me, where that magical edge was before backing off. Five times he brought me to within an inch of cumming, and five times he held me in that screaming, begging, place all pigs crave. And five times he brought me back down, totally denied.

And like that it was over. Electricity off. Camera off. And down I came from my ceiling suspension. Efficiently and effectively all the locks were removed, straps undone, and jacket removed. SirTom even helped me out of the rubber catsuit. He’d gone to the kitchen and gotten a glass of ice water for me and I collapsed at the dining room table, drinking every drop of it.

“I’d like to show you something, Alan, before you ask me any questions or tell me your decision.” He set the camera in front of me and began playing back the last few minutes. I was stunned. There I was damn-near floating in space and I looked fucking hot. I could feel my groin awakening again. That little camera had captured a very hot scene. His cell phone rang. He opened it, listened for a second, then said, “I thought so. Thank you.”

Turning to me, those blue eyes so filled with sincerity, he asked me to ask him anything, to share any concerns. I really had only one, “What about my face being seen? Are all scenes done in hoods?”

“I’m afraid that’s not possible, Alan. It would be too limiting. But think about it. With only 400 men signed on to this site, all of them at the absolute pinnacle of their careers and scattered across this country, just how many of these men do you think you’ll ever see in your life? And if by some absolutely astronomical coincidence you did meet one of these men, do you think that they would ‘tell on you?’ It’s their anonymity that is at stake. Trust me. Even though your face would appear on camera you have nothing to be concerned about as far as your own privacy.”

I nodded. It did make perfect sense.

“One other impetus I’d like to share with you, Alan, then I’ll let you give me an answer if you’re ready to. The phone call I received was from my computer technician. I was sending him live feed of the last few minutes of our little scene which he was able to post to the internet almost immediately. The response from the clientele who were logged on at that time was stunning. You’ve been a porno star for about 3 minutes, and have received nothing but rave reviews. Because of this I’m offering you an additional $5000 for your signing bonus plus an immediate trip to San Francisco so that we get a huge amount of gear lined up for you.”

I took a deep breath. “I have one more concern, maybe two......”

“Please, of course, share them.”

“When do I start? And is there anything else from the gear in my closet you’d like to see me model at this time?”

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