Thursday, June 24, 2010

Art of Roping

Art of Roping
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I gave the pup and hubby the same assignment of finding a pic they liked of Domasan's incredible ropework. While I have 1% of that artist's skill it has turned in to a wonderful little exercise for all of us.

First, all three of us agree that Domasan's skills go way beyond "good knots". For me, this man is a real artist working with ANY human body and the soul within to bring out the sexuality and spirit that reside within.

There is always a tension in the pose and the photo--striving, struggling, perched precariously, dangling out of control, yet the ever-present rope which serves both to bind and to support.

So the plan is this. Hubby and pup have picked their photos. And I'm hoping that on Monday we can all get together for one very long rope bondage session where we can all discover more about what lies within us.

And those little fuckers did not pick easy stuff! I have a feeling I'm going to be spending the weekend doing my own homework trying to figure out new ways of making the body and rope work as one.

AND neither of those little fuckers picked this photo which happens to be one of my favorites. Heh heh.....doesn't mean I won't save it for inspiration down the road!

I love this last photo of Domasan's as well. Have had it in my download file titled "Inspiration" for a long time.

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