Saturday, June 26, 2010


Bootbrush is an amazing pup. Reading his blog has been such an inspiration to me over the past few months since I met him in a chat room on Recon. Over the past couple of weeks, I've found myself going back for more and more insights to the workings of a pup's brain. And just in time I found this at his blog:

"It's funny - many people see a pup and think that they are being degraded or humiliated by their role. They often see the play in terms of BDSM and humiliation scenes - that the pup is being *made* to act like a dog, or is being treated *as though* it were an animal; that it has been 'de-humanised' and turned into a beast...

But for pups like me, that's not fully the case. Our pup-hood is a voluntary and gleefully embraced identity. i'm not forced to be an animal, since i already know that i *am* an animal (we all are!). Culture, Society, life - they are all good things, but they do sometimes wall us in behind Expectations and Social morays, Deadlines and Analysis - they distance us from our very real and very natural mammalian selves - and it's needs and desires.

Being pup allows me to re-embrace that self - and so i thankfully kneel to accept my Handler's collar anew every time. That collar does not remove me from myself or rob me of my humanity: it allows me to pull inwards from the distractions and busy-ness of my ordinary life, and to embrace a deeper, more focused and emotionally freer state. i let go of distractions, let go of thinking and rationalising - and simply let HIM become my prime focus."

My pup ~loki's response was short and to the point: "This. This exactly. Thank you for sending me this, Sir." Sigh. He knows how much I like to hear three simple words......"Thank you, Sir." :-D Sometimes I get it right!

Smart Men/boys/pups will go read bootbrush's blog!


  1. Wow - Sir, thank You for the compliments and the recommendation - and thank's to Your pup for his own sweet comments too.

    i'm just happy to know that other pup's share the same thoughts and feelings - and am proud if just a little of of my writing might have helped another pup on his way.

    with deepest respects

  2. I owe you some heavy scratching behind the ears, a massive bone, and all the bacon bits you can eat!

    with mutual respect for a super pup,