Friday, June 25, 2010

Suits and Ties and Ties and Ties

Every scene has its own intensity, its own rhythm, just as each man has his own triggers and buttons. The joy in playing with more than one man in your life is discovering those new buttons and triggers, not only on the other person, but finding out you have one or two you didn't even know about in yourself.

The whole "suit and tie" businessman bondage thing has NEVER been a part of my life until recently. Do I know what sparked it? Hell no. Do I care what sparked it? Hell no. Am I GLAD it was sparked? FUCK YES!

So's I'm talking with a chat friend who shares the same interest, who's flying in to Atlanta for business, and a date is made. Hubby agrees to join even though a suit on him is as foreign a concept as it gets. Dan Savage made a brilliant comment I saw in YouTube video about how sometimes we have to play the "whore" for each other's sexual needs. Tuesday night, the hubby was definitely my "whore". He participated, but I knew from the get-go his heart wasn't in it. So----smart man grabbed the camera and went to work.

Was this the scene of a lifetime? Nah. Was it fun? Damn right. Seeing somebody in a $1200 suit with a starched shirt, heavy silk tie, having a ball gag shoved in his mouth, precumming in gallons that soak through those nice pants, tied up to within an inch of his life. Tell me that isn't fun!!!! Enjoy the pics. (if that's your 'thing')

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