Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Continued Adventures with Pup ~loki

It's been a whirlwind of events that has kept me busy--busy with face to face time, internet chats, shopping excursions both on-line and on the internet, discussions with the hubby, and in pure contemplation. This on top of logging 120 hours of work in the last 11 days. LOL.

The face to face times have been as varied as can be. Yesterday it was coffee (jealously watching the pup down 16,000 calories of some muy grande drink drizzled with chocolate and caramel while munching on a slab of lemon pound cake), followed by a little trip to one of the local stores for more collar shopping.

Saturday (see pics) was a wonderful four hour play period where no effort was really made for major headspace--just a little pup time, some bondage wrestling, a little saran wrap, duct tape and toe-sucking, capped off by some time in a suspension harness. This was all three-way action with a fabulous introduction of pup to his Big Bro, my hubby. There were so many stand-out moments it's hard to know where to begin or how to describe. Watching ~loki take his Big Bro's dick in his mouth, watching Big Bro savor the aroma and taste of ~loki's 3 day old jock strap (which was eventually belted in as a gag for Big Bro to do more than just "savor"), seeing these two in neoprene sweatsuits, tied together, rolling all over the floor, seeing the pure joy and huge smile from Big Bro as the puppy joined him in the cell/kennel. Shit. No wonder we all collapsed after the four hours. Just describing it all wears me out!

Last week we had lunch and took his pooch, Lykos, for a walk in Piedmont Park. Disappointing to us all was the fact the puppy park was deserted. Would have been fun to watch Lykos do his thing. I fell in love with Lykos immediately and he takes about 13 seconds to bond with--so giving, so easy-going, and puppy eyes that make you melt. (Hmmmmmm......sounds like his owner, ~loki!) The funny thing is that the only dog I ever had (think Timmy and Lassie) was a collie named Lucky I had when I was a little boy. Hmmmm....Lucky, ~loki, and Lykos......coincidence? I think not!

Also last week we did our first shopping trip together at Atlanta Leather Company. Between this visit and the most recent one, and shopping on-line I have reached this fanatical frustration of not finding just the right collar. For now, I've decided to take a deep breath and not worry about it so much. The gear is fun, the toys great, but ultimately it is the actions and interactions that make this special. I'll find a collar if I just relax and let it happen. I know it.

Meanwhile I keep planning for the future. Puppy paws and a silicone tail are coming in soon. We have a shitload of gear still unexplored. ~loki has expressed a desire to explore some flogging and I would be a fool not to take him up on that one. We'll be shaving that unkempt crotch hair (hubby is dying over this one, cuz he loves the red hair). And he has a homework assignment: I pointed out the fantastic ropework of Domasan and he's to pick out his favorite pic and I'm going to do my best "homage" to that artist with pup as the subject. And hubby has the same assignment. I hoping we can just have another fun-filled bondage afternoon. Very soon.

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