Friday, July 9, 2010

SirTom Enterprises, Part VIII

Over the next couple of days I felt myself get stronger. The self-pity was a tiresome emotion and I worked to get past it. SirTom moved me to a small apartment that was built into the back of the warehouses. It was a simple place, simply furnished, but at least it was private.

By Sunday afternoon I was feeling a lot better. I still had a lot of processing to do, understanding how I had come to be a single man after 25 years of partnership, but I also felt, for lack of a better word, free. I showered, shaved, and put on one of my new suits. I took a look at myself in the mirror. Besides the bags under my eyes, not too bad. I pulled out my cellphone and scrolled through the messages. Only one from Geo. I listened.

“I’ve got my stuff out of the loft and I’ve rented a studio apartment on 10th Street. Call me when your head clears up and you’ve quit at that place. I have a friend who’s been seeing a therapist about some sexual issues. I think it would be a good idea if you made an appointment to see him as well. You’ve got a real problem, Alan. And if you can’t clear that up I don’t think we can be together anymore.”

I deleted the message. And without a tear I drove back to the loft. I walked around. The only things missing were his clothes from the closet and the big screen TV. I called a realtor who was more than happy to come over immediately. He took several shots of the loft for advertising and we discussed a price. He was sure we could get $300,000 for the space if we were patient.

“List it for $250,000. Use whatever means necessary but I want a signed offer within two weeks if possible.” I couldn’t stay here any longer. I had to get out, move on, and start fresh. I packed a couple of bags along with some toiletries and my laptop and drove into downtown and got a room at a hotel.

After I checked in I called SirTom.

“I want to work tomorrow, SirTom.”

“Alan, are you sure?”

“Yes. Absolutely. And thank you, SirTom. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me. I mean every little thing. I will pay you back. I don’t know how, but I will pay you back in any way I can.”

“I’ll see you at the studios tomorrow then. I’m glad you’re feeling better, Alan. And, please, you owe me nothing. I consider you my friend, even perhaps, like my son. I am a better person because you’re in my life now. You are enriching my life, just as I hope I can enrich yours. Sleep well. And eat. I didn’t hire you so that you’d get skinny on me!”

I slept late on Monday, but awoke fully rested and hungry. Room service delivered a huge breakfast and I devoured it. I got ready for work. A crisp white shirt and a bright blue tie along with one of my new suits made me look pretty damn good. The bags under my eyes were definitely smaller and I could see a little bit of twinkle returning to my eyes. I can do this, I thought. I can move on.

When I entered the studios Davey rushed over and gave me a big pity hug. Clearly word was out at work that Geo and I had split up. I appreciated the hug but knew I couldn’t have it going on all day.

“Davey, you have a job to do for me today.”


“Tell everybody I’m fine, and the next person who looks at me with sad eyes, or wants to shower me with pity is going to get slugged. Is that clear?”

“You got it.”

I grabbed a copy of the week’s shoot list and headed for my dressing room. I was on for Monday through Wednesday with only one scene title for all three days: “Gimp.” After my name was a short note from SirTom–“see me before the shoot.”

I knocked on SirTom’s office door and entered. He rose, gave me a good hug, and held me so that he could look me up and down. “Excellent! You look very nice in that suit. I believe we can start today’s scene with you in that. Now have a seat. I want to explain what the scene is and make sure you want to do it.”

“As long as it doesn’t involve women, children, or animals, I’m game, SirTom.”

He chuckled. “No women or children, I promise, but let’s talk about the animal part. A client has asked for a 3 day scene with you in the starring role. He’s agreed to pay a $30,000 fee to have his fantasy acted out. Your part of the bonus for this would be $10,000. $10,000 would be split with the other actors in the scene. $10,000 of course goes toward company expenses.

“The scene involves you being put in a gimp suit. The gimp suit includes a puppy head and puppy tail. The client wants this broadcast on a private channel for his enjoyment only. And he wants to have 8 hour access to watching you in that suit today, 12 hours tomorrow, and another 8 hours on Wednesday. Much of the time you would only be in a cage, resting, eating, drinking from a bowl, but during his specified hours he wants to watch the puppy being trained. On Wednesday afternoon during the final two hours of broadcasting, you would be allowed to masturbate with your puppy paws. The hours that we don’t broadcast will be the time you can get out of the suit, eat and drink properly, take care of your bowels, stretch your muscles and prepare mentally for the next several hours of puppy training. We can give you a very mild muscle relaxant before you get in the suit and we’ll dissolve very small amounts in the water for the dog bowl. There is no way you can handle the suit for that a long a time without a little help. And the drugs will help stop cramping. It is a very intense scene and will be very demanding on you. If you want to wait a little longer before taking this on I will certainly understand.”

“I appreciate your sensitivity toward me, SirTom. But I’m up for it, I promise.” I patted my crotch where my cock had already sprung to life. “In more ways than one”

Puppy-training turned out to be one of the most liberating experiences I’d ever gone through. The scene that afternoon involved me signing a contract with Danny. It had something to do with owing Danny a lot of money and this contract removing my responsibility for the debt. He was to serve as my owner for the three day shoot. Both of us were in well-tailored suits. Immediately after I signed on the bottom line Danny used an intercom to call his assistant, played by JB. JB was dressed in a latex jumpsuit that had been heavily shined. This was clearly a custom suit with a yellow tribal insignia worked into the torso of the suit.

A leather collar was placed around my neck and locked in place. All along the inside of the collar were small metal contacts that could be remote-controlled and release a wide range of electrical shocks.

“Tell him you have some second thoughts.”

I turned back to Danny. “Look, Mr. Stevenson, I’m not so sure about this. This is beginning to creep me out a little."

Danny merely picked a small remote control and pushed the button. I was stunned at the severity of the shock that pulsed not just in my neck, but traveled well down into my torso. Involuntarily I dropped to my knees.

“No more talking, little puppy!” He turned his attention to JB. “Get a gag in him now, get that filthy hair off of his body, and get him in the gimp suit. I’ll be there in two hours to start his training.”

JB brought out a bit-gag made of rubber and in the shape of a bone and shoved it between my teeth. It was pulled tight at the back of my head and locked in place. JB then attached a leash to my collar and yanked me to my feet. I was pulled into the shower room. One of the actors I’d not worked with, named Todd, was waiting there. He wore a latex jumpsuit exactly like the one JB had on. Together they wrestled the clothes off of me and threw them to the side. My hands were locked inside inflatable rubber mitts. At the end of the mitts were D rings. A chain and lock were added to each and my hands lifted high above my head and secured there. Todd worked only part-time at ST Enterprises and was happy with the arrangement. He was an expert with a strait-razor and was used only for scenes that called for barbering, head shaving, or complete body shaves.

JB and Todd both grabbed electric clippers and went over my entire body, taking off every single hair they could find. I whimpered through the bit-gag, trying to plead for them to stop. When I squirmed or twisted too much JB would slap my ass hard. When I didn’t stop immediately he lifted an identical remote control to the one Danny had and threatened me with. It took only one jolt to bring my squirming to a halt.

Finished with the clipping, the men grabbed hoses and began to blast my body with hot water. When finished my skin was bright red. Shaving cream was dispensed and slathered completely over my body. And Todd began his magic with the strait-razor. With great care and an evil little grin he patiently and methodically made his way over every square inch of my body. Even the punishment collar was removed and my neck, head, face and eyebrows were completely shaved.

Again the hot water hoses were turned on me removing the remaining shaving cream and tiny shaved hairs left behind. The collar and bit gag were put back on me and locked. JB and Todd now pulled on thick elbow length industrial rubber gloves. They poured heavy, slimy lubricant into the palms of their rubbered hands and spread it all over me. When I was completely covered with the viscous goo the gimp suit was brought forward and held in front of me.

It was a magnificent piece, handsomely crafted from very thick rubber. The suit required the wearer to bend his legs nearly 100% so his heels were touching his butt. It also required that the arms be bent to that his hands were held tight to his collar bone. There was significant padding in the areas around the knees and elbows, cushiony gel-like material had been inserted to help the wearer manage walking on knees and elbows for extended periods of time. The hood attached was that of a snarling pit bull. It was ferocious looking.

“Time to stop admiring; time for a struggle. The jolt we give you will be very mild but I want you to collapse as if you've been knocked out.”

I started to quiver and back away from the suit. I screamed through the bit gag. If I was going to be called a “scenery-chewer” by God, I wanted everyone to know I was the best at it. JB and Todd tried to bring me under control but with the lube all over my body they were unable to get me to stop kicking at them. JB lifted the remote control and hit the button.

I screamed and collapsed. SirTom was right– a very minor jolt. While I was pretending to be knocked out, JB and Todd put me completely inside the suit, first my legs, then my arms, my head into the dog shaped hood (the bit gag and collar still in place), my penis into an exposed sheath, and finally they pulled the zipper from just above my anus to the top of my head. I heard a padlock being added. The suit was incredibly tight and inside the contraption I cursed Freddie and Fannie for being so good at their work. As a finishing touch JB shoved the built in puppy tail butt plug firmly into my ass.

JB and Todd picked me up and carried my gimp body to the set where the rest of the action would take place over the next couple of days. Through the pepperpot eyes of the dog hood I could see fairly clearly although only straight ahead having no peripheral vision. I had to either swing my head around severely or move my entire body. On the set were various puppy toys, a food bowl, a water bowl, and a kennel. I wobbled on my knees and elbows exploring the space slowly and the severe limitations of the suit I was wearing. I was already glad I’d agreed to taking the muscle relaxant as I could feel my body contorted like this was not going to be easy on me. Behind me I heard footsteps. I wobbled around, to see who was behind me.

Danny had changed from his business suit to what appeared to be a full latex military uniform. His shirt was a brownish red and fit him tightly. The jodphur-style breeches were dark brown, with red and black stripes down the sides. Tall rubber boots climbed to just below the knee. A muir cap was on his head, a Sam Browne belt went from a belt loop diagonally over his chest, and he carried a riding crop.

“Hello, Bolt. I understand you’ve been a difficult little puppy. By the next time we have to send you for grooming I expect you to impress the groomers with how well-behaved you are.”

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