Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SirTom Enterprises, Part X

The next morning Ed and I were on our way to San Francisco. Davey had our tickets and Deuce had agreed to drive us to the airport. We met early Thursday morning by his desk and made our way to the Atlanta nightmare of an airport. Ed and I had thought alike, packing very little in a small suitcase, then putting that suitcase inside a larger suitcase. We had, after all, our $1000 clothing allowance and we both intended to spend every cent.

The long waits through security were typical, but before long we were on the plane in our first class seats with Bloody Marys in front of both of us. It had been a long time since I'd been to San Francisco and the first time I'd gone as a single man. I'd been there through the best of times, and the worst of times, from the hedonistic pre-AIDS days to the post-traumatic days of men afraid to even touch each other. I was anxious to see the city again, and I was thrilled to have Ed along.

The flight was longer than I liked, but thankfully it was a short hop from the airport to our B&B where we were sharing a room. A booze-enhanced nap on the plane had made me raring to go when we got there and we barely made time to drop off our bags in the room, throw on our leather jackets and head for the streets.

We had an appointment at the premiere leather store of San Francisco late that afternoon, but with time on hand we chose to walk, going down Market street from our location in the Castro. We'd walked barely a block before Ed put his hand in mine. It felt so warm and natural, and safe. And only friendly. Ed was a such a good kid and I was really pleased that it was the two of us on this trip.

"You doing okay?" He asked.

"Better than okay. Really fabulous, truth be told. I know I'm supposed to be feeling like shit because of Geo, but I'm not. I'm focused on here and now, this city and you, and how right everything feels. I'm sure I'll grieve some more. But definitely not this weekend."

Ed stopped on the sidewalk and pulled me to him. He gave me a huge hug, a big slurpy kiss, then grabbed my hand and yanked me down the street. We must have looked like two school boys, practically skipping down the street. Arriving at the store I was elated when I walked in. It felt roomy, organized, and oh so pervy. And I felt like I always feel in those types of stores.....pretty much ignored. Three young sales clerks sat behind the counter busy talking amongst themselves. They glanced up when we entered and went immediately back to their conversation. I walked to the counter and interrupted them.

"Hey, kids. We both have appointments with the tailoring department for this afternoon. These were arranged by ST Enterprises. Can you take care of us?"

Dropping names was not my style but it seemed that it made all the difference in the world. Somebody picked up a phone and spoke hastily. In less than a minute a tailor was in front of us, ushering us into a comfortable back room where we were asked to disrobe and the measuring process began. When he finally finished we put our clothes back on and wandered through the store, each of us with our own private clerk more than happy to help us. Ed was like a kid in a candy store. He would have spent his $1000 in no time flat, except he kept finding something on another rack that he wanted even more.

I focused on the hoods. I wasn't seeing any real clothing items I didn't already have in one way or another, but I'm a sucker for hoods. The craftsmanship of their leather hoods was always a turn-on for me and I lifted each and every one from the display shelves. A sales clerk named Tommy was following me around and offering to help try each one on. I finally settled on a padded isolation hood that was made of a buttery leather inside and out with thick padding over the ears, eyes and mouth, and tiny grommets at the nostrils for breathing. Tommy stood behind me and helped me pull it into place. I immediately fell in love. He laced it up tightly and pulled a zippered flap down over the laces. Lastly that flap was locked in place by connecting it to the thick collar surrounding my neck.

From behind me I could just barely make out some hasty whispering. Before I could start to turn two sets of hands had grabbed my arms and a third was lifting my t-shirt over my head. As the shirt was pulled down my arms I tried to struggle, a little panicked, but as the shirt came off, my arms were roughly shoved down sleeves of what could only be a heavy leather straitjacket. With three men working quickly, the straps were done up tight and I was shoved into a chair and more straps crossed over my torso, arms and waist holding me rigidly to the chair. My legs were still free and I started to kick. This lasted only briefly as yet more straps held my legs in place. Lastly a strap was placed across my forehead holding my head in place against the headrest of the chair. I thought I could hear more whispering in the background and some giggling that distinctly sounded like Ed.

They left me to stew a bit, and much to my amazement, I realized my cock was straining inside my jeans. I laughed, or at least tried to, inside that magnificent hood, finding it hard to believe how much my cock betrayed me. After only a few minutes I could feel the chair being leaned back and I could feel myself rolling along. I could hear a tinkling of the front door bell and realized I was being rolled outside. And just outside the door the chair came to a rest. I realized I was serving as sidewalk advertising!

Clueless as to how much time passed, I was finally rolled back indoors and the unstrapping process began. When at last the jacket and hood were off, I could see Ed standing far away, laughing almost hysterically.

"I will get even, you little prick!"

"I can only hope so!"

I purchased the hood, but not the straitjacket. Ed had spent his $1000 and nearly another $1000 on a variety of leather and rubber jeans and shirts. They'd given both of us good discounts for helping with their advertising for the day (and more likely for the hefty amount ST Enterprises was spending on the custom bondage suits).

With Ed's arms full and me unwilling to help carry all his new purchases we opted for a cab back to the B&B. True to his remarkable care for us, SirTom had placed a reservation at a very nice and very reclusive restaurant up in Nob Hill. We'd brought suits and after showering dressed to the teeth for our meal. Another cab ride and we arrived 10 fashionable minutes late. Once again, Ed was like a kid in a candy store, gobbling up life and loving every minute of it.

We ordered wine and an appetizer and sat back to drink in the intimate space. There were only 6 tables in the space, 3 for couples and 3 for foursomes. Across the room were four quite openly gay men, also dressed quite nicely. A couple of glances our way and they quickly left us alone. Obviously we hadn't measured up to their rigid standards. Again, I was bothered as I had been in the leather store.

"What's wrong?" Ed asked.

"Just thinking. Just wondering why gay men are so quick to look each other up and down and pass quick judgment." I thought Ed was oblivous to it as he looked at me a little funny. He wasn't oblivious at all.

"You really need to get over that shit. You're bothered because three little faggots in a leather store weren't interested in us until we flashed the money? You're bothered because 4 tight-assed suit queens didn't give you a second look? I have been geek material for my whole life. I have been overlooked so many times I can't begin to count. But I guarantee you I can outsuck, outfuck, and out-fantasize any one of those dickwads. I learned long ago that the only men who interest me are the ones who get hard smelling rubber or leather or see a rope dangling in front of them. Yeah, certain guys turn me on by their looks, but what they DO is all that really matters to me."

"How'd you get to be so smart?" I smiled at him.

"Good breeding."

I laughed and decided to focus only on Ed for the evening. This was a man I was lucky to call a friend. As we were finishing our entree Ed excused himself to go to the restroom. The four suit queens were walking out the door at the same time. The tallest and stockiest of the bunch came back in for a second and walked briskly over to the table where I was alone. He placed a hand on my shoulder, held out a business card and said simply, "I've seen your work and I'm a big fan. Please call me."

He turned without another word and was gone. Ed came bounding back from the restroom as I slipped the card into my pocket. I think I managed to close my jaw before he sat down. The very thing I had mentioned to SirTom as my fear had come somewhat true. I had been recognized. I took a deep breath and I reminded myself that there was no cause for alarm.

Ed was antsy and wanted to move on. "C'mon! Let's pay the bill and hit the road!"

In a quick discussion with the waiter we discovered that entire meal and tip had been taken care of by "an admirer." Ed was dying to know who. I wasn't ready to tell him who had forked out probably $400 on us. He assumed it was SirTom. I was pretty sure it wasn’t.

We took a cab back to the Castro area and strolled a bit before walking in to one of the local bars. It turned out to be a rather fun time as we sat there in our suits and ties watching many other businessmen walk about the bar. We began to play little fantasy games of deciding which businessman would look best all tied up, which businessman would struggle the most, which businessman "needed" it the most. We were pretty well looped by the time we stumbled back to the B&B.

Once in the room, Ed seemed to sober up quickly, or hide the drunkenness better than I. He took charge and had me naked in no time. He pushed me to the bathroom and demanded I brush my teeth and pee and present myself for inspection. When I returned from the bathroom he took one of my over-the-calf silk socks and proceeded to tie my hands behind my back. He then took my new hood from the shopping bag and laced and zipped and locked it on my head. With a little shove, he pushed me on the king-size bed.

He crawled on top of me and practically shouted in my ear,

"I gotta make sure you don't rape me while we sleep!"

He left, presumably to do his teeth and take a piss, and before I knew it I could feel him spooning me from behind. My hands, tightly tied behind my back, found his semi-hard dick and held on, no stroking, just holding. He wrapped his arms around me, moving even closer, and, I think, we both fell fast asleep.

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