Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wow, Part II

Yesterday was a terrific day, playing with hubby and the pup. Main focus: flogging. Say what you want, see it from whatever perspective works for you, but for me and the hubby flogging has become the most intimate exchange we have. He truly hits the mountaintop, releases waves of endorphins, and we bond in a deep way that is downright religious. Plus, scoff if you will, when it really works, really and truly and deeply, he gives off this incredible scent, right in the middle of his back, just between the shoulder blades. I was trying to describe it to pup as the flogging scene approached. I called it my "ambrosia", the drink of the Greek Gods. It's a combination of endorphins, sweat, fear, maybe a drop of blood, and the molecules of leather and rubber from the floggers mixed in. I swear to you I smell something totally different than any other scent in the world. And it's intoxicating.

No pics from yesterday. But suffice it to say, it was a great day for hubby, and a pretty darn good day for pup. Every time we play, I learn. I learn pup's pathways, his walls, his needs, his cravings, more about his headspace. And I know he learns as well. His frustrations are so recognizable, but his hunger more than overcomes them.

Today was supposed to be simple. A little bondage play......but here's the "wow." This little pup slipped into the "boy" headspace at breakneck speed. Within minutes of arriving I thought he was going to hyperventilate. We did a nice bondage scene with a pre-built web in the playroom. And he dripped mightily through his jock and the singlet. And his nipples started responding. And his dick was craving the smacks. And he said magic words: "Spank me."

We went a long way. He was weak, I was tired. But a 2nd wind came over us. More bondage, a blindfold, and WHAM he's back in the headspace......and rock hard. And now to a simple hogtie...and some hot wax. This is the first time I've heard real, deep, gutteral groans from the boy. After covering his butt, I turned him over and covered his chest and stomach. I was rewarded with a little knowledge about this boy's turn-ons when he shot 7 magnificent arcs across his belly.

Of course one of my favorite moments with this boy is when he showers and joins me in the "decompression" phase. We talk a bit, maybe just relax a bit. Today I got a hammer in the middle of the forehead. It's the basic "reality-hammer-in-the-middle-of-the-forehead" with two solid swings: With both of us traveling in the near future we won't get to see each other until mid-August. And the pup has a big change in job responsibilities which is going to make his schedule a lot less flexible than it's been for the last six weeks.

I need to head out now. I'm buying a lottery ticket. All this work shit really gets in the way of the important things in life.

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