Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Evolution of an Idea

I've always been fascinated with cages, jail cells, and kennels.  The confinement of a person is enticing and intense in my mind.  Last Saturday night we had a chance to do some serious cage work at the end of the Spartan flogging and for the rest of that evening.  The final products were stunning.  Unfortunately the pics aren't 1/1000th of the real effect this form of bondage had.

I wish I could take full credit for the concept.  But I'll take credit for implementation and embellishment!  And give credit to the hunks who were with me that night for some great ideas as well!

I just can't wait until we go back out there so we can take it another step.  I really think that some significant tit torture and electro are quite possible once our victim is completely immobilized!


  1. That's an amazing set up -- a bit more rubber and electro would make it even better!

  2. *raises paw*
    OMG YES Rubber, Breath Control, and Electro lol