Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back with pup

After WAY too long an absence from each other, pup and I were finally able to connect a couple of times, Saturday for lunch and a cruise through Atlanta Leather, and yesterday for some much needed pup time. As always I am overwhelmed in his presence by the pure heart he brings to me, the completely honest emotions he shares, and that body that just won't quit.

Poor pup has hurt his back, straining a muscle. Like me he spends his time trying to figure out what made it happen: laptop is too heavy, running in 100 degree weather and then walking into a 70 degree house, working out even though his body was already hurting (grrrrrr), carrying toilets around after he's already injured (GRRRRRRRRRRRRR). All good reasons. But I'm convinced the real factor at play is stress. Work has been stressful for him. Us not being together wasn't a real plus either. Yesterday, while play was extremely simple (my back wasn't feeling so hot either) the main thing I could see was that after about an hour of coaxing, massaging, and encouraging, some of that godawful stress finally left his body. That, in itself, was enough. (Side note: stress was probably the reason the tail wasn't going in yesterday as well.....)

At lunch on Saturday pup really did bare his soul for me. I feel honored. When he allows me completely inside his thoughts and emotions something akin to parental instincts kicks in, and all I want to do is draw him close and make him feel completely safe.

For me, ANY time with pup is good time. But we both know there will be good times, and great times. My goal is to create the opportunity for more great times, the "aha!" moments that I know he craves, when he allows more and more of his soul to open to the variety of challenges I present him. When we started a couple of months ago, I told you this journey would be an interesting one. It keeps getting better and better.

In any case, yesterday consisted of our standard rituals of creating pup--the chain collar locked on, the rubber hood with yellow whiskers, the leather collar over that with his nametag, the kneepads, and the sock, saran wrap, duct tape paws we've created for him. When those items are finally on him, I always get the best present, his bowed head placed on my shoulder. Puppy did get his first real grooming yesterday, a totally shaved crotch. This was so much fun to do. Nice and slow, nary a nick, and damn if those puppy balls and cock don't look so fine. And it makes putting the rubber ball stretcher on him a lot less painful! (no hair to pull out when removed....lol)

Later I put pup in the leather straitjacket. He seems to have fallen in love with it--recognizing the signal that once bound like this he can let go of any guilt about not "doing" anything. The straitjacket has removed any chance for him to do so. For me the best part was those exposed puppy balls. I got to spend a lot of time smacking them moderately and stretching them mightily.

It was simple session together but a much needed one. Somehow we could reconnect and renew our journey, this time with a baby step. Maybe next time with a mighty leap.

Now the funny thing is, later that day hubby comes home. We have dinner and settle down to watch a couple of episodes of Burn Notice on Hulu. We don't own a TV, but once in a while it's necessary for even us to just vegetate on mindless drivel with decent eye candy. Draped on hubby's chair is the straitjacket. As we start the 2nd episode I ask if he wants to get in it. His answer comes in a millisecond. A couple of minutes later he's trussed up and settled in for watching. Off come the velcro tit-flaps and the real work of the evening begins. Various clamps go on various parts of the tits. I watch a bit of the show; hubby's eyes are rolling in the back of his head. I'm gonna have to be careful though; one of these times I'm gonna twist a tit completely off. And thank god the next door neighbor is still overseas--hubby's screaming and yelling would surely have brought cops to the door.....

The best part of it all.....I sense a competition coming on. Hubby and pup both love the straitjacket intensely. Teasing hubby about how the jacket fit loki so nicely gets his eyes gigantic. And like a jealous child---"MY jacket" pops out of his mouth. The nice thing is this jacket collected dust for a long time, now it seems to be getting quite the workout. And hubby is the greatest, coolest, sweetest man in the world. The "jealousy" was playful. But then I had hold of his tits in the great here and now. He would rob Fort Knox for me as long as I kept playing with those luscious nips!

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  1. Sorry that both You and the pup are suffering with your backs Sir (must be some kind of catchin!! ;) ).

    Nice to read how good it was for you both to simply be together - and how rewarding even 'simple' play can be. It's a nice reminder that we don't always have to strive for earth-shattering experiences; that sometimes just being together - Man and Hound - is all we need to feel better.