Sunday, August 22, 2010

More Rope

NINE pounds to be exact. When we finished last night hubby realized just how heavy he felt with leather and rope on so he stepped on and off the scale a few times. NINE pounds of rope and FIVE pounds of leather. LOL. (And that doesn't include the rope on the arms or the rope used to suspend him from the chain!)

After spending two hours in a straitjacket with a blindfold on, just to decompress from three nasty days of intense work, the first rope went on. Almost 2 hours later he was completely bound. This was not two hours of intense headspace, mind you. We cracked up, chatted, and played a bit as the rope went on, (I even let him trot off to the bathroom carrying a few unfinished bits of rope with him.) but it really didn't get serious until the arms were strung up and the blindfold went on. It's fun to see that moment, as clear as can be, when we slip from hubbies and best friends to Top/bottom, Daddy/son and he goes way off into piggy world.

This was new territory for me. Using two different colors and sizes of rope in creating the harness was a great challenge. (Reminder to self: leave more slack in the original foundation. Weaving other ropes into the foundation will be a helluva lot easier!) There's things I'll do better next time, but there are huge chunks of this that I'll definitely come back to in future projects. (Other reminder to self: put carabiner clips on the chain above so that the rope holding up the arms stays in place!)

This rope work allowed for a great variety of play opportunities. He was able to lean completely forward totally supported by the rope. In this position tit clamps and a 2 pound weight made his tits really stretched out. As he leaned forward I was also able to beat on his ass. When he'd start to pull away and lean back, lo and behold, his nuts were in my face and I could paddle those! And at that point when he could take no more ball pounding, he'd lean forward and get the painful reminder that his nipples were once again being pulled to the floor.

Equally nice is joining him on the return trip to this planet. He revels in the rope coming off almost as much as he does in it going on. I try to go very slowly making sure the ends of rope slide along his dick and sensitive nipples. Yeah, nasty, I know.

I joked with him when I was finished with the harness, that I should just thrown him in the jeep like this and haul him down to the Eagle. He looked so fucking hot I really did sort of want to show him off. If either of us had felt less tired this easily might have happened. But I also worried he'd get snagged by somebody seeing this hot body in all this rope and I'd never get him back!

The other thing that becomes so painfully clear. I'm a shitty photographer. Sorry.

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