Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Mission

I think I'm on a mission. At least maybe it's turning in to one. I'm not sure I consciously started out on one.

I have been so intrigued by a variety of work by various ropeMasters that I've wanted to truly learn the varieties of ways that rope will bind, cradle, caress, clothe, subdue, suspend, and transport a man.

And on that mission it's important to me to work with men and boys who seek to have those journeys wherein the rope becomes their second skin. A real rope bottom knows how much patience he must have. He also knows how intimacy will grow over the time it takes to slowly cover and eventually bind his body. And he knows if he breathes, truly submits, and accepts the rope completely he has the opportunity to get way inside his own head. By giving up control he has the chance for release, from this world and from the symbolic bondage of his life. To be the guide in another man's journey--to have helped create that path? Whoa. That's some heavy shit.

Look, don't get me wrong. I admire a good wrangler who can take you from free man to complete hogtie in 5.4 seconds, or a "kidnapper" who can wrestle you into a chair and have you pleading through a bandana gag before you have a chance to say "I'll pay the ransom!" Trust me. I like to play too!

I also admire the "purists" who insist on hemp only, who only work on bodies of Adonis, who photograph their work as if was going in to a coffee table art book. Clothing on? Cool. Clothing off? That's cool too.

Sure. I plan some. I think about who's getting tied up. What parts of their bodies intrigue me? Do I want to do something standing? Sitting? On the bed? One man? Two men? More?

Once upon a time I was an artist. I dabbled in drawing and painting. I plodded for a long time in music. And I found a home in theatre. I acted, I directed, I designed, I wrote, and I taught. Hell, I even choreographed a couple of times! I was a pretty damn good craftsman, and a few times I actually created art. Trust me, there's a HUGE difference. And I burned out and turned my back on it.

Every element of our "kink" world, though, has given me the opportunity to take those skills and passions learned in my previous lifetime and put them to better use by far. It's no coincidence in my mind that we use the word "scene" to describe our encounters! We costume, we create dungeon-like settings, we work on lighting our sets, we develop "characters" and roles, maybe even write some dialogue, and places like Mr. S and Home Depot have 6 million "props" for a scene.

And this can be enough for "a good time was had by all."

But on occasion, like art, it can transcend that. Right after meeting bootbrushpup in a chat room and sharing some thoughts with each other, my guru-pup wrote:

"There is something profound in the ebb and flow between a Master and His boy - their shared weaving of Dominance and submission, of His power and the boy's service - when both players consciously give themselves to that exchange, it can transform them both, and truly elevate their play to art - or maybe even an act of worship...

Shibari and rope-bondage in particular can open that space: it takes time and focus to tie - to compose the intricate web that will both bind the boy and hold him safe. And that is time for the Bond to deepen and transcend mere 'sex'...

There is discipline in the tying - and in being tied; a sharing of the work in making art... There is no sound but the burr of rope against rope - and of your breathing falling into rhythm with each other... And with each knot and weave the boy can feel the Master's growing control of His body - and willingly surrenders to His power - he can feel the Master's gaze, the Mastery in His hands as it transmits itself into the rope..."

I don't think I have the strength of soul to make that journey time after time after time. But once in a while it happens. When the stars align. But I'm on a mission: To move from craftsman to artist. Along the pathway I'm having the time of my life.

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