Friday, August 20, 2010

Room 304

Chapter 3

Monday morning was almost 36 hours away. I couldn't believe that he would keep me tied up that long. It had to be an idle threat. Hopefully he'd get his rocks off and let me go so I could slink home and rethink my strategies on "kidnapping" businessmen. I was beginning to think whether or not I would ever venture in to this arena again. I felt ropes being untied and could feel the belts on my chest and waist being undone. My arms were pulled quickly to in front of me and relocked deftly. I heard and felt a chain being attached between my wrists and the cuffs around my ankles. I hadn't been given a single second of possible escape time. Clearly Eric had a good deal of experience dealing with bound men.

He lifted me from the chair to a standing position. Arms guided me to turn around and once again he was whispering in my ear, this time from behind. "We're going to get you to the bedroom now. Just follow my instructions. Take small steps and we'll get you there in one piece." He guided me a few steps then instructed me to stop. I heard a door being opened, and again he pushed and instructed me forward. Behind me I heard the door close with the lock being applied. I stood compliant, clearly aware I couldn't escape if I tried. I could feel my chin pressing against the posture collar. My jaw ached from the pressure. I tried to groan. Little or no noise escaped.

I felt Eric walk around to the front of me. The backs of his knuckles brushed my now-tender nipples through the heavily starched shirt. Again, I tried to groan, but I knew just how effective this gag was, having used it on victims many times. "Let's start fresh, shall we? Now I want to know about the plans. Are you ready to tell me?" I tried to grunt. Eric just laughed. "Not yet? Very well. I will have those plans in hand before Monday morning. I might as well have as much fun as possible extracting them from you. Now let's get a good look at what lies beneath all these clothes."

I was hoping that he would try to get me naked. That would require undoing most of the restraints and give me the chance to perhaps turn the tables on him. I figured we were pretty evenly matched in strength. I knew this would be my one big chance to escape and I had to make the most of it. In my right ear I heard a "snick-snick" and then felt my jacket being pulled away from my body. The son-of-a-bitch was cutting off my suit jacket, totally shredding it! He was laughing. "I could practically see the little wheels of your brain turning. The thought that you'd jump me when I undid the restraints. Not a chance. I have my very own briefcase filled with toys, Robert, and this pair of scissors comes in very handy!"

FUCK I thought. How was I supposed to get home? I'd brought no spare clothing with me. And besides while not a great suit, I liked this one a lot and wasn't exactly rolling in money to replace it. I could feel the jacket of my suit being completely whacked off. The vest was next to go. I heard him set the scissors aside. Again he stepped up in front of me as I could feel the warm air he exhaled on my face. A hand grabbed my semi-rigid cock through the thin material of the trousers. I gasped. Once again he whispered in my ear. "I'm going to take the gag out and the collar off now, boy, and this will be your chance to save the rest of your clothing from being removed from you in tatters. Remember. All you have to do is tell me all about the plans and you'll be free to go." The pressure of the gag was released and I heard the locks for the gag and the collar being undone. I worked my jaw slowly and rolled my neck a bit, happy to have that little bit of freedom. I was still blindfolded but extremely grateful to have that infernal gag out of my mouth. His hand went back to my crotch, grabbing my dick. "The plans, Robert. Tell me about the plans."

"They're at my apartment. Just take me there and I'll give them to you." I really didn't know what else to offer. I knew it sounded lame, but maybe, just maybe I could get back to my own turf a free man.

"Really? Well, I've got your keys here, your ID, and I'll just go ahead and run over there and get them. Just where in your apartment might they be? As soon as I have them in hand, I'll come back here and let you free. Of course if you're just offering up a wild goose chase hoping for some time in which to get free, I'll be distinctly unhappy and have to ratchet up the torture to get you to start telling me the truth."

I hung my head. He was 6 steps ahead of me and had been from the minute he contacted me. "I don't know anything about plans. I'm sorry. Just let me go and I'll never tell anything about what happened here."

"Never lie to me, Robert, my boy. Never. Because it makes me unhappy, and it means you'll have to suffer the consequences." Eric grabbed the front of my shirt and ripped it open, buttons flying across the room. My belt was undone, the clasp of the trousers released and they dropped to my ankles. Once more I could hear the scissors at work and before long I was naked except for my pink and green tie, my over-the-calf socks, and my Italian leather shoes. Eric threw me over the edge of the bed face down leaving my feet dangling in mid air. Roughly he removed my shoes and threw them across the room. And that's when I felt the "thwack" of a wooden paddle on my exposed ass. "OUCH! Jesus! Look Eric, this was fun, but this is going way past what I thought it was gonna be." Before I had the last word out I felt another gag shoved against my mouth. I tried to keep it out but he was too strong. This one wasn't one of mine but I knew it well. It was a monster leather penis gag attached to a huge leather strap that buckled and locked in front. And Eric clearly knew how to buckle it tightly. Seconds later I heard the click of the lock. And once it was in place I felt another "thwack!" I screamed into the gag. Eric leaned in to me and whispered in that frightening gravel of a whisper. "We'll do ten for punishment, for lying to me. How many more is up to you." After ten I was sobbing, my ass on fire. There had been no warm-up, no slight taps, just ten monster hits on both cheeks. He stroked my ass for some time rubbing the pain in deeply, massaging the cheeks so slowly. Once again I felt my dick come to life. I heard him laughing.

I barely caught my breath when I felt a cord being laced over my big toes holding them tightly together. Eric left my socks on for this but had scrunched the sheer material and with one tiny cord had rendered my feet tightly tied. My toes were pulled tightly back and tied, I presumed to a leg of the bed frame. Before I had a chance to figure out what was coming I felt a sharp smack on the arches of my feet. The son-of-a-bitch was using a cane on them! I had never felt such a stinging in my life. I bucked on the bed but had absolutely no leverage and if I moved too much it felt like my big toes were being yanked off my feet. Up and down my feet Eric went with the cane, tapping (most pleasurable I found) to medium hits which I could manage, to cane-whistling strikes that nearly made me pass out from intense pain.

When I was nothing more than a bowl of sobbing jello, Eric finally set the cane aside and undid the cord holding my big toes. As with my ass, he massaged my feet, making the surface pain go deeper in to me, bringing me to a mass of groaning jello with a leaking dick.

He shoved me further on to the bed and climbed on top of me, his powerful thighs pinning me to the bed. He rolled me to my side still under his thighs and the cuffs on my wrists were unlocked from each other. In no time and with only a feeble struggle from me he stretched my arms high over my head and restrained them to the two bed posts. My legs were unlocked from each other and quickly retied to the lower bed posts. I was completely spread-eagled and with almost no room left to move at all. I felt my damn dick bouncing in mid-air. I was so turned on and yet there was that edge of fear that seemed to just enhance the feelings I was having. Once again Eric climbed on top of me, straddling my chest. I could feel the silk of his tie dangling against my chest as leaned in and whispered, "I've found that even tough guys like you will tell me anything when I edge them unmercifully. Let's see how long it takes you before you break. I'm setting the alarm for 3 hours. I'm guessing it won't take half that long before you are a blubbering idiot telling me everything you know."

And the edging began. He removed the blindfold and as my eyes adjusted I could see he was still completely suited. He very slowly and erotically removed that beautiful black and red silk tie. I was mesmerized. He slid down my body and began wrapping it around my cock. The feel of the cool silk was almost enough to make me cum. He was right. I would never last 3 hours. Slowly he began masturbating me using the tie as a cock sheath. I squirmed on the bed, moaned into the gag, totally in his control. I felt a gurgle inside me and my hips bounced on the mattress trying to shove my cock deeper and deeper into the silk. Eric knew I was close to shooting and swiftly removed the tie from my cock leaving it bouncing in the air. His laugh was almost maniacal. "That was only three minutes, Robert. Three minutes of 180 minutes. You have a long way to go!"

He took the tie and tied it around my cock and balls very tightly. Eric reached to the nightstand and squeezed some lube in his right hand. He stroked my cock four or five times and again I thrust my hips taking me right back to the edge of cumming, and immediately he pulled his hand off me. With his left hand he cupped my balls, pulling them down very tightly, and with the back of his right hand he began to smack them. He started alternating smacks with strokes of the cock, 10-12 smacks on the balls, growing in intensity, followed by four or five strokes of my cock. I thought I would go insane. I could feel drool running down the side of my face. I didn't care. I just wanted to shoot my load.

And he stopped completely. I felt myself returning to sanity ever so slowly. My breathing slowed a bit and I felt my dick relax ever so slightly. And in an instant I was back on that edge as Eric grabbed my rod with his left hand and began to polish the tip with the palm of his right hand. I truly thought I would need to break the headboard to get loose or die trying. I had never struggled like this before in my life. And even though he wasn't stroking my dick I felt the surge of cum making it's way through me. I was gasping for air. I knew this time I would cum.

And he stopped. I felt tears running down the side of my face. I heard myself pleading through the leather gag. I would do anything to be relieved. And I heard Eric's laughter as he left the bed, leaving me alone.

I could lift my head just enough to see him across the room removing his suit jacket and vest. Eric was such a handsome man. It just made this whole evening that much more insane. I couldn't believe that such a man would truly hurt me. Still the fear of the situation nagged at me. Eric left the bedroom for a minute but when he came back I felt myself stiffen again. In his hands he held the hood I'd packed for today. It was a thick padded hood with locking belts criss-crossing it and with only a tiny grommet at the mouth for breathing. I knew from experience just how intense it was. I could already feel my breathing tighten in anticipation of having it put on me. I started to struggle on the bed.

Eric came over and roughly slapped my dick. I screamed into the gag. "Hold very still and be very quiet, Robert, or I'll slap your cock until it bleeds. Do you understand?"
I nodded, pleading with him with my eyes, with a whimper into the gag.

He loosened the rope on my ankles a few inches and pushed me further up the mattress so that he'd have more leverage to lift my head and put the hood on. He removed the gag. "Please. I'll tell you anything you want. I'll give you anything you want. I don't know anything about the plans you want. But I'll try to help you find the person who really does know." I was babbling.

He was already sliding the hood over my chin. "Shhhh. I'm sure you'll remember much more in a couple of hours." As if he knew exactly how the hood worked, he quickly and efficiently pulled it over my head, laced it tightly in back, and buckled and locked all the belts. Outside of a tiny hole to breathe through I was totally isolated from the world around me. I felt him slide down the bed, and I felt a tongue begin to lick my nipples. The groans escaping from me filled the padded hood, echoing in my head, and I felt my cock again bouncing in mid air, hoping to have what was now a monster load released.

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