Tuesday, August 10, 2010

More Wax Peas!

I still get a chuckle thinking about that line from that awful movie, 40 Year Old Virgin. (also....."canceh ah my pointment!")

Another terrific day with pup. But we are an ailing duo. His back, he finally admitted, isn't getting better, and mine really sucks right now. And bootbrushpup's is downright bad.......and fuck it. Let's have sex.

Had to cut the arms off the full catsuit--one too many blowouts in the armpits. It was patches on top of patches. I gave up. But it's sort of a cool look. And a helluva lot easier to put on! And it looks good on hubby. And it looks good on pup. And IF I lose those fucking 20 pounds I've wanted to lose since I was 6 it will look good on me too.....(Bookies are offering 1000 to 1 on that last one.)

Some rope bondage on top of the rubber (damn! I love that look), lots of cock stimulation and ball torture.....shit! I get to eat so much precum I know I'm meeting the daily recommendations for protein intake!

And then we get the pup off his feet.....a little time on the stomach, and lots of time on his back, spread-eagle on the bed.....and buckets of hot candle wax. It was a joy watching him squirm, and dare I say it? WRITHE in pain. The boy really took a long and far away journey........

But the best part? I get to go with him. Thanks, pup!

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