Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SirTom Enterprises, Part XII

Outside the door was the operator of the B&B. “I just thought you should know that a car has been waiting for you outside for the last hour. They’re illegally parked and the driver is getting a little annoyed waiting for you.”

“Can you do me a favor and tell the driver we won’t be able to go. And apologize for me for wasting his time. Tell him I tried to call to let them know I wouldn’t be able to go out tonight.”

The B&B operator harrumphed and swished a bit before taking off to talk to the driver of the limo waiting outside. I went back to the phone.

“SirTom? You still there?”

“Alan. Thank goodness. Listen to Me and listen carefully. I can’t explain fully over the phone, but it is very important that you NEVER meet privately with one of our clients unless it is arranged by Me and only then if you agree to it. We have one client who has tried this type of clandestine arrangement before, and I have strong feelings that this client is not 100% reliable in his motives. I thought I had made Myself quite clear with this client, but perhaps not. For now I want you to err on the side of caution. For Me.”

“Yes, SirTom. But quite honestly, you’re sort of scaring me.”

“Good. Fear is healthy. I’ve arranged for a car for you to have access to for the rest of your visit. The driver is a bodyguard I have used on other occasions.” I started to laugh. “What’s so funny, Alan?”

“I just had the B&B owner tell him to take off. I thought it was the driver that the client had sent to pick me up.”

SirTom chuckled. “My guess is that Ricky, the driver and bodyguard, wasn’t convinced. He’ll still be out there I promise. He gets paid well by me and takes his orders from me. Now listen. You two go have a good time, but stick close to each other and don’t try to send Ricky off again. I’ll do some more investigation based on the information you left in your message, and I’ll see you in a couple of days.”

Ed was still blissfully asleep on the bed, the deprivation part of the hood clearly working quite effectively. I rummaged through dresser drawers where I’d seen him stash some of the gear he’d brought with him and found a couple of locking leather wrist cuffs that would work quite well. A few short pieces of rope would also work well for me.

I tied four pieces of rope to the bed, one at each leg of the frame, and then slowly slipped the rope over Ed’s feet, not pulling them tight yet, not wanting to wake him up yet. I carefully straddled his chest and placed the locking cuffs on his wrists. By now he was waking up and beginning to struggle a bit. He was way too late. A quick yank on the ropes and he was completely spread eagle on the bed. I heard some muffled groans from under the hood, and felt his dick growing very hard trapped under my groin.

I leaned forward and licked his right nipple, a sweet little nub, then switched to the left one. I heard more groans through the thick leather hood and redoubled my efforts adding an occasional slight bite of the very tip. Ed arched his back, trying to throw me off his chest. He had no leverage to complete this task and I responded by biting each nipple very hard. Like me, his dick completely betrayed him, with copious amounts of precum dripping heavily from the tip.

I got off the bed and headed to the bathroom and the dresser where I found what I wanted, a little ice in a washcloth and the steel chastity tube. I returned to the bed and placed the freezing washcloth on Ed’s dripping dick, rewarded with a shriek from under the hood. After a few minutes of applied pressure Ed’s dick slowly lost its rock hard status and I was able to slip on the metal tube of the chastity device, a tube that kept his dick pointed straight down. I locked it in place and removed the deprivation hood from Ed.

“I told you I’d get even,” chuckling at his dilemma.

“I think you’re way ahead by now, oh evil one.”

“I’m going to let you loose and we’re going to shower, then spend another night on the town. A car is waiting for us! So no arguments. I’ve hidden the key to your chastity and nothing is going to get the hiding place out of me!”

“Oh yes, my evil one. Your wish is my command! Now let me loose!”

We showered and I made Ed dress in a tight pair of rubber jeans which revealed the chastity device quite nicely. This, along with a rubber uniform shirt and his knee high boots made him quite the vision. I put on a great pair of leather breeches I’d bought many years ago, a latex tank top and my leather jacket and we were ready to go.

As we were exiting the B&B operator told me how he’d try to get the driver to go but hadn’t accomplished it. I thanked him for his effort and said it had been my mistake. I could see him flush a bit as he looked over our gear choices for the night. “I hope you two have a great time tonight. Maybe I’ll see you later. Where are you two headed?”

“I’m thinking Chaps, then maybe the Eagle or Powerhouse. How about you?”

“I was thinking about heading to Blow Buddies when I get off at midnight. It’s bondage night. A lot of voyeurs, but there’s a few of us who are pretty serious players. You look like you might fit that last category.”

“Ed and I will talk it over. Maybe we’ll see you there. You’re Thomas, right?”

“That’s right. Blow Buddies gets cranking pretty hard by 1:00 and sometimes goes until dawn. I really hope I get to see you guys there.”

Outside, as promised, stood Ricky standing next to a Lincoln towncar. Ricky was a hot Latino body builder, dressed in tight black trousers and a black spandex t-shirt. He hurried around to open the door for us, took a small backpack from Ed, and Ed looked funny at me as we slid into the back seat.

“I’ll explain everything on the way to the bar.” Traffic was heavy and I had pretty much filled Ed in on everything as we pulled in front of Chaps.

“Guess our red flag instincts were right. C’mon, you owe me a beer for that near-rape from earlier.”

“My mama always told me you can’t rape the willing,” I laughed and followed this playful pup/man/boy into the crowded bar.

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