Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hotlanta Rubber

Terrific Day! Coffee with the downstairs pervert after he brought his hunky A/C guy through to get to the roof. A/C company is ClimateMasters, a company I'd recommended to him. No clue why I picked them or why their named popped out of the Yellow Pages.

Then off to a barbecue at the Eagle with pup. A little pup playtime and naptime. And then we got the neighbor back up and had a fun time playing "dress-up." Talked 'em both into putting on the rubber podsuit. Yeah. Really took a lot of coercion. LOL.

Then pup got to wear the full rubber catsuit, and eventually his DevilDog hood, and the locking leather mitts while I drug him around the Eagle. Oh! And I swear to God I'm letting that boy buy all my lottery tickets from now on. He won the big gift basket filled with pervy little toys they raffled off last night. Now the funny thing is he won like a 6 year supply of lube. And he hates lube.

Met a lot of super rubbermen last night, including a surprise appearance by Ruff from Chicago. Was a real pleasure to meet someone who has been blogging for such a long time and been such a great resource for the leather and rubber community.

And kudos to the guys at Hotlanta Rubber for throwing such a great party. pupNitro, Daddy Alan, and all the rest put some huge efforts into making this successful.

We hobbled home pretty early. I'm afraid that pup has joined my status of herniated disc. We've been hoping for over 3 weeks that it was just a pulled muscle. But the MRI is scheduled. We'll cross our fingers.

So now I'm looking around at all the ruin in this house. Ugh. Gotta Clean. And I miss hubby.

And I know you all are gonna draw a bad conclusion. You think I miss him because I could get him to do the clean-up. Nope. I just miss our morning coffee, first hug of the day, laughing about the previous days events, processing our lives, planning our next playtime, and yeah, getting him to fold the towels.

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  1. It was GREAT to have you guys out for the event. Really glad y'all had fun.
    Pup Nitro
    Southeast Leatherboy 2011
    Co-Producer, Southeast Rubber Weekend