Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Selection

I'm still working SirTom. Promise! But this little gem got to burning inside me. Felt good to navigate away from the guys at the porn factory for a bit! Hope you enjoy.

The Selection

he's been a good boy for the last two weeks. Today has been the epitome of at least showing a change in behavior. I still worry that those changes haven't become ingrained, but good training takes time, and the boy deserves a reward, a positive reinforcement for his efforts. Dinner is completely his effort, from planning the menu, shopping, cooking, to serving Me throughout. I enjoy My meal immensely. he cleans up the table and kitchen quickly and quietly. he lights My cigar and kneels next to Me holding the ashtray, his head bowed appropriately.


Two weeks ago he'd completely stepped over the line, showing complete disrespect for Me. I'd invited two friends over.. We were to have dinner then spend a little time in our dungeon. Just Me and the friends. No boy. boy had shown his displeasure from the outset. he'd banged pots and pans while making dinner, begrudgingly served the dinner, and banged pots and pans in the kitchen while cleaning up. his little passive-aggressive pouting embarrassed Me in front of My friends. I saw them making quick glances at each other throughout the dinner.

Halfway through the cleanup I left the table, encouraging My friends to go ahead down to the dungeon. I went to the kitchen and grabbed the boy by the collar. Continuing his disrepect he left his hands dangling at his sides and had the audacity to look Me in the eye without permission. "This is totally unacceptable," I'd told him. In a whiny, childlike, hip-to-one-side motion, he continued his defiance. "Why?" became a 6 syllable excruciating sound exhaled from his pouting lips.

I'd wanted to slap him. I didn't. I'd whispered slowly and clearly, "Please leave the kitchen. Get in your cage in My bedroom. Padlock the door shut. Chain your collar to the ceiling of the cage so that you are unable to lie down. Think through the events of this evening and work out where My displeasure arises from. I will check in on you later."


Tonight he's a different boy, or at least I think he is. He's more focused, more attentive, and yes, more submissive. Is he acting the role, or living his calling? I can't be sure.

"Dinner was excellent, boy."

"Thank you, Sir."

I see a small shiver in his neck. The boy is pleased by My comment.

"Is the kitchen clean, boy?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Do I need to inspect, boy?"

"If Sir wishes."

"I believe boy."

I see the shiver again, slightly larger, traveling down his naked body.

"boy should go to the dungeon and wait for Me."

There's a tremor in his head. I know he wants to look up at Me. He doesn't move.

"Why does boy not follow My orders immediately?"

he takes a long time to answer. "boy doesn't believe he has earned this yet, Sir. what boy did was so bad he wouldn't blame Sir for never forgiving boy."

There is sincerity in his voice. His chin never lifts. I can see a quiver in his body. boy is near tears. I lift his chin. boy's eyes are still cast downward.

"boy should go to the dungeon. Select one item. One. Place it on the table. Then kneel in the middle of the dungeon and wait for Me. Sir will reward boy by using that one item on boy."

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir."

boy leaves the dining room and heads for the dungeon. I give him plenty of time to make his selection, and to kneel, waiting for Me. I savor the cigar, and I think back to how W/we met.


MasterRon introduced us at the leather bar. He'd called Me and asked Me to show up that night. Said He wanted to introduce Me to someone special. That night the boy was wearing tight, ragged denims, tight white t-shirt, and cheap boots bought from the local Army surplus store. his hair was a crappy style a lot of younger guys were wearing. he was clearly a fire-cracker ready to explode. And totally unfocused. The boy eyed Me up and down and clearly liked what he saw. But there was a huge load of defiance in him. The boy took off shortly after the introduction, drawn by the possibility that better things existed for him elsewhere in the bar.

"he's a handful." MasterRon chuckled. "I thought you might like to take a crack at him."

"he is indeed a challenge. What's his story?"

"New to town. No real family. Works at a Jiffy Lube. Is here almost every night. I played with him a couple of times, but I've got no room in my schedule for another boy. Especially a boy who needs that much training."

"And you thought of Me?"

MasterRon snorted, "And No One else."

I'd recently removed the collar from a boy who needed to move on in his life. MasterRon knew my cage was empty. Later that night I felt the boy in the background, looking Me over. He finally made eye contact with Me and I motioned him over to where I stood.

"Tired of looking around?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that you should come home with Me. And that could have happened three hours ago. But you had to look for that one guy who might be just a bit bigger or better than Me. Don't ever waste My time again. Do you understand?"

There was a flare in his eyes. Defiance mixed with testosterone. He clumsily bowed his head. "I'm sorry, Sir." The apology lacked an ounce of sincerity. The kid was horny and playing a game to get what he wanted. "Where's your car, boy?"

"No car. I walked."

"Let's go. You'll ride with Me."


I go upstairs and remove my boots and Levis putting on a harness and tall boots. I check the mirror. It is what I do that makes Me who I am, I remind myself. I wonder what the boy will have chosen as his one item for play this evening. A paddle? A flogger? A hood? The electro? The fucking machine? W/we've used them all. he's loved them all.

I go down to the dungeon. boy is kneeling in the center of the room, head bowed. I can see a smudge of wetness on his cheek. his dick is rigid.

"Has boy been playing with himself?"

"No, Sir." I believe him.

"Has boy masturbated once in the past two weeks?"

"No, Sir."

"Does boy believe that Sir has boy's best interests at heart?"

he does not answer immediately. Then, in a whisper, "Completely, Sir."

I walk to the table to see what the boy has chosen for Me to use. There in the center of the table is a simple glove. The left glove only. A policeman's wrist length glove. Light, supple, well-broken in. I am astounded at the boy's choice. he has made a selection well beyond what his training would suggest. My mind floods with the possibilities of how I might use it.

I walk to the boy, his head still bowed. "Is boy sure of his selection?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good boy."

Again he shivers, alive from the praise I've given sincerely.

I dangle the glove in front of his nose. "Smell, boy."

he takes a deep breath and I see his dick bounce a bit.


That first night together I flogged him mercilessly. I tied him to the St. Andrew's cross, gagged him, and flogged him to within an inch of his life. he screamed through the gag. I'd offered no safe words to him. he'd asked for none. The entire time, without ever touching it, his cock was rock hard, long strings of precum dripping to the dungeon floor. When I knew he'd gone over the edge of the cliff I stopped. I rubbed my hands gently on his back, slowly bringing him back to the here and now. And he shot his load. Without My ever touching his dick.


I slowly pull on the glove where I know that he can see Me doing it. he is transfixed. Hypnotized. his breathing is ragged. I see the first of his beautiful precum strings slowly drip from his boycock.


After cumming I let the boy free and held him in My arms. he sobbed uncontrollably. I knew it wasn't from the flogging, but the release of the real boy within. I took him to My bed and held him close. I asked simple questions about his life. he offered long stories in response. W/we talked until late morning, then fell asleep, him curled beside Me.

That afternoon I took him to the apartment he shared with some low-life. he packed up his few possessions and moved in with Me. That night I presented him with a contract. It was simple and straightforward. I would offer him the best training any potential boy might wish for. I would not abuse him. he would contribute as best he could to the household expenses. he would stop going to the bar unless he was with Me. he was to continue working. he would save money. he would perform household duties. he would perform sexual duties. he would trust me to give him the education he needed. he could void the contract at anytime and would be free to go.

It was a three month contract. he signed it. And training began.


I step behind the boy and slowly cover his mouth and nose with My gloved left hand. he breathes deeply through My spread fingers, inhaling the rich leather smell. It is his last breath for 30 seconds as I close my fingers and pinch his nostrils. Only at the very end do I feel a little struggle in him. his dick has grown even harder. More precum is puddling on the floor.

I pull the boy to his feet. he keeps his head down, his arms rigid behind him, high above his waist, completely submissive, completely comfortable in this position.

I run my left hand over his smooth torso inspecting the muscle growth he has gained while with Me. Cutting the alcohol from his diet has made him lean and strong. his skin is pliable and clear of blemishes. I feed him well and he eats like a horse. he dives into his new workout regiment without complaint and continually pushes himself to achieve more.

I grasp his right nipple and begin to toy with it between my leather-covered thumb and forefinger. It becomes taut. I move to his left nipple and repeat the process.

"I will pierce these soon, boy. Yes?"

"It would be an honor to have them pierced for You, Sir."

I move My left hand down his chest and over his abs. I carefully circumvent his dick and bring my gloved hand to his balls. It is cool in the dungeon and they are high and tight. I cup them allowing the warmth of the leather glove to relax them. I begin to stretch them, the leather gloved hand tight around them. he does not flinch.


Breaking the boy was the hardest thing I'd ever done. he had no clue what discipline was. he was out of control and spiraling downward, seemingly happy in that path. After three days his ass was black and blue from the paddlings I'd given him. he sassed me, fought me, argued with me, disobeyed me, and constantly challenged My decisions. he shirked his house-cleaning duties and was frequently late coming home from work. he spoke without being given permission, and expressed his dismay at not having sex multiple times a day. he told me he usually jerked off at least three times a day and that his sex life was a helluva lot better before he'd met me. he hung upside down from the ceiling for an hour for that comment.

After a week I presented him with the signed contract and told him I would be happy to tear it up if that was what he wished. he would be free to go.


I touch the tip of his dick gathering precum on the middle finger of My left hand. The leather is slimy and covered in his rich, salty juice. I place the finger to his lips. he does not move.


he needs no further encouragement. his tongue flicks quickly over the finger tasting his own precum mixed with the leather.


he devours My finger, hungry for it, and desperate to please Me.


The boy shook uncontrollably, as if he'd been plunged naked into a snowdrift, looking at the contract, then Me. he gulped air trying to hold back tears and muttered something I couldn't hear.

"Speak up, boy," I told him.

"I'm sorry, Sir."

"I hate that phrase, boy, and you know it. Get honest. With Me and yourself. Either you want this or you don't. Either you trust Me or you don't."

"I trust You, Sir. I want this, Sir."


I pull the leathered finger from his mouth. I run My hand over his smooth head, first shaved the night he told Me he trusted me. With My left hand on his neck, cradling it, I pull him forward to My own left nipple.


The boy licks with a vengeance. I growl at the feeling of his tongue on Me. I revel in the fact that this once selfish boy, who saw himself as the center of the sexual universe, can now find satisfaction in serving My sexual needs. I guide the boy's head to My other nipple. he waits for the command.


The boy never wavers. He is totally focused on Me. When I growl or moan at the pleasure he brings Me, he takes a huge breath and dives into My furry chest with renewed vigor.

I pull a chair over to the center of the dungeon and sit. "Over My knee, boy."

boy does not hesitate. With hands still behind his back he places himself over My knee, his exposed ass in the air. he's learned to balance, perched precariously on tiptoe.

"Why does Sir spank boy?" I ask.

"To remind boy of his place. To punish boy when he has been bad or disobeyed Sir. To remind boy how much Sir cares for boy."

"Good boy."


We started over. This time around the boy took his training seriously. He progressed quickly and I rewarded him liberally. Too liberally, I wondered?

I structured his day down to the last minute. I taught him to see his cage as a refuge. I gave him books about BDSM to read. I quizzed him on his understanding of those resources I gave him permission to speak freely to Me each day, asking questions about the training, about his role, about his future. I made him study for his work so that he could advance beyond the simple tasks he was doing. I gave him 30 minutes a day on the computer to write in a journal. I allowed him a password on the document so that he could have that bit of privacy. I set his physical regiment. I taught him to cook. I shaved him. I collared him. W/we ceremoniously burned all his clothes except for his work uniforms. And I taught him to see sexuality as giving, not taking. He developed a hunger for My cock. He frequently went to his cage having not cum, but happy that I had rewarded him with My load. I could see happiness in his eye when he left for work. I could see greater happiness when he came home.


Using my left hand I caress the boy's smooth cheeks. I begin the process of a slow, erotic spanking. I stay far away from major pain levels. Still, the boy is squirming in My lap. I chuckle to Myself. This squirm is not from pain, but because with each smack I can feel his boycock rubbing against My left thigh. He will not last long, having not cum for two weeks.


I asked him to explain his horrid behavior toward My guests. he replied only that it would never happen again. he stoically accepted the savage beating I gave him for ruining the evening. he dove into his work and his duties. But I feared I had somehow snuffed out a little light inside him. That had never been My goal. I vowed to slowly rebuild him, allowing him to rebuild himself.


he's breathing hard now. I know he's close to cumming.

"Stand up, boy."

he hops to his feet, quickly assuming his submissive stance. I walk behind him and whisper in his ear, "you have pleased Me greatly. I want you to cum for Me, boy."

I reach around and grasp his dick with My leathered hand. I apply ever-increasing pressure and slowly begin to stroke. In no time the boy is gasping for air. I turn him toward the full length mirror on the wall.

"Lift your chin, boy. I want you to watch Me stroke you. I want you to know I care for you. I want you to see that in My eyes, boy."

I resume the slow stroking, staring at the boy in mirror. His eyes are focused on Mine. I see them begin to roll back in his head. I know he's on the point of shooting.

"Stay with Me, boy. Focus. Give your cum to Me, boy."

his eyes come back in focus. he is quivering all over. he is crying it is so painful. he explodes.


I allow him to sleep with me again. In the morning I awake to find him curled up clutching the hair on my chest. he opens his eyes, looks into Mine, blushes and lowers his chin.

"I have three questions, boy."

"Yes, Sir?"

"Why did you behave so badly when My friends came for dinner?"

"i was afraid, Sir. i was afraid that you didn't need me in Your life, that i was just a 'project' for You."

"Is that all?"

"i knew my contract was up soon, tomorrow in fact, and felt that You would be sure not to renew it."

I take time to absorb his answers.

"Why select the glove, boy?"

"So that i would be close to You, Sir, at least one more time, so that i would feel Your hand on me."

"I have one more question, boy."

"That would make four questions, Sir."

I laugh. "'Is that all?' doesn't count, smartass."

I feel his smile buried in my chest.

"Yes, Sir."

"What say you and I go make breakfast and then work on a new contract after W/we're done?"

"Yes, Sir!"

I smack his slightly pink buttocks and realize I am still wearing the leather glove.

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