Friday, August 27, 2010


Whooped up on hubby last night. His last endorphin ride for 8 days as he's off to visit the folks. I have been paddling this boy's ass for years now and nary a mark is left the next day. Damn that thick Cajun-alligator hide on his butt. So last night we get in a really good flogging. He's flying high as a kite. And I offer a little paddling on top of the dose he's riding.

Off I go to get the rubber strap. Nasty, noisy intense little thing.

We can only go 5 strokes at a time with this baby. He can't even make 4 of the 5 before he's collapsing to the floor. Somehow he recovers, I offer another 5 and little piggy is back in the position to accept. Again, we make it to 4 and he collapses. This pattern went on for quite some time......and finally. This morning. He gets to carry his badges of honor to Louisiana with him. Hope he thinks of me for the entire 10 hour drive......

First pic is right cheek....a good red strap mark, two small bruises.
Second pic is left cheek, a good solid bruise!

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